Family turns in teen with guns and bombs

| March 20, 2018 | 32 Comments

In Paw Paw, Michigan, police arrested a teenager who they suspect had planned an attack on his school, according to WNDU. His parents alerted police to the cache of explosives and weapons that he had amassed;

A 15-year-old student was arrested Sunday.

During a search of the suspect’s home, police say they found Molotov cocktails, guns and materials to make pipe bombs.

“Our investigators are 100% confident it was going to take place [Monday],” Van Buren County Sheriff Daniel Abbott said. “People were going to get shot, homemade bombs were going to be going off, this was going to be seen on the national news that’s how prepared this kid was.”

“I’ve been here over 25 years, and this is the first very credible, terroristic act that was going to take place,” Abbott said.

Well, it isn’t “terroristic” because there probably isn’t a political component to the student’s motivations, but I get what he means.

The sheriff continued;

“If it wasn’t for the family aiding us with a lot of this stuff, we probably wouldn’t be where we’re at today,” Abbott said. “This is just a prime example of where flags went up, people spoke up, and by doing so, a tragic incident did not take place.”

A community that works together, not a village that raises a child.

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  1. SFC D says:

    Can’t be true. It’s illegal to buy guns at 15.

    What say you, David Hogg?

  2. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    This is a screwed-up kid and a screwed-up situation. After a year of ridicule and bullying at the school, the 15-year old wanted revenge. He stole weapons from his grandfather and then TOLD HIS stepfather and mother what he intended to do. We’re missing a big piece of this story.

    • UpNorth says:

      A big piece of the story is that the kid, according to his family, has been bullied since he enrolled at the high school last year. Including circulation of a picture of him in his underwear, shoving him in lockers, and numerous assaults. It would appear that the school, if they knew, did nothing about the bullying. Then again, schools usually do nothing, then act shocked when/if something happens.
      I think I’m detecting a pattern in these things.

      • 2/17 Air Cav says:

        I don’t have a degree in psychology but I don’t think I need one to see that the kid was screaming for help.

        • Graybeard says:

          With you 100%, 2/17

          It seems like this kid didn’t really want to kill others, he wanted help, but went about it a very stupid way.

          Two ingredients that seem to crop up over and over:

          The school administrators do nothing, because the bully’s parents are bullys, too.

          The father is not in the family.

          This kid has a step-father, and I don’t know what type of stepfather he is. Some stepfathers are better than biological fathers. Some stepfathers are only interested in what the mothers are putting out.

          • Graybeard says:

            OK, gotta clear some stuff up now.

            According to the news article:

            “His family and the sheriff say they hope he gets the help he needs.

            “He asked for help. He’s been asking for help,” his stepfather said. “I’m really worried that he might be made an example of.”

            The stepfather is trying to get help for the young man – and concerned about him. Good.

            I have to agree – I’m afraid some prosecutor who is out to make a name for him/her-self as “tough on crime” won’t see the boy wanted help, but throw him under the jail to further their career.

            I feel for the kid.

        • UpNorth says:

          Yep, no doubt. One thing, if the step-dad knew all this, why didn’t the parents go to the school? Or, did they, and now the school will hide behind privacy laws to cover up that they did nothing to help this kid out over the last year.
          I worked security at a pretty big school district after I retired from the PD. From my experience, somebody in this school knew what was going on, somebody not a student. Unless the administration of this district allows their teachers to sit on their ass in the classroom or teacher’s lounge whenever the kids go from class to class and to and from lunch. In which case, there are no adults in the hallways between classes. I find that hard to believe.

  3. E4 Mafia For Life. says:

    Yesterday I get an automated call from my daughter’s high school (Sheldon HS, Elk Grove CA).
    New student from LA that likes to wear red colors got all stabbity in the restroom.
    Maybe, just maybe that douchenozzle was sent up from LA from expulsion.North and SOuthern California is split between the major gangs.
    Sheldon High is a Liberal Arts magnet school so lots of victims right for the picking.
    Fortunately my daughter was on a field trip and they parked the bus in the parking lot of a nearby grocery store.
    All schools in the district went on lockdown. Fast Sheriff’s/police and CHP response. We have a great County Sheriff’s and Police department.
    The victim ran out of the school, hopped a fence and went to the nearest house for some 911.
    Last checked, he’s doing okay.
    They arrested the filth. So he’s looking at quite a number of felonies. He also tried to stab 2 other students.
    Possibly 3 counts of attempted murder. Assault with a deadly weapon, felony battery, bringing a knife/deadly weapon to school. Could have been a shank for all I know.
    Given the average size of the students there, I could see the thug just beating the students to death. I swear these kids look like grade school size now.

    • rgr769 says:

      Gang scum are quite prevalent all over Mexifornia, unless you are in one of the rural areas where there is a shortage of the non-melanin challenged. Glad to hear your daughter and other kids are safe. Used to live in “the Grove.” It was a quite different place 30 years ago.

  4. borderbill (a NIMBY/BANANA) says:

    Parents alerted authorities to a cache of arms and explosives—at home!! Thanks parents–I think.

    • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

      Kudos to them for doing so, let’s not forget that the Father of one of the Columbine shooters found a sawed off shotgun barrel in his boy’s room and didn’t do diddley shit about it!

  5. sj says:

    All the fault of Trump & the NRA. /s

  6. MCPO NYC USN Ret. says:

    Not a big fan a such stories being reported, considering what was noted and now the kid is getting help.

    What I want to know is who pushed the kid … and who will deliver the PITT.

  7. GDContractor says:

    Meanwhile, here in Dallas, we have the bomb squad rolling out to investigate empty cardboard boxes found on sidewalks.

  8. Sparks says:

    “This is just a prime example of where flags went up, people spoke up, and by doing so, a tragic incident did not take place.”

    Now I’m very glad they did what they did and no one was harmed. However, how do you allow your 15 year old, to accumulate the kit needed for bombs, Molotov cocktails and grandpa’s weapons without knowing he’s not just acting out his video games?

    Along with the school’s lapse of giving the kid any help, why did the parents allow it to get to the point of near execution before calling the police?

    The boy needs help for sure but the parents need some serious wall to wall counseling as well.

    • NHSparky says:

      Molotov cocktails and IED’s, etc, are not only pathetically easy to make, but the term is way overused.

      Example: bottle of rubbing alcohol with a rag stuffed in the top. Light and toss.

  9. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    Glad to hear that he was stopped before he could execute his attack and the system didn’t fail like it did in Florida.

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