PLO to get the Boot

| September 10, 2018

Unlike previous administrations, the Trump Administration doesn’t seem willing to roll out the red carpet for the PLO.

The Trump administration is expected to announce Monday that it will close the Palestine Liberation Organization’s office in Washington, administration officials said Sunday night, widening a U.S. campaign of pressure amid stalled Middle East peace efforts.

“The United States will always stand with our friend and ally, Israel,” national security adviser John Bolton is planned to say in prepared remarks he is scheduled to deliver Monday, according a draft reviewed by The Wall Street Journal.

“The Trump administration will not keep the office open when the Palestinians refuse to take steps to start direct and meaningful negotiations with Israel,” he is planned to add.  Senior Palestinian officials strongly condemned the Trump administration decision and described it as a “reckless escalation.”

Husam Zomlot, the Palestinian representative to Washington, said in an interview that the State Department informed the Palestine Liberation Organization of the U.S. decision to shutter its Washington office in a move that he said is part of the Trump administration’s efforts to begin enacting its so-called “deal of the century.”

Maybe its about time a different approach is tried with these people.  Every time some peace initiative is started some radicals throw a wrench into the system.

He said the Trump administration’s move to cut hundreds of millions of dollars in bilateral assistance to the Palestinians and to the U.N. Palestinian refugee agency; its criticisms of the way Palestinian refugees are defined at the United Nations; the Jerusalem move and its policy on settlements are evidence that the Trump administration is pressing ahead with its yet-to-be-revealed peace plan.

Throwing money at them for decades does not seem to be paying dividends.

In the U.S., the ICC has long been the bane of conservatives, including Mr. Bolton, who consider it biased against the U.S. and a danger to U.S. sovereignty. Mr. Bolton is scheduled to deliver his speech, “Protecting American Constitutionalism and Sovereignty from International Threats,” to the Federalist Society, a conservative group, on Monday.


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  1. Docduracoat says:

    It’s about time!
    Why has the U.S. taxpayer give one dime to these people who use the money to pay dividends to the families of dead terrorists?
    I would even like the U.S. to ask the U.N. to move offshore.
    It is also an anti American organization.
    Let them accumulate parking tickets in Brussels, or Teheran.

    • A Proud Infidel®™️ says:

      I second that, if the Swiss are truly as proud of their neutrality as they say then let the United Nothing move to Geneva!

    • 26Limabeans says:

      “I would even like the U.S. to ask the U.N. to move offshore”

      Just beyond Georges Bank would be nice.

      • Roh-Dog says:

        Let the UN move to Tehran or Kabul, Hell, Johannesburg.
        I’d bet they’d be welcomed with open arms, by which I mean arms with open bolts.

        • rgr769 says:

          Yes, J-burg likely has no shortage of arms that fire from the open bolt position. Met a lawer once from there about 20+ years ago. He said J-burg was then so dangerous just getting to the courthouse that he couldn’t take living there anymore. His car’s doors and windows were armored and he was packing everywhere, but still felt unsafe. He made it sound like his daily trip to the courthouse was like making the run from the Green Zone to the Baghdad Airport in 2006.

      • Fjardeson says:

        “Where to, pal?”

        “The U.N. Building. ”

        “What a joke. It was converted to low-rent housing years ago. “

    • RGR 4-78 says:

      “I would even like the U.S. to ask the U.N. to move offshore.”

      Pitcairn Island.

    • Mason says:

      Do we have to ask them? Line up some heavy equipment and just push it into the East River.

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      The UN has outlived whatever limited usefulness it was meant to have.

    • desert says:

      You bet it’s about time, Arafat got rich over that little scheme! Makes you wonder who else benefited? why does the wicked bitch of the east come to mind? or bubba the pervert? nah, not them……;) imho

  2. Veritas Omnia Vincit says:

    There can be no peace with an organization whose charter calls for your destruction.

    The previous administration wanted us all to forget that simple reality, that the words of peace in pretense have the same value as the words of peace forged from strength and honesty. The PLO and Hamas in their charters make it quite clear what their long term stance on Israel is for them. Israel would be quite unwise to enter any agreements with such organizations, and I’ve not know the Israelis to be unwise for quite some time when it comes to understanding their foreign relations problems.

    The PLO and Hamas can’t be trusted, period. There’s really little to say on the matter after that.

    I heard an Israeli friend repeat a quote once and I’ve never forgotten it, “If the Arabs lay down their arms there will be peace in the middle east tomorrow, if the Israelis lay down their arms the desert will be filled with dead Israelis tomorrow.”

    It seems as true today as when he uttered those words to me some 40 years ago….

    • desert says:

      It is amazing to me how many phools hate Israel! Look how many inventions for the good of mankind come out of Israel, how many do you see with mooslime names on them? And how is it those mean old Israeli’s will treat ANYONE, even their enemy if brought to their hospitals…?GOD BLESS ISRAEL! and no, I am not Jewish, but would proudly say so if I was!

  3. 5th/77thFA says:

    There has NEVER been and NEVER will be “Peace” in the Middle East. If these people did not have Israelis to kill, they would just kill one another. The PLO is to the Middle East, as to what the race baiters are to this country. Be curious to know just how much money the American Taxpayer has poured down this boggy money pit. We can no longer afford to be the Policeman and the free loan office to the world. Every US President since Truman has tried to “make” peace here and is has not worked. Get us out of the UN and get us the “F” out of the ME>

  4. Ex-PH2 says:

    dTrump put his foot down again? Well, don’t that beat all! ‘Bout damn time, too. With all the trouble they’ve caused, it has been difficult to understand why they are getting any money from us at all.

  5. A Proud Infidel®™️ says:

    I’m absolutely cool with the Trump Administration cutting off handouts to the Paleoswinians who I remember seeing dancing in their streets celebrating the 9/11 terror attacks, fuck ‘em all!

  6. Mason says:

    God damn, this is the most pro-American administration! Love it. Keep it up. MAGA

  7. Fyrfighter says:

    It’s becoming more clear that the only way to have peace in the Middle East is to go with the Noah’s Ark approach…. put all the jews and any others willing to live peaceably on boats, get offshore far enough to be out of the blast radius, and nuke the whole f’ing place!

    • Mason says:

      Yeah, it’s the cradle of civilization and therefore everyone thinks they have a birthright to it.

      I do enjoy when the fake news media has a breaking news headline like “Middle East tensions rise” or “violence escalates”. Yeah, it’s been so quiet there for the last 2,000 years. 🙄

  8. Roh-Dog says:

    This, the red heifer…
    If we can get our kosher friends to build the Third Temple maybe the Man will come back and set these assholes straight.
    Sharpen ye swords!

    • desert says:

      If my limited knowledge is right, the temple will be built AFTER the rapture and believe it or not, it will be endorsed by the anti christ because he wants to sit on the throne of the temple…..!

  9. AW1Ed says:

    United States is ending its decades of funding for the U.N. agency that helps Palestinian refugees. A week earlier, the administration slashed bilateral U.S. aid for projects in the West Bank and Gaza. Trump also moved the US Embassy to Jerusalem.

    New sheriff in town.

    • Mason says:

      Ed, you forgot the ironic quotes around “refugee”. If they’re from Palestine, want to live in Palestine, are in Palestine, and have their own government then what are they refugeeing from?

  10. Bill M says:

    Yah Sir A**hat could not be reached for comment as he is still resting at room temperature (or perhaps at high temperature from another point of view).

  11. rgr769 says:

    It is about effing time. The PLO is and has always been a criminal terrorist organization. Treating them like some kind of legitimate foreign political party or org is the height of absurdity. They and their ilk, Hamas, are responsible for many thousands of politically motivated murders and deaths.

  12. mr.sharkman says:

    One of my best Bro-in-Arms (a Teamguy) was killed by a PLO command detonated ED while traveling in a clearly marked UN SUV.

    He was there to help provide stability and security during ongoing negotiations; the dumbassed pig dog PLO animals were jumping up and down in the streets, too stupid to realize they killed a team of guys who were actually helping them.

    Fvck the PLO.