Kids in cages

| June 18, 2018

The photo above is supposed to be one of the immigrant children that the Trump Administration is separating from his family. It’s gone viral, of course.

According to Snopes, it was taken at a protest in Dallas earlier this month;

However, as it turned out, the photograph was taken on 10 June 2018, but it did not show a child confined by immigration authorities to a cage. Rather, it was snapped during a protest staged in front of Dallas City Hall to call attention to the Trump administration’s practice of separating families and confining undocumented children. Different photographs of the event document that the same child was standing a mocked-up “cage” open at the top, and several commenters noted that the boy was crying not because he was confined, but because he saw his mother outside the pen and could not immediately figure out how to get to her.

An accompanying photo that hasn’t gone viral confirms Snopes’ research – the little guy is in the foreground, obviously not caged;

Other photos have gone viral to protest the Trump Administration policy;

That particular photo was taken in 2014, years before there was a President Trump. According to Business Insider, Obama Adminstration officials have been scrambling to explain the photos;

Jon Favreau, who worked as a speechwriter for former President Barack Obama, tweeted, “This is happening right now, and the only debate that matters is how we force our government to get these kids back to their families as fast as humanly possible.”

Favreau said Tuesday he later deleted the tweet after social media users pointed out that the photos were taken during the Obama administration. But by that point, critics had already rushed to accuse him of concealing Obama’s own harsh immigration tactics while condemning Trump’s.

Favreau said in a series of tweets that he made a “mistake” by not checking the date of the photos before sharing them on Twitter. He explained that the photos were taken in 2014, when the Obama administration faced “an influx of unaccompanied minors who showed up at the border, fleeing violence from Central America.”

The old “fake but accurate” excuse.

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  1. 5JC says:

    I was wondering where the hell the pictures came from since the Border Patrol had barred cameras in the facility. They also barred interviews but reporters are claiming interviews.

    Should have figured it was a bunch of BS from go.

    • Jon Leleux says:

      Absolutely crazy, Fun fact Obama deported more people than Trump per year. Not only that but the number was 3x larger. It’s ridiculous as his nickname was deporter-in-chief. The only reason this is not coming up is that Obama spent 36 million dollars to keep his affairs private. WoW, talk about an Impeachable President.

  2. The Other Whitey says:

    As I’ve said before, if they’re so righteous, why do they have to lie?

    • 5JC says:

      If they are so righteous why did they lock children in cages for a media stunt? Clearly the kid was upset. Maybe the police need to be looking in to child abuse charges for the event organizers.

    • CPT11A says:

      Because they’ll use any possible excuse to dissolve the borders and sovereignty of this country so that they can minimalize the old demographics and suck up to new demographics, who will then vote for them en masse, giving them unrestrained power, and giving us a lifetime of misery-inducing public policy.

      What do I win?

    • desert says:

      which “righteous” are you talking about, this lying bullshyt is NOT TRUMP, this was all on obozo’s watch!!

  3. Perry Gaskill says:

    In the Progressive alternate universe, they apparently can’t arrest you if you take your kid along when you rob a 7-Eleven…

  4. SFC D says:

    My personal favorite is the lie that parents are being deported without their kids. No deported parents are forced to leave their children behind. The parents are CHOOSING to leave their children behind. Liberals, do you see the difference? Parents. Left. Their. Kids. Behind.
    And hey, How’s that Elian Gonzalez kid these days?

    • 5JC says:

      Fighting from whatever trench the revolution demands

    • Ret_25X says:

      It would be interesting to see what the TARDOs would do if the children left behind were immediately placed into foster care around the nation.

      I’m sure that would be totally rad if their lord and demigod Obama did it, but literally hitler if anyone else did it.

      • OWB says:

        It’s already been done. Many of those kids paced in “foster care” have disappeared, were later found to be enslaved in deplorable conditions, and other horrendous situations. Remember the buses that a CA town turned away filled with children?

        But you probably knew that.

  5. Ex-PH2 says:

    “But by that point, critics had already rushed to accuse him of concealing Obama’s own harsh immigration tactics while condemning Trump’s.”

    So it’s okay for the squabs on the Left of the fence to lie their asses off, but it’s not okay if they get caught.

    Got it!

    Can we expect more of these fantasies of their to show up? They seem to be losing their touch.

  6. cc senor says:

    The big thing now is how the kids are being housed in “soft sided shelters” Oh, the horror, a tent city that some idiot from El Paso equated with Joe Arpaio’s tent city jail. Big difference between an air conditioned tent and one that isn’t. I’ve been housed in all manner of tents from GP tiny to GP Medium to German fest tents to whatever the hell that guard house was at Miesau Depot and there’s a world of differences between soft sided shelters. I can’t find the article on line that I read in yesterday’s Caller Times, but there’s this that reflects what’s going on down here.

  7. Dennis says:

    And I

  8. rgr769 says:

    It is almost as if we are living in a country where the media is controlled by the regime and all we get from the MSM media organs is former D-rat regime approved propaganda as “news.” Sorta like living in Stalin’s USSR and we are getting our news from the Ministry of Truth via Pravda, except in our case via “Progda.”

    • UpNorth says:

      I hope no one actually thought that Obama and Jarrett were going to sit in the D.C. suburbs and just send texts to their friends.
      Well, they are, kinda. It’s called the talking point of the day. Notice that Moanin’ Schmoe on MSDNC leads off with whatever talking point they get, and the rest of the liars in the media follow on. They sometimes even use the same phrasing from Moanin’ Schmoe, not being sharp enough to even change the words.

  9. 26Limabeans says:

    My ex girlfriend beleives this kind of crap.
    Terminal case of TDS. Heart breaking.
    I had to let go.

  10. Jarhead says:

    If there is one law that needs eliminated it is the one which allows for parents to sneak into this country and have a baby at a Stateside hospital. This supposedly makes the newborn an American citizen. What I always wondered was how many of those births were paid for by the parents to begin with? And why are people even allowed to go into our hospitals without being U. S. citizens ,who can not pay the hospital charges out of their own pocket?. Bottom line is this before any damned fool calls me a racist…..It would not matter to me where a person came from (providing they were law abiding to begin with) if they had to find work on their own to survive. That as opposed to getting a free ride for the rest of their life. Many times, as you all know, a better government handout than what American workers who have worked a lifetime and are given a small pittance known as Social Security. That pisses me off to no end…thanks to a bunch of liberal vote-seeking low life sons of bitches called politicians.

  11. Veritas Omnia Vincit says:

    Honesty is absolutely no longer a requirement in modern journalism, or what is supposed to pass as journalism.

    I saw those photos as well and I am also old enough to recall Janet Reno and company taking a child at gunpoint and sending that child back to a communist nation…

    Ideally we have a system in place to vet those claiming to seek asylum quickly without having to separate parents and kids, but pretending we are caging kids to make a political point is some really low ground bullshit which is sadly what I’ve come to expect from the left.

  12. A Proud Infidel®™️ says:

    Let’s not forget that the libtard mainstream media is infested with Trump Acceptance Resistance Disorder Operatives (TARDOs) that dedicate every moment of their existence to spreading TARD as much as they can!

  13. Bill M says:

    You can’t believe anything Jon Favreau says including the words ‘and’ and ‘the’. He should stick to molesting posters of Hillary.

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      No, he should stick to acting. That way, we know he’s not real. He’d be a lot less annoying, too.

  14. A. Young says:

    But, but, but think of the children!

    I mean it’s not like legal citizens get separated from their children when they break the law…..oh, wait.

    Sarcasm implied

  15. Mason says:

    Break the law, you pay the price. It’s not heartless. You get arrested, you don’t get to bring your kids to prison.

    I do like the concentration camp and internment camp analogies. All they do is make themselves sound like morons. It’s getting harder and harder to take the libs, the MSM, and the Republican establishment seriously. They are so far separated from reality, it’s alarming.

  16. Jeff LPH 3, 63-66 says:

    The WH should run PS ads on TV showing what a real WW2 concentration camp looks compared to the A/C equipped dorms the illegals are kept in. I am supprised that WW2 camp survivors don’t speak out on the statement made by certain left political peeps that the above are kept in concentration camps but then again, many of them are dem liberals themselves. Hate to say it but there is some truth in it.

  17. David says:

    Illegals- they are criminals and should be treated as such.

    Where I struggle is with asylum seekers who do everything the legal way… don’t evade BP, go through the legal crossing point, etc. That seems to be a different kettle of fish than the illegal apprehensions.

    • Mason says:

      Damn right it is. Even had the Sec of Homeland Security herself today saying if you want to claim asylum, go to a port of entry.

      Do it legally. The difference between knocking on the door of my house and asking to step inside vs entering without permission through my closed but unlocked back door.

      • David says:

        The question is whether the folks who ARE legally coming in via checkpoints are getting separated? News reports indicate they are… if so, that IS an issue.

        Illegals….well, you reap what you sow.

  18. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    “Please Do Not Pet or Feed the Children”

  19. Sj says:

    We RV in Mexico extensively and love the people and the colonial towns. That said, no doubt in my mind that if we entered Mexico illegally with grandkids that we’d all end up in shit hole jails.

    How keep your kids from being incarcerated? Enter legally or stay out.

  20. dusty1 says:

    The leftist, fake news main stream media lives by the mantra of “Never let the truth get in the way of a good story”….and the leftist stooges just love a good story to latch on to and build on, especially when it comes to economic illegal immigrants or those claiming asylum who travel through many safe havens to get to the destination.
    In Australia most view these asylum seekers like sperm….millions get in but only one works.

  21. 26Limabeans says:

    Remember the guy they burned alive in a cage?
    I’m surprised that photo has not been photoshopped showing Trump lighting a match to a caged child.

  22. Ex-PH2 says:

    Watching this stuff is like watching an infected spot grow. At some point, the infection breaks through, and it’s excised and stopped, but it always spills over itself and drains away.

    This stuff has limited entertainment value.

    If someone tried caging one of the kids in my neighborhood for a PR stunt like this, the pohlease would be on the jerk in a heartbeat.

  23. Airdale (AW) USN ret. says:

    Everybody crying about the Illegals, how did many of your parents get here??