John Braddy; phony Navy pilot, phony Vietnam veteran

| April 16, 2018 | 155 Comments

Someone sent us their work on this fellow, John Bonner Braddy, who claims that he was a Navy pilot, that he was shot down over Vietnam, that he was wounded and earned a Navy Cross. He even puts all of that on his résumé;

Of course, there’s no record of him attending the United States Naval Academy, but when confronted, he says that’s because he attended under another name, his name before he was placed in the federal Witness Protection Program. The Witness Protection Program folks messed up, because, he was John Braddy back in high school in North Carolina;

Braddy is quick to stand up in front of audiences and wow them with tales of his exploits in the skies over Vietnam;

According to his records he’s never even seen the skies over Vietnam. He spent a year on active duty in the Army, then he spent two years in the Army Reserves until he joined the Navy Reserves. He never went to Vietnam, he wasn’t a pilot, he was enlisted. His only award is a Good Conduct Medal;

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  1. AnotherPat says:

    John Bonner Braddy is pulling a Visconi/1st SEAC (not answering simple questions).

    • Jb says:

      I cannot answer some questions. Attend court proceeding to get answers. jb

      • AnotherPat says:

        Interesting. So are you saying your “lawyer” advised you not to answer simple questions, but it is ok for you to continue defending yourself on this blog?

        Take the time and research and read EVERY article written about SHANE LADNER and his attorney who believed him about his bogus Purple Heart story.

        No thank you for the invite to your court proceedings. Maybe you should instead invite some REAL Vietnam POWs who actually WERE shot down (and suffered physically, emotionally and mentally for years in the Hanoi Hilton) so they can listen to your claims or your lawyer claims of you being a Navy Pilot who “also was shot down.”

        Or better yet, invite that personal trainer who wrote about you in his Blog about you being a Navy Pilot.

        You should be ashamed of yourself, John Bonner Braddy, but with your narcisstic personality disorder, you probably only think of yourself and don’t have a conscience. And I bet you were in Church today praying that God will help you dig yourself out of your deceptive hole you created, but refuse to take responsibilty. You remind me of Frank Visconi. You should research about him as well.

  2. A Proud Infidel®™️ says:

    What kind of feeble shit will John Bonner Braddy come up with next?

  3. 3/10/MED/b says:

    “Shane Ladner”.
    You got a leg up on him with that one.

  4. A Proud Infidel®™️ says:

    John Bonner Braddy is going Dutch Rudder Gang stupid!

    • AnotherPat says:

      Bet John Bonner Braddy is researching DRG right now..😉

      John Bonner Braddy lives in an Alternate Reality World. John Bonner Braddy most likely will go to his grave never admitting to his lies and deceit, just as Daniel Bernath.

      Bet John Bonner Braddy has no clue the term “Lucky Bag”. So far, research indicates there is no John Bonner Braddy in a “Lucky Bag”…but I forgot…John Bonner Braddy went by another name under the Federal Witness Protection Program, which did not last very long since he now identifies himself as John Bonner Braddy.

      Trying to have compassion for John Bonner Braddy who obviously has severe mental issues and Personality Orders. Have more compassion for his family who may be enabling his behavior, but in the end, will pay an emotional price because of his mental disease.

      John Bonner Braddy really needs to seek professional help for his mental instabilty.

  5. MrBill says:

    How many times have we seen this?

    POSER: Hey, you’re wrong about me, and I have the records to prove it!

    TAH: OK, send us the records, and if they’re legit we’ll publish a correction!

    POSER: No, I won’t do it! You’ll just have to take my word for it!

    Number of people that this line of argument has ever convinced: zero.

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