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| August 29, 2018


Sheriff skeptical after homeowner says he shot, killed intruder in prestigious community

Authorities are investigating a homicide inside the Reynolds Plantation subdivision which is about 80 miles from the city of Atlanta.  Nelly Miles with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation says a resident called 911 to report he had shot an intruder in his home. The male subject was found inside the basement of the home deceased.

The shooter was transported to the Greene County Sheriff’s Office for questioning.  The deceased male will be transported to the GBI Medical Examiner’s Officer in Decatur for an autopsy.    More to follow.

From Dallas, TX

 Police are looking for a second armed robbery suspect after a shooting in far southeast Dallas.  Two men dressed in black jumped the fence of a home on Kleberg Road near Highway 175 just before midnight Monday. They were attempting to rob the home, police said.  But they didn’t get very far because the homeowner was also armed. He pulled out his gun and shot one of the men in the abdomen.

The injured suspect later showed up at the hospital. He is expected to recover.  The second suspect is still at large. Police are looking at surveillance video to hopefully identify him.

From Phillipsburg, SM

The Police Special Unit Robbery is presently investigating what seem to an attempted armed robbery which went wrong leaving one of the suspects dead. The incident took place on Monday August 27th at approximately 11.05 p.m. on Chin cherry road in Point Blanche.
According to the report the victim and his son were driving in their car on Chin Cherry road when they were attacked by two unknown male suspects who were armed with guns and who attempted to rob them. Shots were fired by the suspects at the victim who was also carrying a gun and who returned fire fatally injuring one of the suspects. The other suspect fled the scene on foot into the neighborhood.
The Emergency Dispatch was immediately informed of the incident and directed several patrol and paramedics to investigate what had taken place. On the scene the investigating officers encountered the victim and his son and also the lifeless body of one of the suspects that was lying on street. The area was immediately cordoned off for the Forensic department to collect evidence and to determine what exactly happened and for Detectives to question potential witnesses. A medical doctor arrived on the scene and pronounced the death of the suspect.

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  1. Daisy Cutter says:

    In the SM article, love the simple photo caption of “dead robber.”

  2. Claw says:

    Reading that story from the islands is like re-enacting an old Wild West stagecoach robbery.

    “driving in their car on Chin Road when they were attacked by two unknown male suspects”

    Where’s the coach gun when you need it?/smile

  3. Ex-PH2 says:

    Sister Mary Grace is in a good mood and notes only this misunderstanding of terms of use: “A medical doctor arrived on the scene and pronounced the death of the suspect.”

    It is more properly written as ‘pronounced the subject dead at the scene’. Otherwise, the writer should say ‘announced the death of….’

  4. Jeff LPH 3, 63-66 says:

    I had to google SM to learn that it is S Maarten. Got to get to my 2018 world Alminac and start reading again.

  5. 5th/77thFA says:

    Folks around Lake Oconee are trigger happy of late. Still an on going double murder investigation in that area. Dallas story, look for the 2nd suspect in the men’s underwear dprt of the Dollar General. SM story, even the commenters in the linked newspaper story were needing Sister Mary Grace.