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| July 9, 2018

Jarhead sends us a link from Milwaukee, Wisconsin;

Milwaukee police are looking for a man involved in an attack at a Milwaukee restaurant.

The man punched the manager in the face and went after a waitress until she pulled a gun on him.

The incident was caught on surveillance video.

Everything happened pretty fast at a George Webb restaurant.

The manager at the grill that night said the customer was shouting at the waitress.

She told him to get out, and surveillance video shows the man viciously punch her in the face. He then he goes after the waitress.

The woman pulled out a handgun from her apron and only then did he retreat, still shouting at them as he left.

Timothy sends us a link to a story from Phoenix, Arizona;

A woman shot a man who tried to break into her apartment Saturday afternoon in Phoenix, police said.

The shooting was reported near 7th Avenue and Colter Street, according to the Phoenix Police Department.

Police said the man tried to break into the woman’s apartment unit with a rock. The man claimed he had belongings inside the apartment.

Police said the woman shot the man. He was transported to a hospital and is expected to survive.

From Fort Worth, Texas;

An off-duty Dallas police officer thwarted two suspects who had just robbed a Whataburger in west Fort Worth, shooting them as they left the restaurant early Sunday, police said.

The suspects were in stable condition later Sunday morning, said officer Daniel Segura, police spokesman. No one else was injured.

The incident unfolded about 4 a.m. at a Whataburger in the 9500 block of White Settlement Road, off Loop 820 in west Fort Worth.

The off-duty officer, who was at the Whataburger, “engaged the armed suspects” as they were leaving the restaurant, Segura said. Both suspects were shot, and the off-duty officer and responding Fort Worth officers gave them medical treatment at the scene before they were taken to a hospital.

Police believe a third suspect fled the Whataburger in a vehicle. The suspects’ weapons were recovered at the scene, Segura said.

From Oklahoma City, Oklahoma;

A bystander armed with a pistol shot dead a gunman who opened fire in a restaurant in Oklahoma City.

The gunman was killed in the car park of Louie’s On The Lake after the shooting which left four people injured.

The shooting happened around 6.30pm last night at the restaurant on Lake Hefner.

Two customers, a woman and a child, were hospitalised with gunshot wounds, but police spokesman Captain Bo Matthews said both ‘are going to survive’.

‘I know is that it was just a good Samaritan that was there and looks like he took the right measures to be able to put an end to a terrible, terrible incident,’ quoted Matthews as saying.

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  1. 26Limabeans says:

    “man tried to break into the woman’s apartment unit with a rock”

    Rock, paper, scissors, gun.

  2. 5JC says:

    Seeing more of these good guy with a gun stopping loser with a gun killing random people every day.

  3. AW1Ed says:

    The one from Milwaukee was all over the news yesterday, I suppose because of the video. It was reported the victim of the attack was hospitalized. Doubt this was random, and I hope the coward is caught soon.

    • Deplorable B Woodman says:

      Apparently he’s a regular at the place (but not any more, I’ll bet), so the po-po should be able to find him and give him a nice set of silver bracelets very soon.