AAFES brings back magazine sales

| March 13, 2018 | 31 Comments

AW1Ed sends us a link to Military Times which reports that the Army and Air Force Exchange Service, the PX system, will begin selling ammunition magazines which hold more than 10 rounds after announcing recently that they would not stock those items. Complaints from their customers influenced the decision;

Troops use these magazines, sold separately from firearms, to supplement the magazines they are issued. In addition, Guard and Reserve members said they need the magazines for training while they are not on active duty.

“I’m currently deployed with 30-round PMAGs that I purchased at the PX, why don’t you trust us anymore?” one customer wrote on Facebook.

Yeah, no shit. I mean, whose clientele has more actual need for those magazines than AAFEES? They want to be like Dick’s or WalMart, but they really can’t. The Marine Corps Exchange stopped selling the magazines in 2013, so AAFEES thought they should, too. Gumballs.

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  1. AW1Ed says:

    They’re still legal to possess in the PDRofMD, but not for sale or transfer. I can go to Big Dog’s across the 301 bridge into Virginia and buy all the 30 round mags I like. I expect this to change at the end of the current silliness session in Annapolis.

  2. Roh-Dog says:

    Excuse me, what?
    Has the world lost its goddamn mind?

  3. Jonp says:

    We are letting high school emo’s create national gun legislation so why not have the military not trust soldiers with pmags

  4. Fyrfighter says:

    WTF, the Marines leading in the stupid race? WTF happened since Mattis left.. He needs to take a trip hoe and clean house!

    • USMC 7577 says:

      General Amos was Commandant when the MCX ban on the sale of large capacity magazines went into effect.

      That should explain everything.

    • FuzeVT says:

      “Since early 2013, Marine Corps exchanges have sold only magazines that hold 10 or fewer rounds, and the AAFES change aligned with the MCX policy”

      I’m going to have to look into this. I didn’t think this was the case. I was in Oki in 2013 (2012-2016, actually) so no guns/mags/etc. there at all, so I wouldn’t recall anything about a ban at the time. For the last 1.5 years, however, I’ve been in Quantico. I’ll check with the gun counter and see if that is the straight dope. I thought I had seen high capacity mags in the last year there as I drooled over all the evil black weapons they have behind the counter.

  5. That Guy says:

    GG, fuckers. It’s shocking that the CEO of AAFES would have gone along with this.

  6. SFC D says:

    I was expecting an article concerning “adult reading material”. This is good news as well!

  7. Ex-PH2 says:

    Yeah, but I can’t shop there so PFFFFTTT!!!

  8. Stoutguy says:

    There will be some general that will force Aafes to continue to ban by saying troops can’t own their own sensitive items. There was a point in New York years ago where 30 round mags were considered sensitive accountable items, I’m betting that is the case now.

  9. 11B-Mailclerk says:

    When I was active, I was told that we had two, and only two, “good” mags per man. (In wrappers, presumed usable)

    We had another box set aside for range day. Those generally worked, and we’re rotated through folks qualifying.

    Then there were the ones issued for training, that were more than a bit raggedy. They did provide opportunity for jam clearing practice, especially with blanks.

    Two -good- ones, and two ratty ones. Not cool.

    Of course I acquired good ones of my own at the first opportunity. I assisted others to do so as well.

    I cannot imagine the warped/stupid thinking that would make it difficult for -military- folks to acquire -magazines-

  10. Graybeard says:

    IMHO, evidence (as if more were needed) that Liberal/Progressive (Socialist) thinking is like mold spores.

    You never know where they’ve spread until the rot has started to show.

  11. MustangCryppie says:

    Next step? You’ll have to prove you’re in a billet where you would use the magazines.

  12. TxRadioguy says:

    Well that didn’t take long. They were just pulled off the shelf here at Ft. Knox last Friday.

  13. FatCircles0311 says:

    Way to treat troops like children and criminal scum.

    • 11B-Mailclerk says:

      You say that as if such treatment has not been the historical norm.

      Then again, a Monday morning reading of the weekend list of outrages against good order and discipline might sometimes influence that attitude.

      Banning “blanket parties” might have been a bad idea.

      • Graybeard says:

        Unfortunately such treatment has been the historical norm.

        And historically, those administering said treatment have not been worthy of cleaning the soles of the shoes of our military men and women.

        Kipling wrote about that.

  14. TxRadioguy says:

    Now the next question is will NEX and MCX stores follow AAFES lead since they made the move to remove the same kind of magazines at the same time the PX/BX did.

  15. USMCMSgt (Ret) says:

    Found out today the MCX on Quantico has removed all scary looking rifles and decline to sell them.


  16. Green Thumb says:

    Who needs ammo or water? Right?

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