Phil Murphy and the one-track mind

| June 18, 2018 | 47 Comments

Sunday morning, Tahaji Wells, a gangster who had been released from prison recently despite a 2004 conviction for manslaughter which came with a 18-year sentence, opened fire on an opponent from a rival gang, injuring 22 people at an art festival. According to Fox News, Wells had another six years tacked on his sentence for his criminal behavior in prison – that’s a 24-year sentence, but math is hard in New Jersey, apparently.

Phil Murphy, the new governor of New Jersey wasted no time blaming a lack of gun control for the shoot-em-up in Trenton. New Jersey has, arguably, some of the toughest gun laws in the country and Murphy had just signed six new gun laws last week – but that didn’t stop him from blaming guns laws;

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy responded to Sunday’s deadly shooting at a Trenton arts festival by calling for new controls on guns. But a suspect’s gang membership — and early release from prison after Murphy took office — may have been bigger factors in an incident that left one person dead and 22 wounded.

Meanwhile, Murphy — a first-term Democrat in his first elected office — supports shorter sentences for offenders and cuts in prisoner rehabilitation programs…Less than 24 hours after the gunfire, Murphy — a former Goldman Sachs banker who served as President Barack Obama’s ambassador to Germany — began calling for gun control without addressing the other circumstances involved in the crime.

“It’s yet another reminder of the senseless gun violence, even having signed six stringent gun laws last week,” Murphy said at a news conference Sunday following a service at Trenton’s Galilee Baptist Church.

During the service, he said he “and many others around this state are committed to ending this scourge of gun violence” and urged the Congress to take action on guns “as a national matter.”

You know, because it’s easier to write more legislation than it is to enforce existing laws.

Did I mention that Murphy stripped funding from a program designed to help criminals return to the civilian life with marketable skills? Well, he did. Look at that skull – Murphy looks like a criminal.

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  1. Combat Historian says:

    Fucker looks like Hannibal Lecter’s young brother. Who the hell wants to live in a people’s republic where guns are banned and you can’t even pump your own gas…

  2. Claw says:

    Jonn, go back to the June 3, 2016 WOT and retrieve the picture of that thing that was featured.

    Place the picture of that thing and Murphy side by side and see if anyone can tell the difference between the two./smile

  3. Mason says:

    Standing in the blood of the victims, calling for more control, meanwhile shortening prison sentences, increasing early releases, and removing prisoner rehabilitation.

    I’ve rechecked, and he ticks every box of the Democrats’ agenda. Now if only he were a gay, minority, transgender. He’d have the 2020 nomination on lock.

  4. SFC D says:

    Pandering cocksucker is just as guilty as the criminal cocksucker that pulled the trigger.

  5. The Other Whitey says:

    Fuck you, Murphy.

    What does it say about a NY/NJ-area politician when he would fit right in among the corrupt and two-faced public officials in Netflix’s Marvel Comic shows (Daredevil, Luke Cage, The Punisher, etc.)?

  6. 26Limabeans says:

    That face reminds me of Richard “the dick” Blumenthal. Same tight sun drenched skin squeezing the shit out of his head.

  7. OlafTheTanker says:

    2 tracks.

    The other is his unwavering commitment to raise NJ taxes as high and as fast as possible.

  8. Jeff LPH 3, 63-66 says:

    murphys law; Fits his narrative but you know what they say about murphys law.

  9. AW1Ed says:

    Smarmy lookin’ SOB, ain’t he?

  10. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    There is a law against murder. There is a law against attempted murder. There is a law against assault and against battery. Thats all the laws that are needed when it comes to guns. Sure, maybe a minimum age to possess one but, I’m good with just those.

    • 2/17 Air Cav says:

      What about guns on school grounds? I’m good with that. And in a courtroom? Good with that too. How about automatic weapons? I’m good with that. Name it. I’m good with it. It’s not okay to murder someone with a gun, a knife, a car, or a lamp. Nor is it okay to shoot, stab, run over, or beat someone. The laws cover there things. The more I think about it, the more appeal doing away with all gun laws holds for me.

  11. rgr769 says:

    Surprise, Surprise, Sgt. Carter! He is another of Commander Zero’s venerable boot lickers.

  12. OWB says:

    Guess it would be asking too much for this clown to accept the responsibility for the deaths. It was after all he and his ilk who released the killer back out onto the streets to kill again.

    Yeah, too much to ask. Silly me.

  13. Sparks says:

    We don’t need gun control. Apparently, just more criminal control would work wonders, as this case highlights.

    But hey, Murphy and his ilk put more tax dollars in their sticky political pockets letting dangerous ass holes like this out early, only to have them prey, again, on their communities.

    I think I have far too much common sense to help these folks in New Jersey though.

  14. Jeff LPH 3, 63-66 says:

    I left Long Beach LI NY on thursday Dec. 13, 2007 heading down to my new residence in West Delray Beach, Fl. and until I hit the Delaware Memorial Bridge from The NJ TPKE, I sweated it out because I was transporting firearms in the trunk of my car which is legal on the Federal Law side as I was moving from one State to another to reside in but NJ State Troopers from what I heard, do not recognize the Fed. Law. Breathed a sigh of relief when I got to the Delaware side. We shot a number of Police L/combat matches in NJ when we had the Brink’s Pistol Team and never had a problem most likely because we were going to a legit match. I remember a Police Dept. run Combat match and while Brink’s was online shooting the 12 RD. 3 yd. match where you had to fire off 12 RDS in 25 seconds, the other shooters whom fired semi autos just looked at us as we had S&W .38 wheel guns and used drop pouches on our belts which held the 6 rounds to reload. Some of the guys shook their heads and asked us why we still used wheel guns. Nice memories.

  15. USAF (Ret) says:

    OK, I am going to go against most of you and ask for at least one more law for gun control.

    That a person who is charged with a gun law violation CANNOT plea it down. Must serve at least 150% of their sentence without a chance of parole.

    IMHO that is a sensible gun law. And will prevent some gun crimes. This person would of been in jail until 2031; would not have shot anyone in 2018.

    • 2/17 Air Cav says:

      I agree but only if the gun is used in the commission of another crime. The problem is that “Justice Reform” is moving in the opposite direction of what you propose. You see, the problem isn’t the criminal, it’s the gun itself. The power brokers of the Left (and Right, for that matter) do not live where there is crime. They have their own gated palaces and armed guards to protect them. And they sure as hell don’t take mass transit or otherwise expose themselves to the downtrodden.

      • USAF Ret says:

        Agreed there has to be a crime that was committed using a gun; not just possessing a gun unless there is a valid reason (usually a felon in possession) not just because you have a gun.

    • 11B-Mailclerk says:

      That law would only be used against gun owners in inadvertent infractions, not crooks.

      The heavy fed penalties for sawed-off shotguns are seldom even charged for the garden-variety repeat-offender thugs who chop a stolen Fudd gun into a Ghetto-Blaster, but let some bubba get caught with a 17-15/16” homemade deer-slug gun, and “hello 10 years and $10k”.

      Those heavy mandatory charges you seek are the first thing pled out in deals. They never get charged in exchange for cooperation. You cannot force the prosecutors to press the charge. So they still can “plea bargain” for non-pressed charges. They will “lose” the evidence, if needed.

      But not, of course, for -you-.

  16. HMCS(FMF) ret says:

    Phil Murphy has blood on his hands and will for every inmate that he ordered released early under his “leadership”.

    Fucking cocksucker…

  17. Rich says:

    I got nothing. The guy is a complete moron.

    • 2/17 Air Cav says:

      He’s just another political whore. I am convinced that maybe 10% of these clowns actually believe the bullshit they spew. It’s all one big game.

    • Berliner says:

      That look reminds me of a guy in my dads former nursing home. The guy would smile like that every time he shat himself. Nurses would have to drag him out of the day room to hose him down before he started playing with it.

  18. I’ve lived in NJ most of my life, I’ve never voted for governor, whether dumbocrap or republocan’t the choice is always dumb & dumber yet, their always some arrogant knuckle draggin’ incompetent numbnut, this also goes for our usually worthless US senatorial representation, also(Menedez & Brooker currently)..God help NJ, this state has a serious leadership issue, because their just is none

    • UpNorth says:

      No, not really, sgt vaarkman, New Jersey has a serious voter problem. The voters keep electing idiots like this guy, Booker and Menendez. And Christie, for that matter.

  19. NJ never learns, we had a previous Governor and Senator named Jon Corizine, another Goldman Sachs dic head, who was also just another crook, then their was the gay guy McGreavy the queen who was a total phuck up, and of course fatboy Christie who liked to close the beaches from the public for his own personal enjoyment, lets not forget Whitman the witch, who was totally incompetent and fake, also Florio the taxman and over regulator…etc. etc. etc….NJ just can’t win

    • Combat3c0 says:

      You can trace it back all the way to his grace, the semi sort of honorable? Brendan Byrne. New Jersey and Pennsylvania governors have had a checkered track record.

  20. Jarhead says:

    What’s next? A reality (sure!) television show about N.J. politicians…call it Jersey Whores.

  21. AZtoVA says:

    That’s Murphy? I thought it was a picture of Wells…

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