Sunday morning feel good stories

| July 22, 2018

From North Miami, Florida;

Alexis Quiros says he got the call from a neighbor late Friday afternoon telling him that someone broke into his North Miami home.

When Quiros arrived home, he said he wanted to make sure the burglar got what was coming to him.

“Whoever goes in somebody’s house, needs to die,” Quiros said. “You don’t do that.”

Quiros who told police he confronted and beat a burglar who broke into his North Miami home Friday afternoon. And he didn’t mince words about it.

“From the upstairs all the way to downstairs he got his (expletive) tore up,” Quiros said.

Quiros said he arrived home from work and found the burglar in the upstairs of the house. He suspects the thief got into the home by climbing onto the upper portion of the home.

“I find this dude in the top floor like he own the house,” Quiros told reporters.

When Quiros confronted him, he said he showed the burglar no mercy and there are blood stains in parts of the home to prove it.

“Grab him by the head and go to work on him,” Quiros said about the confrontation, adding that he was like “Mike Tyson.”

From Bountiful, Utah;

A Utah pawn shop clerk turned the tables on two armed robbers in May when he whipped out his concealed weapon — and police just released video of the deadly encounter.

Two men walked into Bountiful Pawn on May 4 just before 11 a.m. and demanded the clerk get on the ground, according to police in Bountiful, Utah. The clerk had been wheeling a bicycle out the door when the robbers showed up, video shows.

One of the two men trained a handgun on the clerk. Meanwhile, the other robber started roving through the shop’s merchandise, surveillance video shows.

The clerk fled to the pawn shop’s storage room, where he whipped out the concealed gun he had on him, according to police.

The armed robber followed the clerk, hopping over the bicycle and pointing his gun at the now-armed clerk in the back room. A struggle between the two began, video shows.

That’s when the clerk opened fire — shooting and killing the would-be robber, police said.

At that point, the other robber ran off. The attempted robbery lasted mere seconds.

The attempted robber killed in the incident was Kleydys Arbolaez-Hernandez, a 40-year-old resident of Denver, Colorado, according to police.

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  1. LIright47 says:

    The guy in the second story is so big he looks as though he’s a member of MS-26.

  2. Claw says:

    So, keeping in mind that there are Bureau of Vital Statistics in places around the world that hire drunk monkeys to type out the birth certificates and with the soul-full sounds of Blood, Sweat & Tears #2 hit from July 1969 echoing in the background, the official TAH Whiz Wheel™® once again is called into action:

    Kleydys Arbolaez-Hernandez (DRT) 65 x 3 = 195

    Alexander Curtino Sanchez (New Prison Bitch in Town)(DAM*) 46 x 4 = 184

    *Dumb Ass Move

  3. Deplorable B Woodman says:

    Need to change your headline link on the second story to Bountiful, Utah.

  4. Deplorable B Woodman says:

    ‘Scuse me while I whip this out’
    (ladies scream!)

    • LIright47 says:

      ‘Scuse me while I find “it” and take it out’
      (ladies laugh!)

      The Irish curse resumes its place in the annals of world history.

  5. Deplorable B Woodman says:

    I just wish there was a booking photo of the perp in the Florida story. I would be giggling like a little schoolgirl for an hour to see the righteous results of that beatdown.
    The Florida homeowner may talk low and slow, and have more ink than a volume of Encyclopedia Britannica, but he looks like the kind of neighbor you’d be friends with, and want at your back in a situation.

  6. Deplorable B Woodman says:

    I watched that Bountiful story on the telly. When they got to the end about using the same gun and wearing the same clothes, I turned to the Mrs Deplorable and told her, these two ain’t the sharpest tools in the box, are they?

  7. Roger in Republic says:

    It turns out that the partner was captured in Texas a couple of days ago. This pair is suspected in at least ten other robberies in the south west. It looks like the dead goblin is from Florida as I can’t believe that there are two people in this country named Kleydys Arbolaez-Hernandez.

  8. AZtoVA says:

    Gotta love a guy with a Maserati logo tattooed on his cheek!