Friday Feel Good Story

| September 14, 2018

Since DH seems to be AWOL – or perhaps is just on an unannounced vacation with his lovely ex-Soviet spouse – here’s a Friday feel-good story. The linked article is IMO a bit unclear, so I’ll summarize it as best I can.

Police near Chicago attempted to stop a car at a routine traffic stop. The vehicle took off instead of stopping.

The police gave chase. Shortly afterwards the police boxed in the vehicle and forced it to stop.

The perp then got out of the car and started firing a weapon at police, triggering a shootout. During that shootout one officer was shot 4 times.

A passerby – who had a valid concealed-carry permit – came to the aid of the police during the shootout and fired at the perp with his privately owned weapon. The perp was hit by one round and taken into custody. He’s in serious condition at a local hospital.

It’s unclear whether the perp was hit by a round fired by the passerby or by police. The President of the City of Cicero commended the passerby for his actions.

The police officer who was shot was in surgery at the time the original article was written.

The original article can be found here. Read it if you like.

. . .

Remember: gun confiscation control advocates say that the police will “protect everyone”, so no one needs a gun for self-defense. I’d guess the police involved in this incident – as well as the President of the City of Cicero, IL – likely would disagree with that.

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  1. Sarge says:

    sorry…in my beer induced rain soaked haze I mistook feel good storages for open friday.

    back to me beer and/or pillow

  2. The Party Of Hell No! says:

    If you read the article it says the perp was firing an automatic weapon at the police – maybe explaining why the officer was wounded four times. If true – even the police are now out gunned.

    • Hondo says:

      Unfortunately, Fox reporters often aren’t any better about accurately describing firearms than the rest of the media.

      I’d be quite surprised if the weapon was truly an automatic weapon. I’d guess it was a semi-automatic pistol of some sort, and that the reporter – out of ignorance, perhaps – simply called it an “automatic” because they’ve seen it in print God only knows how many other times.

    • desert says:

      Not the first time, but the police also have semi automatic weapons!

  3. Ex-PH2 says:

    Dave’s still asleep. He had to fight off Flossie the Hurricane Queen. Give him a week or so and he’ll be back on top, unless another hurricane pops up.

  4. Jeff LPH 3, 63-66, ARNG 75-77 says:

    My RAV 4 has an automatic transmission but I am a licensed Florida driver so the car is now legal. I hope my car “splaining” “Esplained” it all.

  5. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    I’m glad it worked out for the citizen. With anyone else arriving on the scene in uniform, it could have been another outcome entirely.

  6. Skippy says:

    One reason I won’t step foot in Chicago

    • AW1Ed says:

      Or Baltimore. At least after dark.

      • rgr769 says:

        Just finished binge watching the wire. Based on that series and the Freddy Gray horseshit, you would have to hold a gun on me to get me to Baltimore. I went through its airport a couple of times, and it wasn’t a pleasant experience, as far as airports go.

        • AW1Ed says:

          Had to for a while. Johns Hopkins Hospital is there, and I drove my Mom for her macular degenaration treatment; it’s a world class hospital
          located in a fester pile of crime.

          I never told her about the Colt Defender under my seat.

      • desert says:

        Or Pa….read the story of the troopers beating the crap out of a kid for nothing!
        Sorry excuses for cops imho! gives us all a bad name!

  7. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    To those who say we don’t need guns because we have Police and Sheriff Departments I say you don’t need to have fire extinguishers in your homes because that’s what Fire Departments are for!!