Washington Tea Party live blogging

| February 27, 2009

I’m at Lafayette Park, doing my photography thing. Here are some of the first pictures. I’ll be updating this post all afternoon with pictures, videos and commentary when I can.

Joe the Plumber is here;
Tea Party 030
He was a big hit, but he said he was there to do interviews for Pajama Media and he did – he probably interviewed ten people between shaking everyone’s hand.

Tea Party 024
There are a few hundred people here and three cops to control us;
Tea Party 027
Tea Party 054

OK, it broke up a little early because of the rain, so I’m at home now. Thanks to Olga and Uncle Jimbo for keeping me company. Michelle Malkin remembered our last meeting several months ago and I was impressed.
Tea Party 060
I saw Concretebob, but he was too busy fraternizing with some of his friends and sporting some new facial hair.
Tea Party 058
I met Southern Democrat, too – but I thought I’d not put any pictures of him up since you guys don’t seem to like him much.

The rally had the same “feel” to it as a Ron Paul rally – in fact I saw a Ron Paul sign, but couldn’t get my camera around to snap a picture – but Olga can verify it. I’m sure this guy had these clothes left over from a Ron Paul rally;
Tea Party 057
And they didn’t have blimp balloons, but these instead;
Tea Party 015
I’ve said countless times that I agree with much of what Ron Paul represented in the campaign, but that his followers turned off 99% of the nation. We need to be especially careful that this “Tea Party” movement doesn’t turn into a big Ron Paul-like rally with all of it’s attendant buffoonery.

But the signs here had a good message especially the little red headed cutie on your left;
Tea Party 016
Tea Party 024
Here’s the edited video I slapped together of the bits and pieces I took (it’s still processing at You Tube as I post it);

These folks were out there protesting that Iranian refugees were being shipped back to Iran from Iraqi refugee camps. I guess things ain’t so bad in Iraq;
Tea Party 022
And these folks were protesting Guantanamo – that’s so last year;
Tea Party 020
I’ve got a video of Code Pink leading the sorry bunch of clowns in a spiritual song to raise their spirits in the rain.

As always, there are more pictures at my Flickr Photostream.

And Big Thanks to Michelle Malkin for linking us up already. Thanks to JammieWearingFool for linking me up at Little Green Footballs while I was still in the park. Gateway Pundit has the great turn out in St Louis. Ace of Spades has links to other Tea Parties. Age of Hooper (The) has more great pictures of the DC Party. Pictures from Lansing, Michigan and Denver, CO. Finally, HotAir featured one of my videos.

One of our own This Ain’t Hellers was interviewed in Chicago. She can identify herself if she wants, but here’s the video;

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  1. Coby says:

    This is what I miss about being in DC…

  2. Barbara Gonzalez says:

    Thank you for demonstrating!! Good job!

  3. GunnNutt says:

    Looks like concretebob is looking for Michelle. Nice to see hair on his lip again!

  4. defendUSA says:

    Jonn-Good for you!! Great job. UJ and Olga, too. I guess B5 was at CPAC? The Chicago party was great. I’ll post a link later. I got interviewed by the local Fox Affiliate and I am not for sure if it will make it on.

  5. usnretwife says:

    Thank you for posting this. And defendUSA, can’t wait to see about the Chicago Party too!

  6. ponsdorf says:

    Well done.

    Although I am sometimes frustrated about being so far from DC (6 hours) I am also tickled to be so far from DC (6 hours).

    After all, I can walk out on my front porch and target practice!

  7. Raoul says:


    You north of DC?


    That group looked more like World Can’t Wait (Revolutionaryommunist Party) than Code Pink.

    Note the leader is wearing a black hat very similar in style (if not exact) to a Red Guard uniform under Mao.

    Jonn wrote: Well, I said Code Pink because that woman hangs out with Code Pink. Here she is at the Gaza Rally in Lafayette Park last month;
    Lafayette Gaza 094
    Those organizations are so incestuous these days you can’t tell one from the other by their membership anymore. Code Pink sends reps to everything.

  8. I didn’t see you there!

    Jonn wrote: Yeah, well, I had much prettier company this trip (Olga, not Jimbo). I thought of calling you, but then I didn’t.

  9. Clay says:

    I bet that little man of a wanna be leader and socialist was in DC today, he wouldn’t have had the cojones to look out his office window.

  10. ponsdorf says:

    Raoul asked:You north of DC?

    Nah, smack in the middle of WV.

    Aside: I’ve done the drive many times, and I suspect we’ve met here and there. Kristinn is a pal, as is CB. Even spent time with Jim R. and his wife.

  11. zanne says:

    Thank you, Thank you from Arizona.

  12. james says:

    OH MAN!! I was there, but not until 1 o’clock. So annoyed I missed JTP and Michelle….

  13. Mike says:

    Slammed with work – but with you in spirit.

    Next time: perhaps provide other organizational forums than Facebook? I don’t want a Facebook account.

  14. olga says:

    Yes, there was a Ron Paul sign :o)

    Yeah, by 1 pm the raindrops began to fall and MM went for a cab, I thought JTP was still there around 1pm…

    I am planning to do some pheasant hunting at WV, Shenandoah Valley gun club before the end of the season :o)

  15. concretebob says:

    I have the hardest time finding you at these rallies Jonn. We need a system.

  16. Felicitas says:

    But where are the giant puppet heads? Is it really a protest without giant puppet heads?
    /wish I could have been there

  17. airborne injun says:

    Speaking of Giant Puppet Heads…Was Southern Democrat the Baby Huey looking fellow wearing the adult diapers,pacifier,and the sign that reads “Somebody Spank me, I’ve been a bad boy!” taped to his ass? Thanks for the hard work you all do! True patriots all!

  18. Raoul says:


    OK, that’s Leslie. She’s Jes Richardson’s squeeze.

    BTW, the paranoid VFP puke in the red beret and Col Sanders disguise is Bruce.

  19. Kate says:

    Couldn’t get there today, got stuck in another useless meeting with my idiot boss. Thanks for the pics, Jonn!

  20. Paul Moore says:

    Wish I could have made it to one of the marches. Illness in the family prevented it. Many who could not be there were with you in spirit. I’m betting that the 3 policemen assigned to keep order had little to do. Make noise folks, but keep it polite. We WILL be heard.

  21. Thanks for your most excellent report on this, Jonn!

    I like your Fu Manchu, concretebob, but it appears that it’s finally time for the “Just for Men”! 😈 Just kidding!

    Well, I have to give SD credit for having the stones to come forward and meet you. Was Fox News Zombie there as well?

    I still plan on coming down for the Victory in Iraq Rally and scheduled vacation days for it. Mrs. RV will be joining me on this trip and we’re spending some extra time so we can also see the sights. We plan on traveling down on Friday, 6/12 and we’ll probably travel back to Rochester the following Tuesday or Wednesday. Let’s all make it a point to get together for a night of drunken debauchery! 🙂

  22. UpNorth says:

    Couldn’t get to Lansing, thanks for the pics. As per usual, no coverage on the West Michigan media or local fishwrap. Thanks for the coverage on everything.

  23. olga says:

    I was sitting and then standing next to Jonn and waiving my arms and even calling out your name – all for naught, you were “too busy fraternizing” :o)

  24. Smorgasbord says:


    I sent the below letter to Barack Obama, and included a tea bag:

    Mr. President,

    As the early colonists of the USA did on December 16, 1773 I am starting a Washington DC Tea Party for the same reason as they did: TOO MANY TAXES. THE STIMULUS TAX INCREASE is the straw that broke the taxpayers back.
    This is my token way of tossing YOUR TEA into Boston Harbor. I will be contacting as many people as I can to do the same thing if they feel the government is overtaxing us. We need TAX RELIEF, not a bunch of NEW TAXES. No reply necessary, except to start putting the taxpayer first.

    I encourage anyone who feels the stimulus bill is the tax that broke the taxpayers back to do the same, and to send a tea bag to each of your members of Congress. Please pass this idea along to others. Send the president and members of Congress a tea bag, and include a SHORT, polite letter explaining why you are doing it. The address to send it to the president is:

    The White House
    1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW
    Washington DC

  25. yankeemom says:

    Smorgasbord – love your idea! And how about throwing in a bag of pork rinds for good measure?
    Jonn – thanks for being there. (and to everyone else there!!) So sorry I couldn’t make it.

  26. concretebob says:

    Stop giving away perfectly delicious pork rinds. Send pigs feet or fat back. (Uncooked)

  27. Skye says:

    I was interviewed by JTP at the DC tea party.

    Details to follow.

    Jonn wrote: Did the interrview look like this?
    Skye and Joe the Plumber

  28. Below is an outline of ideas that should be a part of our national Tea Party Revolution, and these cost little or nothing to do, but they do represent a sign of solidarity.

    1. For those of you who live in D.C., or who are traveling to D.C., visit the “Newseum” with a plan in mind. They have a large area set up to amuse the public where you (alone or with others) can be videotaped playing the role of a reporter (http://www.newseum.org/news/video_blogs/video.aspx?item=SONY080430&style=f). You get to keep the video, and perhaps most importantly, you can download your video to the Newseum web site for the public to view! Here’s a chance for Tea Party patriots to use a slick set up to say what the mainstream media chooses to ignore! For those who can’t get to D.C., there’s always Youtube.com. Create your own “reporting” video of Tea Party events, or report about the mainstream media.

    2. If Tea Party patriots can prove that Obama was not born in the US, as research by WND suggests, everything Obama has signed will be illegal, including the Stimulus Bill! Therefore, as part of our Tea Party Revolution, we must demand that Obama release his original birth certificate to the nation. WND has started a petition. This should be more widely circulated during the Tea Party Revolution. We need to force the media to talk about this aspect of our Revolution. Give everyone you know the link: http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=81550

    2. On the day that Obama signs his budget, after it has been approved by Congress, Tea Party patriots should wear black. In fact, we may want to wear black every time Obama signs any major bill approved by our miserable Congress, because the legislation won’t be good for our country. By wearing black, we’re letting Obama, Congress, and the media know how much we disapprove of their ideas.

    3. Use On-This-Day.com (http://www.on-this-day.com/onthisday/thedays/dayselect-misc.htm) to select meaningful days for joint national activities. For example, On March 7, 1933, the board game “Monopoly” was invented. Obama and Congress are playing a wild game of Monopoly with our money, and our childrens’ money. Therefore, this coming Saturday, March 7th, every Tea Party patriot could post envelopes to Obama and their Congressman containing either a piece of Monopoly money, or perhaps a photocopy of a dollar bill, accompanied by your handwritten outrage. Just imagine what you could say on that piece of paper! Go to http://www.house.gov, http://www.senate.gov, and http://www.whitehouse.gov to get mailing addresses. Inundate their office mail boxes!! At the same time, why not insert a printed copy of this picture portraying Obama, Pelosi and Reid as “The Three Stooges” (www.conservativeoldhippie.com/photos/data/560/3-stooges.jpg).

  29. Greg Harris says:

    I have great photos from the Tucson Tea Party(3,800 in attendance). The pictures show the diversity of races and cultures in the crowd, a far cry from CNN reports. You can use the photos on your site.

  30. Mike M says:

    WOW.. How times, how many days weeks months YEARS have the American people been protesting against it’s government?
    Has anything really changed…Come on… It’s so very clear Yes, you can never give up hope but when hope is the only thing you have left before death what else is there?

    After reading seeing how many people came to these rallies all over the United States. In my opinion it’s clearly a big waste of time.

    What the American people need to do, should do and would make a bigger impact on your statement next to pulling these criminals out of their houses and giving them a good beat down.
    Is to:
    1) Pull all of your money out of the banks every last penny.
    2) Call the credit card companies tell them
    “You paid them in full at the office”
    3) Call your mortgage companies telling them you already paid in full for your house and you wont be giving anymore.
    If they come to take your house “BURN IT” leaving nothing but a empty lot. Considering that our prisons are full with pot smokers already.. Where would they put 1.5 million True American citizens?
    4)Same thing with your car if you own one “tell then to F-off”

    Hey this is only my opinion and thought. Feeling that most of your protest really isn’t for bettering the United States but the fact that now we have a Black Democrat President for a leader. Forgetting that the White Republicans are the ones that got us where we are today really. With many American’s begging for scraps and handouts. I am a white American. Yes OBAMA lied and cheated his way into office but tell me what past president hadn’t or any elected official for that matter. State or Federal?

    I am sure I could be arrested for my suggestion above considering each and everyday more of our blood given/earned rights are being taken by the ones we elected into office for the good of ALL the people.

    Doesn’t matter either way.. All you have to do is read the headlines of any newspaper.. The world’s end is nearer then you think.