Straight shooters don’t shoot so straight

| June 20, 2018

Nothing coming out of Washington annoys me more than conservative Republicans in the Trump administration, in Congress, and in conservative media punditry falling all over themselves to show their own sense of fair play by attributing an unrealistic sense of that same fairness to people who are anything but. Go back to 2016 and try to count how many times you heard all those conservative folks reassure us that we had nothing to worry about with James Comey leading the investigation into Hillary Clinton, that he was a stand-up guy, a straight shooter, a man with impeccable credentials, whose ethics were beyond reproach, a cop’s cop who could be counted on to conduct a thorough and impartial inquiry, devoid of Washington politics. Well, so much for that stand-up guy and his sense of fair play, hmm?

And what about this deputy attorney general, Rod Rosenstein? Yes, he may have been appointed by Trump, but who’s to say the president didn’t get fed the same load of straight shooter bilge that we got from the usual sources about how we could count on this guy, who seems to sit at the center of all these messes, to handle all these controversial investigations in a fair and impartial manner? So far, all he has appeared to do is stonewall and obfuscate, fighting Republican congressional investigators tooth and nail, even threatening the congressional staffers sent to the DOJ to get information, that he would sic the full investigative powers of the federal government on them and their families, scaring some to tears. Truly a nice guy, hmm?

Then there is Michael Horowitz, who, we were told endlessly by those conservatives who claimed to know, bears credentials even more sanctified than the now politically excommunicated FBI chief. Horowitz, we were assured month after month, could be relied on to conduct a fair and balanced investigation of that same FBI chief and his henchmen, who supposedly conducted their own fair and unbiased inquiry into another pillar of left-wing virtue, Hillary Clinton. Yeah, well, here we are with a 500-page summation of that seemingly never-ending investigation that concludes, despite the plentiful evidence to the contrary found within, that Comey and his criminal crew conducted their own fair and unbiased investigation of Madam Clinton and her corrupt and criminal cronies. The guy may be fair, but he’s bending over backwards so far to do it that he’s talking to Congress from between his legs.

Now, in spite of all the evidence pointing to the contrary, we still have conservative Republican politicians and pundits telling us we can trust Robert Mueller to conduct his political witch hunt into this so-called Russian collusion farce. We are reassured by those in the know that hey, the guy’s a former Marine, ya know, as if that installs a lifelong halo over his saintly head. Wasn’t former Pennsylvania congressman John Murtha a Marine? Yes, he was, and he was as crooked and corrupt as they come. He was despised in the military community. Service in the Corps does not in itself bestow sanctity on anyone, including Mueller. If this guy is so politically impartial, then why did he staff up with nothing but Clinton suck-ups, who, we can be confident, are about as unbiased as the FBI clowns who have now been exposed as actual criminals?

So how about laying off all the blithe reassurances to the huddled masses, all you conservative insiders supposedly in the know? As we’ve come to learn, our intuitive skills are obviously more finely honed than yours, perhaps because they are based in a common man’s common sense that seems to evaporate from your own hallowed beings in the exalted atmosphere of the power towers of the political and journalistic elite.

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  1. Mason says:

    Comey proved himself to be anything but impartial. Repeatedly. Over and over again now. Disgustingly so for a position that’s supposed to be non-partisan.

    I had hopes for Horowitz, having read of some of his history. He’d previously prosecuted a police corruption case, so I thought maybe he’d shine a light on corruption and/or collusion at the DOJ and FBI during the last election cycle. As we now see, just like with Comey’s “findings” in the Clinton e-mail case, despite ample, abundant, clear evidence of politically motivated, predetermined investigations, he claims that it didn’t have a role in the case. This is a steaming pile of bullshit, that I was glad to see Gowdy lay into him with.

    Unfortunately, as with Comey’s self-serving politically influenced “investigation”, we will see no prosecutions. At best, maybe some people will be fired, but we’ll hear endlessly in the MSM that Trump (or his appointees) firing these disgraces is a Constitutional crisis, the acts of a tyrant, and that the only answer to a Trump oligarchy is impeachment.

    The left’s defense and collusion with criminals this past 2 years is really startling. Politics has always been a dirty game, but now the left is openly embracing as heroes people who abuse their office, commit felonies, and have no remorse for their actions.

  2. Roh-Dog says:

    Two-tiered Justice ain’t.
    Remember what Hamilton said about factions gaining too much power.
    You deepstate bastards have a chance to get your hands out the till and from underneath Lady Liberty’s dress before the Demos grabs the pitchforks.

    • A. Young says:

      Mr. Hamilton was right about the parties, but wrong about the out of control Judiciary. Judges are about as bad.

      When trying to prosecute any of these fuckers, a lefty judge will be more willing to let them off the hook.

    • desert says:

      ?? The deep states bastards ARE the dumocraps! imo

  3. Dennis says:

    I call them Nutless RINO Surrender Monkeys.

    They are anything but conservative Republicans. They are part of the DC crime cartel, nothing more, nothing less. That includes my NRSM who came on the scene as a Tea Party candidate, and after two weeks in DC was singing the “we need comprehensive immigration reform” bullsnot. A primary run by a true conservative fell short, so I’ll be voting Libertarian again this November.

    • Mason says:

      “I call them Nutless RINO Surrender Monkeys.”

      Is that a Simpsons reference? 😀

      Willy as substitute French teacher (in a thick Scottish accent); “Bonjour, you cheese eating surrender monkeys.”

    • Poetrooper says:

      Dennis, as I urged TAH followers all through the 2016 election runup, even if you don’t like Trump, consider your vote for him as a vote against Hillary.

      You can see what rampant criminality would be taking place in our government had Hillary won. Instead of all this criminal behavior being exposed, it would have been buried, continued and expanded. The Clintons would have further weaponized the DOJ, FBI, CIA, IRS, the judiciary, etc. to the point it would be impossible to ever dislodge the corrupt Democrat party again. Socialism would reign and we could kiss the 2d Amendment goodbye.

      So, don’t vote for the dumbass Republicans, vote against the kind of socialist tyranny that the Democrats want to impose on this nation, just as they are doing in California. I’m not opposed to protest voting as long as it doesn’t have seriously bad consequences for the nation. For the next several elections, it very well could.

      Please give some thought to what I’m saying.

  4. Ret_25X says:

    I keep telling people that no conservative party exists within the USA. We have two leftist parties at war with each other over how far left we will go.

    The Republican party’s only real difference to the democratic party is on the issue of ideological purity. The Republicans will tolerate actual conservatives and libertarians, but the DNC will not tolerate anything not totally possessed by greed, hate, perversion, and treason.

    What this means is that in the end, the swamp never gets drained and gators keep getting bigger.

  5. Wilted Willy says:

    I can only pray that HRC ends up in prison where she belongs! Fuck all of them. I pray to God we get some honest people running in the midterms?
    I can dream can’t I???

    • rgr769 says:

      Prayer won’t help, unfortunately. The Clintoons are too well connected, wealthy and surrounded by their minions and sycophants.
      As for Comey and Mueller, they have been BFF’s for about 30 years and both are completely corrupt. Mueller showed us all where is was going with his legal assault on Trump and his administration when he hired his coterie of D-rat hatchet men of lawers and FBI agents. He and his gang are working feverishly to assemble enough “evidence” to support impeachment when the D-rats have enough House seats to pull it off.

  6. David says:

    Poe, ya gotta remember: the only folks who hate and want to destroy Trump more than the DNC are the old-line republicans. And pretty much, all the Washington politicians meet the definition of an honest politician: “he stays bought”.

    • OWB says:

      Not sure that it’s “old-line republicans” other than the swamp dwellers who have the slightest interest in destroying Trump. A whole lotta regular folks who call themselves Republican support him and voted for him.

  7. timactual says:

    “For Brutus is an honorable man;
    So are they all, all honorable men”

  8. Herbert J Messkit says:

    One of the most appalling things I’ve seen was a tweet by general Hayden comparing our border policy to auschwitz and NAzi germany. I do not understand the ease and apparent joy some people find in bad mouthing their own country with sick, false analogies. Especially when they served this country for over 30 years in uniform. Disgusting.

  9. OWB says:

    Great analysis, Poe, as always. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Roger in Republic says:

    From now on, I’ll do my own shooting. thank you.

  11. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    Remember, the FBI thinks we are “poor, dumb, [and] racist” and one clown vowed to stop Trump from winning election, using “we” to say so. I’ll say it again. Shut down the BFI and hit the restart button, narrowing their jurisdiction substantially. Cripes. Where’s Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. when you need him?

    • Poetrooper says:

      Cav, as a commenter over at American Thinker opined, these elitist bastards who are so contemptuous of us deplorables should remember:

      We do our “straight shooting” on the weekends at the range.

  12. Ex-PH2 says:

    Good article, Poe. There are rumblings going on that bypass most of us. I think the worst part is the arrogance and conceit, and the notion that The They (all of them) actually matter more than the rest of us do.

    We missed the Bad Stuff by the skin of our teeth. I’ve seen a decay at the edges of the whole CAGWer crowd, and now that Hansen is EX-NASA, and has no say-so in anything, he’s bitterly angry that he was “betrayed” and “used” by Jerry Brown (CA-GOV) and Obama, who have turned their backs on him. He is a bitter, angry individual, and none of his forecasts/projections came true, which makes him look like what he is. This is the ‘crumbling’ I’m referring to – this and the crumbling and fracturing of Germany because many of those German states don’t want Merkel’s policies handed to them on a ‘do or die’ order.

    It is crumbling. Erosion – real erosion is sometimes slow to start, but when it finally hits, it takes a lot of C-R-A-P with it. Just hang in there.

    And let’s all remember that Nixon colluded in and approved of what happened in re: Watergate. Trump has no such stuff attached to him. Anything the Birdbrains do (including whoever is trying to yank the rug) should blow up in their faces.

    I believe the Hatch Act Section C)applies here.
    The Hatch Act, passed in 1940, C) prohibits federal civil service employees from active participation in partisan politics.
    Well, if they ain’t participating in partisan politics by fabricating stuff about dTrump, what ARE they doing? Playing Tiddlywinks?
    Just because they hate him doesn’t mean he’s done anything wrong except win the election and exist.

  13. Mark Lauer says:

    While service in the Marine Corps does indeed bestow upon us the powers of God, His never ending love of us, and the near miraculous amount of chick magnetry we possess—–keep your daughters locked up when we are in town.