Heath Sommer; contracted psychologist jailed for sexual abuse and rape

| May 15, 2018 | 36 Comments

Bobo sends us a link to MSN which reports that Heath Sommer a contracted civilian psychologist working for the Air Force at Travis Air Force base is getting acquainted with his new roommates at the Stanton Correctional Facility in Fairfield, California. Using a technique that is called “exposure therapy”, Sommer treated his clients with rape and sexual abuse to cure their PTSD;

CBS Sacramento says the alleged abuse occurred between 2010 and 2016, and that Sommer faces charges including sexual battery, rape, and oral copulation. It was not clear how many alleged victims there were, or how many of them were already victims of sexual abuse before they sought treatment at the Air Force base.

In a statement released by Travis Air Force Base, spokesperson Traci Keller confirmed that the U.S. Air force had contracted Sommer to work at the base’s David Grant Medical Center, but said he was “no longer employed there.”

To avoid his own “exposure therapy” treatment in the correctional facility, Heath needs to pony up $750,000 in bail money.

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  1. AW1Ed says:

    Few are lower than those who abuse the injured coming to them for help. Hope a very expensive, long, and painful future is in the offing for this clown.

  2. ChipNASA says:

    I hope he repeatedly is given to daily dilation therapy, rape and sexual abuse to cure his PTSD


  3. Ret_25X says:


    A candidate for hanging…with an old rope.

  4. Pam says:

    As a rape survivor and AF veteran who suffers from PTSD, I find him reprehensible. Its no wonder those who experience sexual assault don’t come forward. No trust in “the system”.

  5. 5JC says:

    Hopefully he will get exposure therapy treatment to cure every ailment he has ever had in the pokey, including all the new and interesting diseases he is about to pick up.

  6. Ex-PH2 says:

    I would be pleased to see someone like this scum sent slowly down a gantlet of his victims, while they dump extremely hot water and sewage on him. And no way to wash off the smell at the end, either.

    If that’s insufficient punishment, bulldozers can give him a stretch.

  7. Perry Gaskill says:

    Something seems off about this story. There’s some lazy reporting going on, and the prosecution might be trying to make a weak case seem stronger than it actually is. Given the current #MeToo climate, Sommer could either be a predatory monster, or there could be other circumstances involved.

    One of the big flaws seems to be a count of the number of victims. Here’s a simple question: Sommer was apparently treating “patients who had been sexually assaulted while deployed,” and who suffered from PTSD, and who ended up at Travis AFB. Given those parameters, what is the potential pool of victims?

    Another piece that’s missing is what triggered the investigation in the first place, and how multiple victims emerged.

    My own view is that if he’s a monster, he deserves to have his private parts gnawed by angry badgers. On the other hand, the vagueness of the MSN and CBS stories leaves the possibility open that Sommer might be guilty of anything from consensual sex with a couple of his patients all the way to hundreds of instances of violent rape in a pattern spanning years.

    • 2/17 Air Cav says:

      Yeah, all of that and then some. The PR statement from the AF was absolute bullshit. Hell, there’s a complaint filed. Why didn’t a reporter read it and include the essential info you ask about? Because. That’s why. As for the PR,“The United States Air Force and Travis Air Force Base have zero tolerance for sexual assault. The doctor in question was a contractor at David Grant Medical Center, but is no longer employed there.”

      Actually, we don’t know yet whether any victims in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, or 2016 reported, through their c-o-c, being assaulted. It could be that the USAF, through its command, did tolerate sexual assault. We don’t know yet, so save it. The fact that this guy was a contractor puts no distance between the AF and him. USAF personnel were his patients and the AF owns it. A better statement would have been, ‘The allegations against Dr Somers are horrific and appalling. We are right now engaged in locating patients seen by him and they will be invited to see another doctor of their choosing at no cost to them. We will assist prosecutors and investigators in any way we can in this case.’

    • ChipNASA says:

      OK I’m adding ” he deserves to have his private parts gnawed by angry badgers” to the The Continent of Insults®™

      • thebesig says:

        Could you also add the following to the continent of insults? :mrgreen:

        “Unable to prevail against his one brained celled activity taking him/her over, so he/she types/talks/acts as if a retarded ghost possess him/her.”

    • 5JC says:

      The pool of victims is small. Two are cited with all the gruesome details here. Where there are two there likely more. These guys can never stop.


      Until today I was unaware that there were was a whole other level of evil rapist. So yeah using medical training and authority as a doctor to target prior victims of sexual assault is a whole other level of evil.

  8. Reaperman says:

    I’m pretty sure I’ve seen roughly this general plot in a movie…or perhaps dozens of movies. Granted there seemed to be fewer patient objections in those movies.

  9. Jay says:

    If real, this mother fucker needs to have his dick skinned, it fed to him, then a coke bottle shoved up his ass and broken. Fucking dick hole. Predators are the worst fuckers out there.

  10. HMCS(FMF) ret says:

    Hopefully the boys at the BTJT Deli (Home of the WORLD FAMOUS Cocdkmeat Sammich) are giving him a dose of his own medicine.

  11. m0311 says:

    Great, now the government is going to be paying a lot more vets $3000 a month for their MST PTSD.

    • Jo T. says:

      For one, your comment is insulting. Secondly, calm down…the victims aren’t getting paid, they’re still in the service. Also, what’s it to you if people get disability $ from the VA for legitimate ailments. Even more so because the hospital, base, and company are all liable, especially since they ignored earlier complaints. And lastly…service members cannot initiate civil suits against military providers (contract & GS as well). Evens out when civilians can have frivolous lawsuits for any incident with a provider. I highly doubt that you’ve never served your country…otherwise a comment like that would not have come out of you.

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