Wilbert Bass; phony SEAL update

| March 22, 2018 | 53 Comments

Last month we talked a bit about Wilbert “Beau” Bass who claimed to be a Navy SEAL on his LinkedIn profile. Of course, the Navy never heard of him;

We suspected that he had Air Force service, and his FOIA just showed up;

He was a real over-achiever in the Air Force, discharged after seven years on active duty as an Airman First Class (E-3) or maybe he was an Airman Fist Class like the FOIA says.

Anyway, he’s still not a SEAL.

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  1. Old Trooper says:

    Ok, looking at the record, it tells me he got busted at some point before discharge. Unless he was busted, then shown the hangar door.

  2. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    E3 over 7. That must have been a helluva rank roller coaster ride. Either that or he is the greatest underachiever in the history of the USAF.

    • Garold says:

      I had a troop that worked for me in Combat Comm and later in the TALCE that retired after 20 as an E-5. He was a great guy and hard worker but just wasn’t interested in advancing in rank. But he also was not a complainer. I’ve always told those who complain that the best way to make the changes you want is to have more stripes.

  3. IDC SARC says:

    “Degree” from UGA isn’t quite right either, they don’t have a degree with his description. That along with his position at Autozone just seems to to add layers to his attraction to fraudulent claims.

    Not one but 3 BSMs for valor…oh, c’mon.

    …and he completed BUDs/Sniper/EOD via independent study….WTFO?

    Boot to the head!

    • Bim says:

      That LinkedIn profile is a hoot. “Assistance Manager” at AutoZone, SS disability as a career. “Played baseball for school” as an achievement. of course, the BS SEAL claims, all misspelled and seemingly from a random train of thought.

      It looks like it was written by my 10 year old son. Actually, my kid wouldn’t make the capitalization, spelling, and punctuation mistakes that this bonehead has. Maybe Beau should hire some child to polish his resume?

      This boy ain’t right in the head.

  4. 1610desig says:

    If anything, a man with that unfortunate first name should have overachieved to compensate….but instead it seems he lives down to his name

  5. Wilted Willy says:

    Why is it always a SEAL? Come on Army, let’s get some phony Rangers on here, have you no respect?
    It seems as though anyone that has seen the ocean is by default a SEAL? I hope a real deal SEAL catches you and beats your sorry ass into the dirt!

  6. Hayabusa says:

    My God, the admin clerk who put together that FOIA is as illiterate as most of the phonies around here.


    How many typos and misspellings can you cram into one document?

  7. Skidmark says:

    For some reason DW has been stalking all of my accounts online and attacking me. Block, Block, Block is all I do. I thought his craziness was done?? Got some PM’s on FB and Google about DB and such. Guy is insane and needs to be locked up again!

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      If Whipitnflogit is stalking you, you have my sympathy.

      He’s a chronic drunk, too, so let’s hope for your sake that he takes a misstep off a high curb some afternoon.

      • Skidmark says:

        Yeah, out of nowhere! Im not any longer as of 2 months ago, but I had been a paid subscriber on D & D’s pay site since they started it and I’m sure I have comments on some of his YT Bud’s channel, but other than that I’ve never had any contact with DW. He started following me on Google and YT last week & just blocked him, then he tracked down (he doesn’t really know it i’m the same person or not (it’s similar monikers), but he sent my business FB page 2 PM’s yesterday with his DB Legal type crap accusing me of threatening to sabotage DB’s plan and then following through with it, which none of which ever occurred or was said, si I don’t know where he’s even getting the slightest idea of that. He said something to the effect that if I didn’t reply to him denying that it wasn’t me, that I was guilty due to “Tactic Confession” and I’d go to prison with the “…former fat U.S. Navy Seal…” blah blah blah.
        I wish I had screen shot all of it, but I just immediately blocked him from my company page and my personal page if he were to find out my real name.
        I’ve never threatened or said a word regarding any such crap, he’s really obsessing over D & D still! We know that guy is sick in the head, but wow, you’d think he’d learn by now that the courts are getting sick of him and his crap!
        If he contacts me again somehow, because I guarantee he’s obsessively searching for me since I ignored and blocked him and that doesn;t sit well with a crazy man needing attention and drama, I will make sure to SS any messages from him and contact the authorities. I won’t ever reply to him, but I will have him arrested if I can.

    • Friend says:

      Working on getting his ass imprisoned for life..POS

  8. HMCS(FMF) ret says:

    “Airman Fist Class”

    I’m guessing he’s into SQUEAKHOLE OPS over at Brucie’s Bath House (entrance in the rear) during “Fisting Friday’s”…


    • rgr769 says:

      Too bad we can’t retrieve that Anal Intruder II with fisting attachment from DB’s estate so we could forward it to this dud(e). But I’ve heard it may be unserviceable due to overuse during DB’s time in the slammer. As we all know, DB’s inability to properly operate all forms of powered machinery has now become legendary.

  9. Jeff LPH 3, 63-66 says:

    Hey Beau, do you Geste about being a Seal? Looks like the Seals are still leading the way. Belay that last. I mean the Seals are ahead at the TAH starting gate. Is he from you know where?

  10. USAF VET says:

    I’d guess he was a SRA or SSgt before something really dumb happened, I noticed only 1 Good Conduct medal which means something happened and he was show the hangar doors. It takes a special person to say they were a SEAL when they weren’t … it’s even more special when they were in another branch. The short bus will be by very soon to pick this window-licker up for Kindergarten.

    • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

      I remember when I was AD during the early nineties and the Army had QMP or Quality Management Program which meant one was up and out if they were still a certain Grade after so much time, One was out if still an E2 after 18 months, E3 after a little over 24 months, E4 after eight years and so on, thus my guess that he made a major dickstep, got reduced and was gracefully thrown out along with the previous day’s trash.

      • Andy11M says:

        lol, I remember around 96-97 they upped the RCP for E4 from 8 to 10 years. A bunch of guys in my unit missed the cut off for having 8 so they had to reup/extend out to their 10 year mark. That line of shitbird specialists standing outside the brigade retention office to sign the paperwork was a sight.

        • HMC Ret says:

          I was a SEA (Senior Enlisted Advisor) the last several years of my career … it was collateral, not my primary. I was responsible for well being, advancement, education, etc. for junior personnel. Had this one guy, E4 over 9, coming up on his last advancement exam to stay active duty. I worked with this guy until the cows came home: nights, weekends, lunch, etc. He was perhaps the most stupid Corpsman to have existed. I mentioned him before. The Navy was frequently at his base housing for welfare checks on his kids. His dependopotomous weighed in excess of 400 pounds. The kids typically had several days’ load of turds in their diaper; the lawn looked like the aftermath of a nuclear attack. The Navy and I could do nothing for this guy. I have no idea how he was allowed to enlist. He was canned and returned to gooberville with his morbidly obese wife and kids (Kids had been dealt a raw deal). His housing unit had to be fumigated and extreme cleaned after they left. They made no effort to clean it. I was never happier to see someone leave the Navy.

  11. Graybeard says:

    FWIW, as Wilbert “Beau” Bass has already been entered into the 2018 TAH Phony Race, the Navy SEALs do not get an increase in count.

    That is, Wilbert “Beau” Bass is still a looser.

  12. USAFRetired says:

    If I was a betting man, I’d say that this clown made A1C twice in his career, once going up and once coming down. The only question being was it a bust from senior airman or staff sergeant

    • USAF RET says:

      Probably SSgt. Had NCO PME. Probably did a year at the Kun and his clown show followed him to the next base and they supersized him w NJP. That’s why no mention of his USAF service. And sorry about horning in on your name 🙂

      • Mike Kozlowski says:

        …FWIW, it wasn’t at all unusual to see E4s and E5s with reasonably acceptable records go on their first overseas short (especially if it was the Kun), come back and then flame out in a most spectacular fashion. The accepted explanation was that these guys gave into booze and other partying behavior, and then got back Stateside where things were a bit tighter and discovered that that sort of lifestyle didn’t play well.

        Mind you, I had no problems after returning from Kunsan (84-85) because my heart was pure.

        • USAF RET says:

          Nothing has changed @ the Kun. I was 2003-4 and you are correct, you really need to re-calibrate upon return. And by that I mean spend much less time in the library…..

          • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

            I heard stories about Kunsan while I was part of the 2ID Western Corridor 92-93. Hell, Osan AB was Shangri-la compared to how we had it up by the DMZ, I spent most of my mid tour leave there!

      • USAFRetired says:

        I checked with the MSgt in my office and he says they use the same ribbon for Airman Leadership School.

        His timing was such that there is possibility he was a buck sergeant.

    • rgr1480 says:

      Does the AF no longer have sergeant? When I was in (during the last century!), just before I was to be promoted to sergeant, the USAF created the Senior Airman rank! I was still an E-4, but without the silver-colored star; had to wait another 12 months to become a sergeant. Kinda like the difference between a Spec 4 and corporal.

  13. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    He’s sporting a meat gazer’s grin for sure.

  14. thebesig says:

    Phony Navy SEAL Beau Bass linkedin:

    I’m on disability as we speak…

    Hmmm, many of us that post on This Aint Hell are veterans as we speak.

    This clown’s Linkedin profile is guaranteed to work against him. As I’ve pointed out regarding other phonies, poor judgment is a “denominator”. This guy just put stuff on his profile without thinking about what he was doing.

    “Disability” isn’t a “work experience”. He appears to have issues with capitalization. For example, it should be “US Navy SEAL” or “U.S. Navy SEAL”. He has opinions as skill sets. He’s so “bad arse”, that he did BUD/S, sniper training, and underwater explosives via independent coursework.

    A lot is going on here. Poor judgement is one thing that keeps popping up. If he had a decent career, or a series of successful careers, his resume would’ve looked more professional. He could’ve also included the results of his efforts… Positive results for his employers.

    But, his poor judgement prevented him from having a decent career path, thus not being able to gain an experience to generate a profile that’d make employers contact him. This poor judgement is related to his “stellar” performance as an Airman in the Air Force.

    He’s also lying to potential employers, and to everybody else, with his claims of being a SEAL. His profile doesn’t look like the profile of someone that went to collage. Heck, someone with just a high school degree would cut this phony’s arse off and shove it down Phony Navy SEAL Beau Bass’s throat over his atrocious buttery of the English language.

    He doesn’t care that he’s making the “Depart” of the Navy, and University of Georgia, look bad. There’s a good chance that he didn’t get a collage degree with them.

    His poor judgement, along with his apparently poor character, has resulted in him being a loser in real life. Like with many other phonies, he’s trying to use a phony persona to fill the resulting hole.

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      “For example, it should be “US Navy SEAL” or “U.S. Navy SEAL”.

      Thebesig, if you let these twig wigglers know how something is supposed to be done to be correct, they’ll go back and fix it and then there’s another mess to clean up.

      Bass is a barely literate idiot, just past the line that marks him as illiterate, which is one step ahead of the idiot sand crab who typed up the FOIA sheet up above. Don’t help the idiots out. We WANT them to lose.

    • NHSparky says:

      Oh come on now. Everyone knows HR and hiring managers will pass over guys who have 30 years experience in their field for a shitbird whose been on disability his entire life–they’re better rested and not as susceptible to burnout.

  15. Fjardeson says:

    3, 2, 1… Facebook scrubbed. Nothing left but some motorcycle pictures. Hasn’t this dude heard of the Internet Archive aka the WAYBACK Machine?

  16. Ex-PH2 says:

    Mr. Bass appears to be someone whose life has been below ordinary, and wants it to be more.

    I suggest that he stopped embellishing his undistinguished career and do some kind of volunteer work, such as helping a no-kill animal shelter or going to a county animal shelter where the dogs never get taken for walks, and make himself useful that way. The dogs will be grateful to have a human friend and will eagerly await his arrival.

    Otherwise, he should simply drop this idiotic facade and stop telling stories about himself.

  17. ChipNASA says:

    Hai guyz a day late and a dollar short….

    At Kadena AB in 1984-86 We Had SSGt Bruce. He was somewhat of a Forrest Gump without the glory.

    He never wanted go go past E-5 and he had like 15, 16 years, he also was sent home (to the barracks) for numerous times, exceeding his max leave. Last I remember he was sent home (barracks) and town for two weeks of use or loose.

    When I left in 86, he was pushing 18 or 19 to 20 at High year tenure and going out at 20 + as a SSgt.

    Hey, He was happy and not a problem but was just ‘Okey Dokey, I’m good kinda guy”. c

    • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

      It’s not that uncommon to see 20 year E5 and 6’s in the NG mainly because one can have all the promotion points and schooling in the world but if there isn’t a slot with the next rank open someplace it’s “Oh well…”

  18. Jonp says:

    Assclown should have stayed in branch as a phoney PJ

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