SFC JONN V. LILYEA U.S. ARMY – Funeral at Arlington National Cemetery

| August 21, 2018

Video provided of the ceremony this morning at Arlington National Cemetery.


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  1. Garold says:

    I’ve delayed watching this video until now. Even though I didn’t know the man his passing distressed me more than I ever would have imagined. I honestly felt as if I’d lost a friend; and maybe I did without him ever knowing.

    I’ve been coming to his site for a couple of years now and like anywhere was hesitant to jump in to the pool. One always wants to know how deep it is and what creatures may be in the waters. Not only was I pleased with what I read but also greatly appreciated the “Stolen Valor” section. Having busted two of them myself in the past I get a kick out of reading the stories of these scammers who’ve been exposed.

    I go to my local VFW where I’m a life-time member quite often; Post 9624. Being around other vets is important to me. I consider this site an asynchronous VFW and give it the number of Post #1. Jonn was responsible for bringing all this together. If I ever do get to Arlington my first priority will be to visit his resting place. I plan to take with me an extra Southwest Asia Service Medal to leave for him.

  2. 3E9 says:

    I finally watched this. I’m not sure the passing of someone I never knew has ever hit me as hard as his did. I never met Jonn in person but still considered him a friend. The “Welcome Home” on his emails to me was always cherished. Until Valhalla SFC Lilyea.