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| April 16, 2018 | 2 Comments

From Albuquerque, New Mexico;

An Albuquerque man with ties to a home invasion that left another man dead has been arrested.

In February, Police say 25-year-old Isaiah Marquez, his half-brother Juan Perdomo and another man broke into a house near Gibson and I-25.

The homeowner’s son shot Perdomo.

They say the other men left him to die in the street.

According to a criminal complaint, 20-year-old Alonso Hernandez drove the getaway car that night.

Police finally arrested Hernandez Friday, charging him with aggravated burglary.

From Tucson, Arizona;

It happened near South Sixth and Pennsylvania Drive. Tucson Police say the woman left a store and a man approached her as she got into her car. He had a machete and demanded her keys. The woman was able to retrieve a handgun and she told the man to leave. She shot him when he started to lift the machete.

The suspect is in the hospital and police say he faces charges when he is released.

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  1. Deplorable B Woodman says:

    “She shot him when he started to lift the machete.
    The suspect is in the hospital……”

    He shouldn’t be in the hospital. He should be in the morgue.
    Too bad she didn’t use the “One More Taxpayers Savings Shot” when she had the opportunity.

  2. REM says:

    Albuquerque,New Mexico! Open Carry since 1598.

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