Ft. Trump, home of the Kielbasi Corps.

| September 19, 2018

It seems our Polish friends are keen on the idea of having US Troops stationed there.  To be fair, the Polish have been unwavering in their support of the Global War on Terrorism.   I have several friends who live there, for some strange reason they do not care much for Russians or Germans.

President Trump joins Polish President Andrzej Duda on Tuesday at a joint news conference at the White House. (Michael Reynolds/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock)

After months of pushing for a permanent U.S. military presence in Poland as a bulwark against Russia, the Polish president offered President Trump a new incentive tailored to his real estate sensibilities: naming rights.

“I would very much like for us to set up a permanent base in Poland, which we would call Fort Trump,” Polish President Andrzej Duda said Tuesday in a joint news conference at the White House. “I firmly believe that this is possible. I am convinced that such a decision lies in the Polish interest and in the interest of the United States.”

Standing nearby, Trump smirked and raised his right eyebrow before pursing his lips as he appeared to consider the possibility of an American military base in Poland emblazoned with his name.

Though the Polish president’s naming proposal appeared to be in jest, Trump said Poland was willing to make a “very major” contribution if the United States were to establish a permanent military presence in the nation.

“If they’re willing to do that, it’s something we will certainly talk about,” Trump said.

In May 2018, the Polish government offered to spend up to $2 billion to establish a permanent U.S. military presence in Poland.

A senior Polish government official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said Warsaw would potentially be willing to spend even more over time or offer additional incentives to Washington.

U.S. forces are already deployed to Poland on a rotational basis, part of an effort by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization to step up defenses on its eastern flank after Russia’s 2014 annexation of Crimea.

The United States does not currently operate any permanent military bases in Poland. In March, the United States and Poland said technical problems would delay completion of the Polish section of a U.S. missile defense shield by two years to 2020.  Link HERE

All jokes aside, the Polish have been doing great things.  When the Soviet Union fell apart Poland had about the same economy as Ukraine.  Unlike Ukraine, the Polish embraced Western Free Markets and as a result are now about 8 times the economy of Ukraine.  There has also been steadfast resistance to Islamic thugs in Poland.  Besides, its bigly fun to serve with a Pole.

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  1. jim h says:

    idly wondering though, if not Fort Trump, would the new name be unpronounceable to us?

    joking aside, this is not a terrible idea at all.

  2. FuzeVT says:

    Fort Trump – Awesome.

    I’m a big fan of the Poles. They are one of the few countries in that mess of a continent that was smart enough to keep out all of those poor, downtrodden middle-eastern, Islamic military age men that flooded all of the compassionate (read stupid) countries. I bet the Poles are just sitting back saying, “Yeah, let us know how that goes for you.”

    • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

      Fort Trump and the outlying FOB would be Camp Mattis! Let’s not forget that the Polish people got the worst from the Germans during Nazi Occupation and the Russians during the Cold War yet they rebuilt despite that burden. As to their not letting muzzies in en masse, I’m sure they’re saying “I TOLD YOU SO!!”to the rest of Europe while their cities become rape and murder-infested hellholes!

  3. Deplorable B Woodman says:

    Try again.
    If I were a young American military male stationed in Poland, dating and wedding a young Polish military female would not be out of the question.

  4. 26Limabeans says:

    I suggest Elblag as a suitable site.
    Major highway to Kaliningrad.
    Nice outer banks port protection with a tiny passage to be shared with the ruskies.
    Line it with Patriots and a few Aegis cruisers
    off shore.
    Oh, and don’t forget the Radar site. Great big sonavabitch phased array cooking birds at twenty miles.
    Putin would shit himself.

    • Fjardeson says:

      “Cooking birds at twenty miles”.
      That should have had a spew alert attached. Luckily, I have made it a habit not to read TAH until AFTER coffee.

      • PFM says:

        Worked with a guy in the early 90s whose job in the Navy was to sweep up the dead birds at an array in Maine 🙂

        • 26Limabeans says:

          I chuckle at the number of dead birds claimed by windfarms.
          They have no idea.
          The OTH in Maine is gone (mid 90’s) and the Charleston facility is now a low risk prison. No more Loring AFB and BGR (ops for the OTH) is just the 101st Air (KC-135’s).

          • Sapper3307 says:

            In Vermont the wind farms applied for permits for the birds and bats that they will kill. But the blades don’t spin to often.

  5. Combat Historian says:

    Nice AK-74s; since they’re part of NATO now, I wonder if the Poles are going to convert them to 5.56x45mm or just get entirely new rifles for their forces…

  6. David says:

    Reminds me of when the sheriff of Dona Ana county in NM was investigating a famous murder. After a couple of years he was closing in on a powerful politician: who went to Governor Otero and suggested the existing county was “too big” for one sheriff. Coincidentally the new county line included the murder site by a few yards, removing the case from said sheriff’s jurisdiction. And that is how we got Otero County.

  7. Ex-PH2 says:

    Gee, every time I think dTrump can’t pull off another bigly surprise, I’m surprised again.

    And this time, it’s like watching someone prepping up for the Siege of Vienna.

  8. The Stranger says:

    Fort Pulaski?
    Fort Kosciusko?
    Name them after Polish officers who helped us out in the American Revolution. I’m all for it.

  9. The Stranger says:

    Of course, they could just name it Fort Sobieski to piss off the Muslims.

  10. 26Limabeans says:

    Fort Polka

  11. SGT Fon says:

    so i got to serve with a bunch of these guys at a place called FOB Echo in a town called Al Diwaniyah right next to Najaf. this was 2006/07 and the spanish had already left. it was a tiny place maybe 3 or 4 sq Km total base space.the base itself was run by the Poles as well as having an Army surgical hospital, the QRF and artillery (which they were never allowed to use). in the day time they had HINDs there but because they lacked proper night fighting capabilities they would fly to kuwait every evening and leave us to our mortars and rocket attacks. their air crew maintenance guys showed our guys how to separate the grain alcohol from the JP4 and actually make it drinkable ( i still add fresh stalks of grass to my vodka bottles as soon as they are bought!). after i got back i went to poland for a few months as security for some missile bases that they were building arranged by a Captain i worked with while in Iraq who i traded a set of ACU’s with. I still get packages of dryed wild mushrooms and the like from the people i met both in Iraq and Poland. i can’t think of a better bunch of people to get our support!

    the fact that Lech Wałęsa and the Solidarność movement pretty much started the chain of events that ended in the collapse of the USSR gives them a A+++ rating in my book!

  12. JimmyB says:

    If I’m not mistaken, Hungary has the same attitude toward the diaper heads.

  13. Veritas Omnia Vincit says:

    Worked with some Poles who came here after escaping during the communist era…loved those guys…

    The people of Poland seem to “get it” when it comes to the promise of America, what the ideal of succeeding or failing on your own merit based on your own efforts really means and being free to do so unencumbered by systemic corruption.

  14. Martinjmpr says:

    So funny how times change. When I was stationed in Germany, Poland, Hungary and Czechoslovakia were part of the Warsaw Pact, now they’re part of NATO.

    On the one hand, having forward bases in Poland might make sense from a political standpoint, solidifying our ties to Eastern Europe as a counterweight to Russian influence.

    And Polish “war brides?” Yes, that would totally be a thing, as would Polish cafes and restaurants opening outside the gates of large US military installations when the soldiers rotate back home with their new spouses.

    But….wasn’t one of Trump’s campaign themes the idea that Europeans were perfectly capable of taking care of their own security?

    Furthermore, is this desire for a permanent US base because the Poles LOVE them some America? Or is it more cynically that they love themselves all that sweet, sweet American cash (that comes from you and me, the taxpayers of the US)?

    And yes, I understand that those are NOT mutually exclusive positions – they can be both admirers of America and ALSO get those cartoony $$ signs in their eyes at the thought of a big American base, with lots of locally-hired civilians working there, getting big US paychecks, lucrative contracts for things like locally sourced food and waste disposal, and of course thousands of US soldiers spending their hard earned money on the local economy, too.

    But is that really what we should be doing? Put more simply, would a US Base in Poland be something that enhances OUR security as a nation, or would it just be a big cash gift to Poland (and a way to stick a finger in Putin’s eye?)

    • Martinjmpr says:

      Whoops, forgot to add one more point: While a Polish base might be a good idea politically, I’m not sure a US base on the plains of Poland makes sense strategically.

      Read a little history of that part of the world and you can see why Poland has kind of been Eastern Europe’s doormat for the last couple of centuries. Germany at least has defensible hills and rivers.

      • SGT Fon says:

        the poles are paying for our base, we pay our troops who will be stationed there, i think that is a pretty fair exchange. unlike okinawa, they actually want us there ( for now)

  15. Mason says:

    As I said yesterday, this just proves what a farce the whole Russian collusion thing is. If Trump was really in the pocket of Putin, the Poles would want absolutely nothing to do with him/us.

    • Skippy says:

      Makes me wonder why the Libby’s
      Are Freaking our about Trump
      Declassifying all that made up
      B.S. they were a part

  16. Skippy says:

    When I was with 2scr or acr but wait is it cr or r this weeks
    I was dating a hot polish lady only issue was she didn’t
    Want to move here to merica (I was in shock)
    So we went our own ways
    We still talk after all these years
    And they definitely don’t care for the Germans
    Or the Russians, history has not been kind to to them

  17. Frank says:

    They can name the heads “Fort Obama”

    • JBar says:

      And have the urinal shaped like a big Obama head with his mouth wide. The toilets yould be Michelle, Hillery, Rice, etc. All with mouths open to receive daily deserved rations.

  18. 5JC says:

    The GPD of Poland is around $614B vs $121B for the Ukraine, making it about five times larger not 8. in 1992 the GDP of Poland was $95B vs $74B for the Ukraine making the Polish economy more than 20% larger, not the same size.

    Since 2004 the Ukraine has had two revolts and a war, mostly due to Russians interference in their country. Crimea was also annexed by the Russians in 2014 resulting in a straight up loss of 5% of their economy and more than 9000 killed 2014-16. In 2016 after fending off more Russian intervention in their economy they began working with the EU to transition to a Western style economy.

    • Dave Hardin says:

      Oh dear Lord, I assume you have never been there. Most of Eastern Ukraine could give a shit less if they were part of Russia. They do not trust American politics and most assume, right or wrong, the the US and Russia just want to rape their natural resources. Insofar as GDP is concerned, its only part of the equation. Try exchanging their currency to any other in real time. Most Ukrainians keep Dollars stuffed in their pillows. The Black Market is the biggest part of their economy. They rejected doing what was required to become part of the EU.

  19. Hondo says:

    All the names suggested above are fine. But if this happens, for the name of the installation personally I’m partial to Fort Pilecki.

  20. rgr769 says:

    We should start moving our forces out of Germany and into Poland. Germany is lost under Merkel and crew. And I say that with regret, as I liked living there for fifteen months in the late 60’s.

    • J.R. Johnson says:

      We would still need the ports in Germany to bring in more units if the SHtF. Having a base near Kalingrad or Belarus would be fine as long as it is not just a single Brigade (speed bump). It makes a lot of sense to lose the “no mans land” and get back on the border. Germany has been wanting us out for a long time, the forward deployed forces need to be near where we will fight. I would definitely move to Poland if we get a Big PX there, the wife has been bugging me to go home. Retirement goes a long way there!

  21. J.R. Johnson says:

    Brig Back V Corps, and some of the legacy Division HQs (11th, and 17th, Maybe 3rd Armor) and maybe a Brigade or Two of actual troops. We could have opposing War games on the border of Belarus with the Russians!

  22. TN Guard Guy says:

    I’m currently on my third deployment, two to Iraq and, this time, to Poland. Search “Battle Group Poland” on Facebook and you’ll see what the TN National Guard is currently doing at Bemowo Piskie Training Area Poland. England, Croatia, and Romania are here too.

    The Poles are awesome people. They love western culture. The older generation appreciates us a lot more than the younger because they remember what life was like behind the Iron Curtain. It’s weird seeing all these old Soviet style buildings although there aren’t as many as there used to be.

    BTW: Breaking OpSec/ Propaganda; same thing nowadays. True OpSec is in the details. I leave that off of social media of course.

  23. 5th/77thFA says:

    “bigly fun to serve with a Pole.” We all saw what you did there….Everyone else was too polite to point it out….”do not care much for Russians or Germans.” I repeat, Katyn Forest. Russians never admitted officially they did it, but they did. Russians and Germans raped and pillaged their way thru Poland twice during WWII.

  24. Jon The Mechanic says:

    I think that Joint Base Edelman- Urbanowicz would be a GREAT name.

    It would be named after Marek Edelman, a Polish Jew who was one of the leaders of the Ghetto Uprising and later he took a part in the Warsaw Uprising and Matthew Louis Urbanowicz, a MOH recipient of Polish descent who served in the US Army during WW2.

  25. Sapper3307 says:

    Fort Trump, all brass and class even the Airforce will beg to be stationed in it.

  26. Martinjmpr says:

    Pedantic post alert:

    Regarding naming conventions: To my knowledge, the title of “Fort” is only given to large permanent installations in the US (think Fort Bragg, Fort Gordon, Fort Benning, etc.)

    Overseas bases are usually called “camps”, I guess because the idea is that they are temporary: Camps Casey, Hovey, Red Cloud, in Korea etc. The installations in Kuwait and Iraq were also referred to as Camps (Arifjan, Doha, Buehring, Victory)

    Installations in Germany are often called “barracks” (Merrill Barracks, Barton Barracks) or “Kaserne/Casern” (I’ve seen it spelled both ways) which is the German word for barracks. The rule in Germany SEEMS to be that if the installation bears the name of a German it’s called a Kaserne (I was stationed at Hindenburg Kaserne in Ansbach) but if it’s named after an American it’s called Barracks (the aforementioned Merrill and Barton.) (Of course, not even this convention holds true consistently as the big Kaserne in Nuremberg was called William O. Darby Kaserne.)

    The two main US Army installations in Afghanistan at Bagram and Kandahar are both located at Army-run air bases, which are called “air FIELDS” (Army air bases are always “Air fields” even though most of them are paved.)

    Bottom line, the installation in Poland is not likely to be named FORT anything. Camp Pilecki, Camp Kosciousko, Sobieski, etc, would likely be the appellation, though I suppose the Polish word for “barracks” also might be appropriate. According to Google Translate the word is koszary.

  27. Jim says:

    The United States is building an AEGIS missile defense site at Redzikowo, Poland.

    During my Navy career lived in military housing on Wheeler Army Airfield in Hawaii. Always wondered why the adjacent military facility was called Schofield Barracks? Was a whole lot larger than a barracks.

    Regarding US service personnel marrying foreign citizens, anyone know how this is working for the USMC in Australia? I understand the Marines are not based there year round, having been to OZ a time or two we were well received. Would think the USMC would be a hit with the Sheila’s.

  28. Messkit says:

    My time at Camp Delta/Al-Kut was memorable. While in line at the DFAC, a group of Polish Air Force came in behind us (they flew top cover for the region. HINDS and a couple armed HiPS). I turned to speak to my buddy, and their LT saw my name (rhymes with my handle). I was immediately kidnapped back to their compound, and served piles of Polish culinary delights, and offered more than a fair share of genuine, real live, honest Vodka.

    Of course, despite General Order #1, I could not be a instigator of an international incident, and diplomatically delved into honoring my hosts with dozens of toasts to their goodwill, potent fighting ability, and heritage of a proud people, to which I thanked God I belonged.

    Well…I really thanked God I didn’t have alcohol poisoning the next day. Damn those boys could put that potato water down. For the rest of my tour, I was guest #1 at any time.

    My only regret, is that I missed a ride in a HIND-D by moments. Their COL saw me in the front seat with the blades turning, and asked who the new guy was. The jig was up when I couldn’t speak enough Polish to satisfy his curiosity 🙂

    In 1994, I did visit my ancestral home in western Poland, Międzyrzecz, which was my family name, until New York immigration changed it in 1870. Beautiful city, with a tribute to its 1000th year anniversary, in 1964, standing near the river (and looks suspiciously like a Soviet Soldier…hmmm.)

    • Chip says:

      It was the Soviets who liberated Poland from the Germans. There are tributes to the Soviet soldier all over Eastern Europe and even in Berlin there are three monuments.

      • Martinjmpr says:

        “Liberated?” Yeah, the Soviets “liberated” Poland in the same way that the Manson Gang “Liberated” Sharon Tate.

        At the beginning of WWII in September of 1939 the Soviets “un-liberated” Eastern Poland per the terms of their non-aggression pact with Hitler.

        It’s true that there are old Soviet propaganda statues all over Eastern Europe. Those were put there by the Soviets during the Cold War in a lame attempt to whitewash their brutal legacy of subjugation.

        • Martinjmpr says:

          I remember an old Cold War joke: If the Poles could conquer both Germany and the Soviet Union, which country would they attack first?

          Answer: Germany of course.


          Business before pleasure. 😉

          • 11B-Mailclerk says:

            Nowadays? When you factor in the sorry readiness state of the FRG, Poland could defeat Germany in a stand-up fight.

            Now wouldn’t -that- be ironic…

            If they keep growing at current rates, Poland may soon rival -Russia- in local combat power. What they need is a counterbalance to Russia’s strategic weapons. Ours.

            Or, their own.

            In ten years at the outside, Poland is going to be the big dog of non-Russian Europe. The flashpoint may likely be Königsberg/Kaliningrad

      • Hondo says:

        Yeah, the Soviets “liberated” Poland, Chip. As martinjmpr said, they started “liberating” in 1939 – by invading eastern Poland about 2 weeks after the Nazis invaded from the West, partitioning Poland with the Nazis, and eventually taking over roughly the eastern 40%. In the areas they “liberated”, they rounded up pretty much any potential opposition, especially officials of the former Polish government and military. The Kaytin Forrest massacre followed not too long afterwards.

        The Soviets resumed “liberating” Poland in 1944. While doing so, they intentionally stood by approximately 15 km east of the city center during the Warsaw Uprising. The Soviets were quite happy to stand there and watch while the Nazis killed off as many armed Poles in the Polish Home Army as possible. That way, the Soviets wouldn’t have to deal with as much potential opposition after they finished conquering Poland – which they did in 1945, by the way.

        After the war, the Soviets kept the eastern parts of Poland that they’d grabbed in 1939 – plus a bit more, as I recall – and “compensated” Poland for that loss with a big part of what had previously been Germany. They then de facto occupied Poland until the end of the Cold War by proxy, installing a “reliable” +Communist regime and mandating Poland join the Warsaw Pact.

        By many accounts, the Soviets almost “did another Hungary” there on more than one occasion between 1945 and 1990. Reputedly the Soviets were only dissuaded on the last occasion when they got the word, discretely, that if they tried it the Polish armed forces would fight them rather than help.

        Should you ever visit Poland, you might want to refrain from telling your hosts that the Russians “liberated” them during World War II. From that point on, my guess is that the conversation might be a bit . . . strained.

  29. FatCircles0311 says:

    It wold make a lot of sense to relocate our Europe assets into Eastern Europe because they are the only ones not going full suicidal with their countries. Europe is about to become Islamic with massive civil wars except these eastern countries that know fucking better to let Muslims colonize while they destroy their culture. France is essentially Israel now with military occupying the streets and Britain isn’t too far off.

    • Dustoff says:

      ^^THIS^^ Nowadays, when I think of the bravery of our Rangers at Pointe du Hoc, or the 101st at Bastogne, I ponder, what was it for?