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| April 18, 2018 | 14 Comments

From Putnam County, West Virginia;

According to the Putnam County Sheriff’s Department, a homeowner shot a suspected home invader this afternoon.

According to Chief Deputy Eric Hayzlett, the shooting occurred around 12:45 PM on Monday, April 16th, 2018, on Thompson Road in the Culloden area.

Chief Deputy Hayzlett says the suspect was transported to St. Mary’s Hospital in Huntington, WV.

His condition is unknown.

From Baker County, Florida;

According to BCSO, the suspects forced their way into the home and confronted the occupants, who deputies have identified as David Boldry, 22, David Johnson, 21, Matthew Cornish, 19, and Justin Raulerson, 18.

However, the suspects’ plan backfired, as the occupants inside the home woke up to loud noises and yelling. They then armed themselves and began exchanging gunfire after realizing they were being threatened.

As a result of the shooting, three of the suspects were shot multiple times: An unidentified juvenile, who is currently being treated at Shands Jacksonville, William Lauramore, who was treated and released to law enforcement, and Cory Lauramore, who later died from his gunshot wounds.

William Lauramore is in custody in Duval, County and will be transported to the Baker County Detention Center Monday evening.

The suspects are currently charged with home invasion. There may be additional charges added at a later date.

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  1. Ex-PH2 says:

    Someone please explain to Sister Mary Grace in words of one syllable or less why a juvenile was taken along as part of a crew for a home invasion.


    Home invaders — must be the season. I did not know they had migrated so early and had started foraging and looting. I thought it was just the flying cats landing on my front steps.

    • Jeff LPH 3, 63-66 says:

      Ex; Bringing a “Juvie”/juvenile to a home invasion is called On The Job Training.

    • Fyrfighter says:

      And don’t forget Ex, “Juvenile” could easily be a 17 y/o with a long rap sheet.. and since the other two were related, it’s a reasonable guess that the “juvi” is related as well.. most likely all come from a family tree that looks more like a telephone pole

    • Foxbat40 says:

      They need someone under the age of 18 to take the fall if they get caught. If you are under 18 you won’t do any hard time.

    • David says:

      Know of a kid who reconnected with his birth father who was a real dirtbag. Kid was with Dad when they broke into a house which turned out to be occupied and by a Galveston cop. Kid saw his old man blown away in front of him. Highly traumatic, he became a junkie, homeless, and wound up involved in a WA murder and is now doing time. Heartbreaking for his Mom, a lovely lady who does not deserve any of the grief he brought her.

      • UpNorth says:

        I knew of a similar situation, except the “kid” killed his father, because he didn’t like having to ride the bus to school, being a senior and all. And being highly upset that dad wouldn’t let him take the car out on a week night at 12:30am.
        Led to a short life for mom, when it was all over.

  2. Docduracoat says:

    The juveniles are involved in home invasions because Broward County, Florida has a an Obama era policy of not arresting high school students who commit crimes in the schools
    Since there are no consequences to the relatively minor crimes of theft and assault committed in the schools, they graduate to the big leagues and home invasion

  3. Docduracoat says:

    I would like to publicly apologize for confusing Baker County, FL with Broward County, FL
    Broward County is the home of Sherriff’s who hide during school shootings
    Baker County is named after a Confederate Senator and is the site of the only Civil War battle in Florida
    I deeply regret the error

  4. Jeff LPH 3, 63-66 says:

    Doc; When the Parkland incident took place, Joyce Kaufman on WFTL 850AM was the only one at the time I believe who mentioned the hands off policy on school kids in Broward Cty. I’m one county north of Broward. My friend whom works for the Long Beach school district, Nassau CTY, NY told me that they have the same hands off policy so I guess it is a common practice in some areas.

    • David says:

      Supposed to eliminate the so-called schools to prison pipeline. In reality it is closer to Heinlein’s analogy of telling you puppy ‘bad pup!’ when it pisses on the floor for the first two years, then after it’s second birthday shooting it for peeing. No punishments until 18, then the world falls in on their heads.

    • UpNorth says:

      This will shock no one, but San Fransicko has that same policy. I’m beginning to detect a common thread here, liberal dem counties/cities, the Promise program, and rampant juvenile crime.

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