Kent Brown; phony veteran

| May 12, 2018 | 151 Comments

Our partners at Military Phonies shared their work on this Kent Brown fellow who claims to be a military veteran in his videos and on social media;

The National Personnel Records Center responds “Who?”

Kent Steven Brown’s military records were requested. The National Personnel Records Center, which would hold Brown’s records, could find no records indicating that Brown served in the Armed Forces. It is possible that he could have served in a state level guard, but active duty would have shown up if he went to boot camp and certainly any specialized Army training.

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  1. If you didn't walk the walk, then STFU says:

    Seems he was arrested in Kentucky. Maybe those are the charges he doesn’t want expose to the public..

    • HMCS(FMF) ret says:

      Wonderful… looks like he’s into slapping women/kids around.

      Hopefully the boys at the BTJT Deli (Home of the World-Famous COCKMEAT SAMMICH) had some fun with him.


    • Brittani Sykes says:

      i have information on this person and i’d dieing in laughter- i even have his ss# and i.d number— he needed it for our sons birth card. and yes he is a dead beat and a worthless human life – lair – cheat- scammer, woman user, and abuser, drunk and so much more-

      • Double A says:

        That sounds just like him. Don’t forget a sociopath. Something he called me and I had to look it up. Then I realized he in fact fit the definition to a T!

  2. HT3 '83-'87 says:

    “…I’ve been a veteran of the Armed Forces…” Been a veteran as to state that no longer are one?

    What kind of shit is that? A REAL veteran would say “I AM a USA/USN/USAF/USMC vet from 20?? to 2???.”

    He’s just trying to make a pipeline into vet groups for his lousy “services” by claiming a veteran status. He went and lawyered right away.

    Piss off you phony!!!

  3. 5JC says:

    His female alter ego posted on MPs that the video does not work so I clicked on and of course it does. Makes me wonder what he was “not convicted of”? People usually only get that touchy about sex crimes.

    • HMCS(FMF) ret says:

      It’s pretty obvious in his video that he’s lying… watch his posture, facial expression and how nervous he is. He can’t even pull it off.

      And the pic of him in the shitter… kind of like his “service”.

      • HMC Ret says:

        Yeah, I noticed eye aversion, head and body movement and ‘closed’ posture while speaking. I could have muted the 30 seconds and guessed that whatever he was talking about was questionable. Bring on the ‘lawers’!!

    • Aaron says:

      Jennifer J. Is the brains behind the “operation”. I lived across the street from them.

      • Skidmark says:

        I read all of your comments Aaron…Please share more! Also, do you know how this is being handled from their end with their friends & family? I’m sure trying like hell to explain their way out of it and how TAH & MP got it all wrong? Hope you can give us more info. Thanks!

        • Double A says:

          I don’t know what is going on with them right now. They have recently moved. I’m sure they are threatening with “lawers”. His “Lawers” were to busy for our small claims court proceeding, lol. He talks a big game and likes to bully people.

          • b says:

            so true he is a shit talker- and a woman user- he finds heavy set girls to move in with and talks game to have a roof over his head and moves on to the next – this jen chick had him move in with her as her dad was dieing… its sad how crazy he is- he has hurt women in the past i’m glad i dumpped him when i did – i just got left with a parting gift that he has 18 years to pay on- my son is the only thing i ever got from him- besides a bunch of his ex’s contacting me – still to this day- his “”family”” has disowned him – he lies about them and makes people feel sorry for him.

            • Double A says:

              Funny he has never mentioned he has a kid. He was living out of his car before he found J.J. They have moved to Fort Wayne with there tail between their legs.

  4. 3/10/MED/b says:

    “Been a veteran…”? Threats of laWers? “Girlfriend” chiming in? Who sent him the playbook? Oh, man, this is gonna be fun.

  5. USAFRetired says:

    Nothing says insurance professional like doing a promotional video in a T=shirt

    • Daisy Cutter says:

      Scratching his underarm in the video was classic. Then to pose in a bathroom selfie topped it all off.

    • Instinct says:

      Well, you know, it’s so all us vets can relate to him.

      “Look, he’s got a shitty beard, t-shirt and a ball cap! He must be legit!”

      “Damn, he just scratched his armpit! That settles it, I’m doing business with this guy. He was probably a Ranger or something!!”

      • Aaron says:

        He was special ops, is what he has told me. He also threatened to kick my ass with his special forces training. Something I’m not making up I lived across the street for him.

  6. Combat Historian says:

    He’s a “veteran” of Call of Duty, level lll; the guy’s a badass…///

  7. MarDet says:

    Hey Kent Brown, you’re a fuckin liar you piece of shit!! Enjoy your new found google fame as a phony veteran!! Hope your lawyers come at me bro, so we can expose your ass on a much larger scale!

  8. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    “I’ve…been a Veteran? he even hesitated as he said it. Oh yeah, make a video promoting your insurance business while wearing a white t shirt, real smart. WHAT A milquetoast candyassed pisspnts bedwetting booger-munching…


  9. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    He’s a featherweight, out of his class with no hope of success. He cannot succeed where far abler people have failed miserably. Here’s some advice Kent: either issue an apology and go and sin no more or take the more popular option and just slither way, hoping that this ends quickly. The internet, as they say, is forever. Better to go on record with an apology.

    • Instinct says:

      Or, he can take the even more popular (at least at TAH) option of a plane trip, one way.

      • The Stranger says:

        Flying a plane is a losing struggle against gravity. What goes up, must come down. It’s the “how” that is critical, as a certain someone discovered to his everlasting dismay.

        • Bim says:

          Agree! As a 51 year old student pilot, I quickly learned several things about aircraft. First, consumer flight simulators == real flight experience. Second, it is really easy to take off in an airplane, landing is a wholly different matter.

          I think it took me about six or ten approaches before I made a single landing that didn’t rattle my fillings or get an amused response from my CFI. Even now, with 32 hours of flight time, I still screw up occasionally and come in too hot, or balloon, or bounce, or otherwise look like it’s my first day.

          I can say that I have not been remotely as incompetent as SOMEONE we all know. Poor DAB, he attempted to set the world record for lowest flight altitude and just ended up in a million way tie with a bunch of others.

          • OWB says:

            Are you up to a suggestion? The airplane wants to land and will do so with or without you. All you have to do is the minimum amount of maneuvering to maintain control of that landing. Keep it simple. Change things as little as possible – just let it land.

            • GDContractor says:

              When flying commercial (as a passenger), I maintain that you can usually tell the difference between a former Navy pilot and a former AF pilot.

              • OWB says:

                Big dif between fighter pilots and commercial airline pilots – one always lands as if his/her grandmother is aboard. I lucked out having a commercial airline flight instructor who had been a WWII flight instructor. We did have some fun learning how to do it all correctly!

              • Rosalee Adams says:

                Absolutely. We used to joke about it as we were on approach ….wondering if the pilot had been trained AF/Navy (and how many carrier landings)

            • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

              I remember reading that each and every flight is a battle against gravity which always ends in one way or another whether it be a nice cushy routine landing or barreling into the woods like a certain disbarred dead lawer.

            • Bim says:

              Thanks, OWB. I appreciate the input. My CFI tells me much the same thing, yet I still manage to bungle it occasionally. I’m still a great deal better than I was 10 or 15 hours previously. Thank God that 172 is so rugged.

              Right now, I can only have time to fly a couple of times a month, so I tend to be a bit rusty on the first touch and go when I do go out. If I could fly once or twice a week, I think I could make a bit better progress. Alas, work and hunny-dos tend to keep me grounded more than I would like…

  10. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    I’m trading in that -ize for a y.

  11. Daisy Cutter says:

    A bathroom selfie with the commode – just say ‘no.’

    • FuzeVT says:

      Bathroom selfies are pretty much THE ONLY way to make selfies any worse.

      But here’s what I don’t get. Normally the BR Selfie is taken in the bathroom because it is usually the biggest mirror in the house. As such, people take the BRS in the mirror so they can show off to the world their slutty outfit for that night.

      In this case, turd face took the BRS – including the toilet – just like a normal selfie. That is, he took it just holding the phone with the rear facing camera. That means he took it in the bathroom, complete with the toilet, for no real reason. Did he just get finished with a huge grumper and took a selfie to celebrate? May be he wanted to share the moment with his mom?

  12. The Stranger says:

    Man, even the cat is onto his bullshit!

  13. NHSparky says:

    I would trust this guy if I had change from a dollar after I just left the 99 cent store.

  14. Jeff LPH 3, 63-66 says:

    Oy Vei, what can I say about this shitbird that claims to be RA.
    P.S. Good morning to everyone out there this Saturday from South Florida.

  15. Instinct says:

    Damn, he skipped right past sock puppeting and went straight into lawyer mode.

    Fuck him. Guess he figured the shitty beard would add to his vet credibility.

  16. 26Limabeans says:

    Well, at least he isn’t claiming to be a Vietnam Vet.

  17. Keepin' It Real says:

    In that one PM he actually states that his customers lie to him on a daily basis.

  18. Keepin' It Real says:

    Kent Brown’s Facebook business review page is not authentic. He has the ability to remove unfavorable reviews and that is not supposed to be how it works. He has removed several already. Notice how ALL of them are favorable.

    Just sayin’.

  19. Old Burned Out 1SG says:

    He wouldn’t make a dripping pimple on a real soldiers ass…

  20. FatCircles0311 says:

    The bit about how people lie while he was lying about his military service was classic.

    What a scumfuck.

  21. RetiredDevilDoc8404 says:

    Company Facebook has had the reviews tab removed…wonder why that is. Maybe he needs to have his ass clownness reviewed on Yelp where he can’t delete it. Personal page has that Lysol scent to it, very much scrubbed with very little content and big gaps. Must be spring cleaning or he had some kind of “mishap” with it. A salesman who is also a BS artist (and not a very good one at it) I’m shocked…

  22. Daisy Cutter says:

    Jennifer Julias is defending Kent Brown over at Military Phony, but she failed to transparently disclose that she is vice president of the company.

    Instead, she gives an appearance that she is a random outraged private citizen.

  23. AW1Ed says:

    Kent Steven Brown is not a veteran.
    Kent Steven Brown never served in the military.
    Kent Steven Brown is a liar.
    Kent Steven Brown is despicable.

    Welcome to your Google fame, Kent. The interwebs are forever.

  24. sbalm says:

    Jennifer Nicole Julias — since you are only 29 y/o and newly hired VP of Kent Brown Insurance and had mostly a string of jobs as a server in restaurants prior to that, it may be hard to bring together a portfolio of legal, military and stolen valor experience to bear on your predicament.

    Let me explain how this all works based on past exposures. YOU need to take the fall for this. In the past, people that are under scrutiny for stolen valor violations huddle with people close to them and ultimately decide to get others out in front of the problem.

    Why? Well, to be frank, it is because the violator will have problems making direct statements. Each time he speaks, each word he utters – limits his options. The other, more obvious reason, is cowardice.

    So they usually get a staffer to take the fall.

    It will go down something like this – Kent Brown made the video about him being a veteran as a joke. Obviously, he furthered this mockery with the cat hopping around in the background, wearing the t-shirt, and the scratching of his armpit. Somehow or another this video, never intended for the public mind you, got mixed up with the real videos due to be posted and you, Jennifer, got them mixed up. Being the unintended party to this, you posted all of the videos along with the “joke-parody” video titled “My business model and why we are the company you need and deserve.”

    You fully accept responsibility for this oversight and wish for your employer, Kent Steven Brown, to remain out of the critical eye of scrutiny and most certainly remain out of jail for a violation of the federal Stolen Valor Act.

    After all, you want to get paid so why not take the fall, right?

    You see, Jennifer, this is how it has gone down in every other Stolen Valor case that had the light shone on it. It is *always* the staffer.

    Just tearing a page out of the Stolen Valor playbook and sharing with you. See how it all works?

    Kent Steven Brown – just trying to help out here. I’m sure you are huddling over this to figure out a way out. A way out, of course, that doesn’t involve honesty and full confession. Jennifer will get to now see what you are truly made of.

    Hope this proves helpful to you. Please only use what speaks to you and discard the rest.


    • AW1Ed says:

      I left a note over at MP, urging Jennifer to come here and read this. Hopefully she will, and does.

      • sbalm says:

        Thank you for your help, AW1Ed.

        I was being facetious in my post but at the same time predicting how Kent Brown will attempt to get out of it – as he has probably not yet thought this all through yet.

        My prediction is based on an assumption that Kent will explore a way to deal with this other than being honorable and forthright – admitting the truth. Instead, I think there is a good chance that he will have innocent parties take the fall for him.

        As terrible as this sounds – it is the only straw he has to grab onto and may in fact take it. After all, it has him recorded on video claiming he is a veteran of the armed forces.

        Jennifer should know beforehand what’s most likely coming her way, not to mention get a feel for her boss’s integrity.

    • HMC Ret says:

      Nailed it. Sbalm. There is always a bus coming by, and Jennifer is scheduled to be thrown under it.

    • NHSparky says:

      I wonder if she’s a long lost relative of Elaine Ricci?

      • sbalm says:

        In the comments section at MP it says:

        “Over several years and several addresses, Jennifer Julias is listed as living at the same addresses as Kent Brown. She is also is characterized as a relative in a list of names associated with Kent Brown.”

  25. Green Thumb says:

    Old Kent Brown here trikes me a a man that is into men.

  26. The Stranger says:

    Or perhaps a man that other men are into.

  27. 26Limabeans says:

    My homeowners insurance is due next month.
    Can I get a veterans discount from this guy?

  28. HMC Ret says:

    Oh, jeez, he used the threat of a ‘lawer’. That tells me something is amiss. If he’s a businessman he should know how easily information can be obtained today. Hope he comes here so we can develop this over the next several hours. I don’t drink but enjoy popcorn. Hope to hear from his lawer soon, also. This could be so entertaining.

    • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

      Ooh, he launched his lawer ALREADY?

      • Phil says:

        I PM’s him on Facebook Friday night shortly after Military Phonies posted it:

        ME: “Hello Mr Fake Veteran, just thought I’d pass on the results of the Military Phonies investigation. Yup, sure enough, you’re a fake veteran.”

        “Read the investigation, watch the video where you clearly state “I’ve been a veteran in the armed forces.”

        “Just to let you know, hundreds of people are sharing the results of the investigation across all forms of social media.

        “Enjoy the infamy LOSER.”
        (I added the link to Military Phonies)

        KENT BROWN: “Get a life clown”

        KENT BROWN: “You know I can sue you for this. What an idiot. lol”

        Guess that gives me the distinction of being the first recipient of the “I can sue you” threat.

        Gee, guess I should be shaking in my boots and pissing my pants after that one. lol

        • Daisy Cutter says:

          Yeah, right. His first line of defense is Facebook reporting. They will just tell him to block you and move on. There’s your legal precedence right there.

          A court would have him prove damages. His business may have been in the crapper anyway, but he could say he lost client, but that’s due to his own stupidity.

          One PM from you won’t amount to much in the way of “damages.”

          Since he’s an insurance salesman, I wonder if he has malpractice insurance — that would be irony defined.

  29. RGR 4-78 says:

    JAFAC that never served.

  30. Rosalee Adams says:

    I am so tired of hearing the same old litany…
    In this case, a question about unit, MOS and years of service.
    I’ve been asked and don’t find it invasive.
    Finally, why is it political to ask if a business is veteran owned?

  31. Thunderstixx says:

    His future is about as promising as a hog on an ice covered pen at the John Morrell plant in Ottumwa Iowa…

  32. Aussiepusser says:

    I have issues with his “glamour” shot….

    1. Instead of folding his hands, he should have his index fingers forming a teeny tiny steeple under his chin

    2. Don’t look at the camera!!! He should be looking up to his left with a whimsical look

    3. Where’s the garland of flowers on his manly little head??

  33. Vanessa says:

    You people are pathetic and it’s sad that you have nothing better to do with your time then spread lies about Kent and his business. Who knows how many other people’s lives you’ve tried to ruin that does not deserve it. He is an honest business person and the farthest thing from a liar. He is actually making something of his life by continuing to help people rather than hiding behind a computer screen spreading false accusations around. And to clarify he is the farthest thing from a woman or a child beater. I have never met a more respectful person. It’s said in the military phonies disclaimer that accuracy of posts can’t be guaranteed. That shows how fake the information is and should alone be enough to get the website shut down.

    • RetiredDevilDoc8404 says:

      Is that you, Kent? Making something of one’s life based on lies isn’t making much of anything, just a stack of manure. False accusations? NPRC says you don’t exist, odds are pretty good you NEVER SERVED. So, please tell us “Vanessa” what’s false about that?

    • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

      ATTENTION K-MART SHOPPERS, SOCKPUPPET CLEANUP IN AISLE 13!!! Tell me little snowflake, just HOW legitimate IS THIS Insurance Company that Kent Brown the PHONY VETERAN is liked with? To me he truly sounds more full of shit than a Battalion of sleazy Used Car Salesmen. What’s next, are you gonna launch a lawer at us? So if Kent Brown is the Man and Veteran he claims to be, then why isn’t he coming here and speaking for himself instead of hiding behind your skirt he likely wore last weekend? Where is he, getting some time at Brucie’s Bath House (Entrance in Rear)? Maybe you need to go smoke a tampon and go back to waiting tables?

      I hereby make a motion for Kent Brown to receive The Official TAH Mountain of Insults®™.

      • HMCS(FMF) ret says:

        DO IT!!!!

        • ChipNASA says:

          Morning you crusty fucks.
          I am in the midst of editing the glorious Mountain of Insults®™ .
          Seeing that all the requirements have been met for TAH Robert’s Rules, when I am done, I’ll be back to post for good old Kent here.

          • ChipNASA says:

            And away we goooooooooo

            Mountain of Insults®™
            (aka, “This Ain’t Hell” Thesaurus)
            FIRE IN THE HOLE!!!!
            DANGER CLOSE!!!!
            MOPP LEVEL 4!!!
            TAKE COVER!!!!!
            Kent “I like to go down where it is…” Brown NOT a Veteran, vile, flaming piece of skunk shit, ALLEGEDLY, but not confirmed or proven, but in some people’s opinion, works balls, tickles taint and tongue punches hobo’s crusty fart boxes all, I Guess, while being a syphilitic, turd-sucking feces factory, HOLY Baby Ape Shit Breath, Bitch-ass Fuckstick guzzler, pile infested, onion-eyed flapmouthed butt-bailiff, “Fowl” mouthed Chicken Fucking Chickenfucker, You flaccid piece of tofu, Simply a fart in life waiting to be fabreezed away, moral equivalent of pond scum, THIS MOTHERFUCKER IS A WALKING TURD, inflamed, “Towel boy” in a gay bath house, DILLY DILLY!!, Ambulatory verbal dissembling anus, Fucking one cell spermatozoon with a tiny flagella, gaping giant ass walking fungus shit nugget, Bag of seasoned dog shit, Cambodian cunt sauce, Anyone who ever loved you was wrong, Poopy Headed ball working asshole, JERK OFF !!, Soup Sandwich, if you Mom would have known you were going to turn out like this, she’d have prayed for a miscarriage, Diaper-Sniper, you’re such a pussy, when you get a haircut they charge you for a bikini wax, suck a big diseased gorilla dick and open those ass cheeks for the bull elephant that has been eyeing your lying ass, Poster-child for abortion, This twat waffle is dumber than a bucket of goat piss, I pray thou shalt be pursued into the mountains by sex-mad baboons, O thou creature of the pit!, If you are married, The only thing your wife wants for Christmas is a folded flag, Dick Swallowing Jerk Wad Spooge Sampling cum gobbling parasitic infection bunghole tonguer, Klootviool, should be ass raped and tea-bagged, at the same time, by a Rabid Rhinoceros, you were the kid that had to sit alone at lunchtime, you’re the afterbirth that slithered out from your mother’s filth, you have always been picked last, you are a puck shot, catcher’s mitt double dribble field goal miss, you are the trash bag after a barracks/frat house party, the Stanley Cup could be your Mom’s dildo, I wish you were an EOD training power point presentation. 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            • ChipNASA says:

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              • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

                So how much longer until it becomes The Official TAH Planet of Insults®™ ?

    • 26Limabeans says:

      Is that you Jennifer?

    • Mason says:

      I’d go out on a limb and say Indiana is like my state. They frequently plea down a domestic assault charge to disorderly conduct.

    • Mason says:

      Pretty obvious he’s not an “honest business person” if he lies about having served in the military.

      The only thing he’s making something of in his life is to be a liar and phony.

    • Skidmark says:

      You can ask Vanessa questions on her FB if you’d like, it’s open;

      • Keepin' It Real says:

        She is deleting comments and has locked down her Facebook page. She was showing friends with both Kent Brown and Jennifer Julius (who have shared the same address), but now you can’t see her friends list.

        I wonder if that means she is ashamed of her association with them?

        Come on, Vanessa, come out and play!

      • 3/10/MED/b says:

        Are Jennifer and Vanessa related by chance?

    • HMC Ret says:

      ” Who knows how many other people’s lives you’ve tried to ruin that does not deserve it.”

      The short answer is NONE. That’s also the long answer. We don’t ‘try’ to ruin the life of anyone, but to out any who claim military status to which they are not entitled.

      There, see how easy that is?

    • Phil says:

      Sorry Jennifer, go back and read what else has been posted on the Military Phonies site. Here, I’ll save you the trouble, it’s a copy of his arrest record for:

      Assault, 4th Degree (Domestic Violence) Arresting Agency: Horse Cave PD
      Arresting Number: 21219
      Arrest Date: June 30, 2013
      Booking Location: Hart County, KY

      Even has a nice booking picture of him, so if he isn’t “a woman or a child beater”, then he must have beaten his boyfriend. Either way, he’s nothing more than a steaming pile of bovine excrement.

    • Kayla says:

      Oh no, that’s not Kent. That’s his other girlfriend he sends after people. My fiancé and I have been there and done that. She copied and pasted her post from MP. My fiancé and I have met Kent and Jennifer. Jennifer is in love with him but he wants nothing to do with her. If only these women knew how he really feels about overweight females, maybe they wouldn’t be trying to protect him. When we met Kent, he told us to our faces that he’s a veteran and has been over seas to Iraq. My fiancé called him out on some BS a few weeks ago and we got the whole “I will sue you” thing then he blocked my fiancé then proceeded to message a mutual friend trying to start all kinds of stuff. Then, boom, here comes Vanessa. Best part is, miss Vanessa is a “criminal justice major” so she knows lmao

      • Keepin' It Real says:

        Spinal Tap says it the best about big bottomed women…

      • Aaron says:

        We have much to talk about. Lived across the street from them. He sued me for 8000 dollars for pain and suffering. Was awarded $200. He also told the judge that he was a vet and suffered from PTSD from his time in the service. The court does not keep records of this that I have a few Witnesses that remember him saying that as well. It was small claims so that was the max he could sue for he also sued my landlord for 8000 for pain and suffering as well. He got nothing from her. He is out to sue everyone and make everyone’s life as miserable as his.

        • 3/10/MED/b says:

          Aaron, how did you come across ol’ Kent on TAH? And please, tell us more.

          • Double A says:

            Saw the link on F.B. just just waiting in the wings to see him get what was coming to him. They ran away to Fort Wayne from Indy to start a new scam. Got to meet K.B an J.J. when they lived accross the street from me. They where the creepiest people you will ever meet!

    • PTBH says:

      As a reminder, Vanessa Flannery wrote:

      “And to clarify he is the farthest thing from a woman or a child beater. I have never met a more respectful person.”

      It would appear that the court documents above disagree with Vanessa’s assessment. Perhaps she was there and was an eyewitness to the actual assault and characterizes it differently than the court? It’s possible.

      I wonder if the victim agrees with Vanessa? I wonder if the victim feels Vanessa is being helpful in the situation? Lots of questions and I’m always cautious of someone that is confident that they know all the answers, like Vanessa.

    • PTBH says:


      Took me a day since apparently, the KY Court Records system doesn’t work on the weekend. But I dug up the records and to my surprise, Kent Brown was convicted and found guilty of Domestic Violence. This is in direct conflict with what Vanessa is saying. Perhaps she knows something we don’t know and can shed light on everything – especially how the KY court got it all wrong about Kent.

      * (full eport)

      * (report page only)

      I have to admit, I thought they were just charges and perhaps were eventually dropped. It clearly says he was “CONVICTED” of “ASSAULT 4TH DEGREE DOMESTIC VIOLENCE” so what am I missing?

      As a reminder, Vanessa Flannery wrote:

      “And to clarify he is the farthest thing from a woman or a child beater. I have never met a more respectful person.”

      It would appear that the court documents above disagree with Vanessa’s assessment. Perhaps she was there and was an eyewitness to the actual assault and characterizes it differently than the court? It’s possible.

      I wonder if the victim agrees with Vanessa? I wonder if the victim feels Vanessa is being helpful in the situation? Lots of questions and I’m always cautious of someone that is confident that they know all the answers, like Vanessa.


  34. Roger in Republic says:

    As a twice licensed Insurance Agent I think this guy has an integrity issue. Some of you might want to contact the state insurance commissioner for Indiana @
    Address: 311 W Washington St Ste 300, Indianapolis, IN 46204
    Phone: (317) 232-2385
    They don’t like liars or cheats.

  35. HMC Ret says:

    Come back, ‘Vanessa’ we miss you already.

  36. Daisy Cutter says:


    We pride ourselves on the truth here on this forum.

    What lies are we spreading about Kent Brown and his business?

    I’m hoping that you have some depth to you and you didn’t just come on here to snipe and run. Please back up your statements if you know something that we don’t.

    I’ll wait right here.

  37. An Old Arty Sgt says:

    SO wait a second.. He claimed to be in Black Opns in private and then disappears from the Insurance business, on Facebook, when he gets called out. Must be on a Top Secret Mission.. You know, he’s over 6 ft and a heavy 220 lbs. Probably just a BIG BULLY.

  38. Aaron says:

    The best part of this is I’m not even the one that reported him. But I’m sure in his crazy delusional mind it was me. Karma is a b**** Kent Brown Jennifer Julius

  39. Green Thumb says:

    Still a turd.

  40. Jarhead says:

    Lying about having served in the Armed Forces is a jealous mistress. You, Kent Brown will NEVER be able to divorce that self-created bitch.

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