The Truth Is Out There – Pt. II

| September 13, 2018

On September 9, I wrote an article about the 24th MEU being deployed to engage in a joint exercise with other allies in Norway.

Marines with the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit, or MEU, are slated to participate in one of the largest NATO exercises later this fall hosted by Norway, according to Marine officials.

Yesterday, I was surprised to find an article on WattsUpWithThat, a climate blog, informing us that the FBI guys had shut down the Daniel K. Inouye Solar Observatory in New Mexico with no explanation, chased all personnel out, and closed the two post offices that serve that site.  The same thing has happened at several other solar observatories.

WEIRD: FBI closes National Solar Observatory over mysterious ‘security issue’

Unless I miss my guess, this tower/antenna construction around a solar ‘scope, which solar physicists use to study the sun, is a throwback to the listening posts that used to be called the DEW (Distant Early Warning) system.  My guess is that it’s the same thing: set up a network of listening posts to tune into the Chinese/Russian war games, monitor the activity, and be alert for a missile from that area “going off course by accident” (sure, Vlad!) and heading this way.

While this is puzzling to the general public, and especially to the people who are sure space aliens are involved in this somehow, I think it’s more likely this and the other sites are being set up to mimic the DEW system managed by NORAD back in the long ago, when we were still in the midst of the Cold War, when a nuclear missile from the Soviet Union reaching the USA was a real threat, and is still a threat today.

Since Vlad Putin and Xi JinPing are engaging in joint war games of their own, prompting the USA to engage in the same joint exercises in Norway, I see nothing mysterious at all about the co-opting of a solar scope, or several, as listening posts for the Feebies.

The Inouye Solar Observatory is in New Mexico, not far from White Sands, which is a missile testing range as well as a military base. There are military bases in Texas, Arizona, California, Nevada, Nebraska. You name the state, and there’s a base somewhere. NS Great Lakes may be a recruit training command, but the art of seamanship is being taught there now. It would take no effort, as I have noted before, to turn Waukegan International Airport and Mitchell Airport near Milwaukee into military air bases. The Great Lakes are deep enough to accommodate ships like destroyers and aircraft carriers and with modern-day ships, the problems that plagued the 1939 training program on Lake Michigan (not enough wind for lift for the planes)  are no long an issue.

As others have noted, when the interstate highway system was constructed during the Eisenhower administration, the object was partly to provide adequate runways for military aircraft. On a six-lane highway, how many troop transport trucks could you move efficiently to a waiting troop carrier aircraft?

In addition, we all know (because we can see those videos) that the  people at Minot AFB practice the 15-second MITO exercises and scrambles constantly, as do all aircraft carrier crews and all military air bases.  (Cue the MITO video from ‘Gathering of Eagles.)

I’m guessing, of course, but if towers and antennas are being set up at these solar observatories, it’s because there is something going on, and the observatories are in the perfect location to set up a network mimicking the DEW system from the Cold War.

There used to be a ring of Minuteman missile silos around Lincoln, NE, where my paternal grandmother lived. When we went to visit her, she’d take us there for dinner and we had a ringside seat to watch the fighter jets taking off.  Frankly, I felt much more secure about such things during the Cold War than I do now.

I kind of miss those days.

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  1. AW1Ed says:

    Minimum Interval Take-Off (MITO). Ex, please don’t go all Hondo on us with un-named acronyms; it spikes my OCD, and I have to look it up.

    Rest assured, they’ll be both overt and covert monitoring of the Chinese/Russian exercise. Submarines excel at this.

  2. David says:

    And most airports have sufficiently long runways (10,000 ft+) to land any heavy bomber we have. Holdover from when a B-52 was one of the biggest things in the air.

    I suspect the closure may relate to a spill and maintenance more than making a site well away from any border into a DEW site. As far as I know, DEW’s successor, the North Warning line, is still in operation, isn’t it?

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      I thought that the DEW line was closed and disassembled because we “don’t need it any more”. We still have NORAD.

      • Jeff LPH 3, 63-66 says:

        There is a Nikey base in Point Lookout/Lido Long Island NY that’s been shut down for years and a Nikey base up by the Throgs neck bridge in Queens NYC which is now a NYC EMS office and I think still has active Mil people there. These were part of the DEW Line. A friend of mine served on the USS Guardian ARG 1 which was a converted WW2 Liberty ship from 1955-1958 looking for Russian bombers coming over.

      • David says:

        it’s still there and operating.

        Sunspot is kind of an unlikely place for a DEW station. Why give up a few thousand miles of range?

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      There were several other solar observatories closed at the same time with no explanation, as well as the construction of towers with antennas. If there was a spill of some kind, why weren’t the people who showed up wearing hazmat clothing?
      I just went the more logical route, since the Chinese/Russian war games coincide with those joint exercises we’re engaging in up in Norway.

  3. Ret_25X says:

    I have missed this conspiracy! Clearly, we must know what the reptilians are doing at the solar observatories. After all, they may be birthing sun devils to destroy the earth…[SARC]

    What kills me about these alien conspiracies is the fact that an alien race with the energy potential to travel interstellar distances has the energy to destroy the solar system.

    But, if they were smart they would not be playing inspector retard with the issue.

  4. 5th/77thFA says:

    “I kind of miss those days”. Oddly sad and ironic. The whole MAD principle. Now some are thinking a nuclear war could be fought, or winnable. Remember well, again as we’ve all posted, the whole Cold War early 60s thing. Duck n cover, fall out shelters ect… Do we feel safer? Not really. Are we safer? who knows. Maybe Hondo, hell he knows every thing else. Google checks facts by calling Hondo. I remember the B 52s sorties out of our local SAC Base. Thinking at one point in time there was 20 + of them Big Ugly Fat Fellows, locked and loaded 24/7/365. There was always one or two in the air from there also. Kept a looking glass aircraft either up or on standby. We were equi-distant from the base and the Nike sites and could hear the air raid sirens going off for the drills. Within 3-7 minutes the first BUFFs would be over the house, so low it seemed as if you could reach up and touch their bellies. After they took the Nike sites down, they built a PAVE PAWS Phased Array to watch for sub launched missiles. Took it off line after just a little while, cause it was causing a spike in cancer cases in the small town just down range. The whole DEW Line wasn’t so much to let the public know, it was and still is, IMO, to let the Military know. When they hit us it will be with missiles, and I don’t believe there will be much of a public announcement. I tell my friends and family members, now a days, when you lose power, check your cell phone & your vehicle. If they don’t work, we have an EMP strike, and it’s fixing to get real stupid. Hope/pray for peace, but prepare for war. Eternal Vigilance. My $.02.

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      “…when you lose power, check your cell phone & your vehicle. If they don’t work, we have an EMP strike…”

      Yes, and this is why I sincerely wish I had a kitchen big enough for a wood-fired stove. It may seem ridiculous these days, but it is not.

      If it’s ridiculous to think about cooking with wood, then why do we start a fire and put chickens or roasts on a spit, or bury a Dutch oven in the coals and ashes?

      Like I said, I feel less secure now than I did back then, because I knew the Watchers were watching.

      • 5th/77thFA says:

        Grand Mother, Papa’s side, cooked on a wood burner until about a year before she passed. (’71) One of my jobs as a little fella was to keep her stove wood and kindling box full at all times. Keep in mind this was in mid GA pre AC days. She is where I got my love of cooking/eating good food and an appreciation of history. Her kitchen wasn’t that big but it did have high ceilings and cross venting windows. It had fireboxes on each side, oven in the middle and side boards for keeping things warm. I would imagine when it was purchased by her father about 1870ish it was a top of the line model. She could cook anything in/on it, and had no problem regulation the heat. Have read some reports and seen 2 prepper types that have them in their basement for just that emergency. When the time comes, natural gas will not be available, the propane tank will eventually run out, and you won’t be able to get gasoline/fuel for the portable generators. We can only hope that the watchers are still watching, but I doubt it. With all the technology and warnings that were out there, look what happened on 9-11-01. Trust no one.

        • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

          When I was on AD I had a Buddy who was from “Them-thar Hills” in TN who told me about people in that region who still live sans electricity or running water and to a number of them a missed shot means a missed meal. I’m sure they’ll have no trouble getting along when the grid collapses while urban dwellers panic and collapse!

  5. USAFRetired says:

    In reading your post the following caught my eye

    “Yesterday, I was surprised to find an article on WattsUpWithThat, a climate blog, informing us that the FBI guys had shut down the Daniel K. Inouye Solar Observatory in New Mexico with no explanation, chased all personnel out, and closed the two post offices that serve that site.”

    My first thought is this was in response to something being sent by mail to the facility. Think back to some of the terrorist anthrax mailings of the past. They aren’t sure where it is so lock down all locations get the folks out and conduct the search.

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      I do remember those, but can’t imagine why anyone would send a physical threat to a bunch of people who would be at home on “The Big Bang”.

      The part about towers and antennas at Sunspot and the other places, plus the Blackhawks in the area, were what made me think it has to do with these war games.

      That, or someone picked up a new version of the ‘wow’ signal and this time got the whole message.

      • 26Limabeans says:

        We are presently at the solar minimum.
        There are no sun spots or solar flares, just some normal geomagnetic disturbances.
        Whatever “happened” there likely has nothing to do with the sun.

  6. Drag Racing Maniac says:

    “There used to be a ring of Minuteman missile silos around Lincoln, NE…” In the interest of accuracy, those silos were for Atlas-F missiles that belonged to the 551st Strategic Missile Squadron. They were deactivated in 1965.

  7. Reddevil says:

    You missed your guess. DEW was a system of radars that detected incoming bombers (not missives). We still have a system for that purpose, it’s just called something else and uses new technology. We have yet another system to detect missiles. I won’t go into that.

    As far as listening in on our enemies military operations and exercises, that is an intelligence activity performed by a number of agencies within DoD and each of the services.. There is an immense terrestrial and other network of sensors, collection assets, processors, and multi-discipline analysts dedicated to this mission. No need to take over a solar observatory anywhere, especially not in New Mexico.

    On the other hand, the FBI is a law enforcement agency that sometimes uses electronic surveillance to track domestic threats like Carter Page and Paul Manafort among others as part of their role as lead federal agency for counterintelligence investigations involving US persons. They do not have the mission or authority to collect intelligence on foreign militaries.

    In other words, there is absolutely no chance that the FBI took over a solar facility so they could surveil the Chinese or Russians overseas.

    However, given that the site has good electronic line of site to White Sands and Holloway, it is much more likely that someone in the facility was surveillance one of those sites.

    This would fit into the FBIs domestic counterintelligence mission and authority and makes much more sense.

    In other word

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      I had to look up when the DEW Line was eliminated, and found that it was replaced by the North Warning System.

      There was a lot of speculation, mostly hokey, in the comments for that article on WUWT, but I went with what seemed logical to me. So your response fits into what I thought might be happening.

      There’s something very odd about it and the way it happened, because those solar physicists are a bunch of nerds.

  8. Ex-PH2 says:

    Here’s a bit of something interesting about this shutdown. It wasn’t just the Sunspot, NM scope that was shut down. There were solar observatories shut down at the same time in many places.

    From a commenter on the WUWT article:

    Why were the web cams from observatories around the world shut down at the same time of this take over?
    These solar/space cams (webcams) were all taken offline at the same time as the National Solar Observatory evacuation:

    AXIS 2320 Network Dome Camera in Sydney, Australia, the SOAR Observatory in Chile, BRT Tenerife Telescope in Spain, the Mauna Kea observatory in Hilo, Hawaii, the Canada-France-Hawaii telescope in Hawaii and the JAT Observatory in Fariless Hills, Pennsylvania.

    So now I have to start asking why was this done so quickly, and what the H—- IS going on?

    I don’t think it’s Elon Musk’s Starman in a Tesla. That’s on its way to Mars.

    This is one truly weird event.

  9. Cory says:

    I suspect it was nothing more than an FBI training exercise in a remote location and didn’t want anyone watching…