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From Glen St. Mary, Florida;

Three men say they were asleep inside a mobile home in Glen St. Mary about 4 a.m. Sunday when they heard a voice outside yell “Sheriff’s Office!” before the front door burst open.

In stormed a masked gunman who fired off a single round before two of the men inside, one armed with an AR-15 rifle and the other with a handgun, emerged from two bedrooms and opened fire.

Gunfire ripped into the masked gunman and two other intruders, who crumpled to the floor with multiple gunshot wounds.

Those details surfaced Tuesday when the Baker County Sheriff’s Office released an arrest report linked to this weekend’s home invasion turned deadly triple shooting.

Five people are charged in the case. Investigators suspect the home invasion escalated from an ongoing feud between two groups that was stoked by social media threats.

The victims told deputies they acted in self-defense when they turned their guns on the intruders, with one of them estimating he fired over 30 rounds from an AR-15 before the threat was over.

Afterward, the victims retreated to another part of the home before they dialed 911, according to the report. None of them was hurt during the shooting.

The same cannot be said for the intruders, several of whom were inside a vehicle deputies intercepted as it sped away from the mobile home off County Road 125.

One of them, Corey Lauramore, died of gunshot wounds to the head. An unidentified 16-year-old remains hospitalized, and a third suspect, William Lauramore, was treated and released to police.

From Dunstable, Bedfordshire, UK;

Former Thai boxer Anji Rhys, who kept the weapon on her wall to protect her family, sprung into action when four masked men burst into her home looking for a cannabis factory.
David Cameron says he doesn’t regret holding Brexit referendum

They kicked down the door of the home in Dunstable, Bedfordshire, that she shares with her partner Rebecca McCarvel, 42, son Dillon, 22, and her elderly mother.

But the gang had not only gone to the wrong address – they had picked on the wrong person to rob.

Anji, 49, said: ‘I had finished work at about nine o’clock and got home. My partner was asleep on the sofa, my 82 year old mum and my son were asleep upstairs.

The gang had not only gone to the wrong address – they had picked on the wrong person to rob.

‘Ironically, I had put 24 hours in police custody on the television and it was 33 minutes in.

‘I heard what I thought was a massive explosion and then I realised it was my front door that was being kicked in.

‘I ran there and was met with a masked man with a hammer. He was about 6 foot 6 tall with a blue bandana hiding his face.

‘I ran and grabbed my crossbow and had a little tussle with a second man who had a machete. He went to grab it, but I managed to spin and shoot him in the belly with it at close range.

‘He shouted “You fucking bitch, you shot me”. At that point he fell on me, cutting my hand with the machete.

From North Charleston, South Carolina;

Officials with the North Charleston Police Department say shortly after 7 p.m. officers responded to the parking lot of 2170 Ashley Phosphate Rd in reference to a shooting.

A woman told a responding officer that she shot [Jason] Stinchcomb, who had been trying to get into her car and he was down in the parking lot somewhere, according to the incident report.

The officer then drove around and found Stinchcomb on the ground with a gunshot wound to the right leg and stated he had an odor of alcohol on his breath, according to the report.

Stinchcomb and the woman didn’t know each other, the report stated.

“The female confronted the suspect at which time she says the suspect advanced towards her,” NCPD officials said.

Stinchcomb was transported to Trident Hospital for treatment and is facing a charge of attempted carjacking.

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  1. 26Limabeans says:

    A crossbow a machete and a hammer get into a fight.
    Crossbow wins!

  2. Deplorable B Woodman says:

    I don’t usually click on story links, but I just had to find out the end of the UK story. So much there, and so much mish-mashed and jumbled.
    But the household is ok, for now. I fear for Ms Rhys. Will the Metro arrest her for defending her household with a (GASP) unregistered crossbow? Will she be tried for hate speech for saying she’s a prepper? And that she deliberately chose the most powerful crossbow she could buy?
    And what about the police? Why haven’t they found the perps? A couple of bruised, shot, and bleeding men shouldn’t be that hard to find. Have the police even looked for them? Is thief a new protected species, alongside muzzie?
    And what about the perps? Using a hammer. Will hammers now be outlawed, along with gunz and knives?

    Stay tuned, boyz and girlz, for the next exciting installment of “The Descent of the Former and Now Not-So-Great-Britain”.

  3. Ex-PH2 says:

    The first news article is clearly written and colorful, too.

    Sister Mary Grace detects an ambition in the reporter to write novels and short story collections, and offers a Scrabble dictionary as a prize.

  4. Butt Sponge says:

    “Gunfire ripped into the masked gunman and two other intruders, who crumpled to the floor with multiple gunshot wounds.”

    That sentence is the best I’ve read in my entire life.

  5. Jeff LPH 3, 63-66 says:

    HOLY Sir Galahad, Where is the Monty Python crew in this time of need. Possibly out there singing the I’m A Lumber Jack song.

  6. Jeff LPH 3, 63-66 says:

    Someone should open up a chain mail store with all these knife and machete attacks happening now in Merry olde England. As I commented in the past, this could be US if the Colonists in Concord and Lexington were un armed back then.


    The Brits need to remaster their Indigenous Martial Art:

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