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| September 20, 2018


Mobile County deputies were flagged down on Padgett Switch Road around 3:00 p.m. for reports of a homeowner shooting a suspected burglar.

Captain Paul Burch reports an elderly homeowner set up a security system because of previous break-ins to the property. The homeowner said he was alerted Wednesday afternoon of someone breaking into the property and went to see what was happening.

When he arrived to the property, he said there were 2 men burglarizing a shed. There was an altercation, and that’s when the homeowner fired shots, striking one of the suspected burglars.

MSCO says Travis Carter was shot in the head, but injuries appear to not be life-threatening. Carter is being charged with burglary.

Captain Burch says the second suspect Craig Cumbie, is in custody as well.

As of right now, there have been no charges issued for the homeowner, but authorities will be handing the case over to the District Attorney’s office


Authorities in eastern Tennessee say a 12-year-old boy shot and killed his mother’s husband during a domestic dispute.

News outlets report 56-year-old Kevron Thomas “Tommy” Durham was shot twice with a rifle Saturday night. A release from District Attorney General Russell Johnson says authorities had received at least five previous calls from the home for domestic violence, although none resulted in criminal charges.

Johnson says authorities believe the child was coming to the defense of his mother, a repeated victim of domestic violence. He says authorities are determining what they “can do through juvenile court with the suspect.” He says juvenile court can provide counseling and services, but that if he were an adult, he wouldn’t be charged for defending a third party.


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  1. 26Limabeans says:

    “but that if he were an adult, he wouldn’t be charged for defending a third party”

    WTF? A kid can’t protect his mom?

    • Jerky Dave says:

      It sounds to me that they are looking at this as a non-criminal matter. Using the Juvinile Court system to “provide counseling and services”. Which in my mind, would work with the kid since taking someone’s life is a rather tramatic experience for a youngster. Hopefully, this would prevent this event from creating negative issues later. My take anyways.

  2. Comm Center Rat says:

    “…authorities had received at least five previous calls from the home for domestic violence, although none resulted in criminal charges.” Righteous shooting by the 12 year old Tennessee kid in defense of his mother. His intervention will hopefully mark the last time a call is ever placed to the “authorities” for “assistance.”

    A friendly reminder to the TAH community: October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month (DVAM). Get your purple on!

  3. Deplorable B Woodman says:

    Wait…..what!? The AL homeowner shot a perp in the head, but it’s not life threatening? W-T-F!?
    Something is lacking, either caliber, or range time.
    Ah, well, the perps were stopped and arrested. I can see that those two fine examples of the thievery clan will make an equally fine impression as new employees of the BTJT Prison Deli, purveyors of the finest in tube steaks smothered in underwear, and cockmeat sammichs, served with nut butter and manmeat mayo.

    • SSG D says:

      I work in the OR at a level 1 trauma center. Probably about 90% of gunshot wounds and stabbing survive if they make it to the OR. Most of our deaths are due to multiple issues related to genetic abnormalities, diabetes, morbid obesity, et al.

  4. Ex-PH2 says:

    Some pair of lazy dorks break into a fellow’s shed and he shoots one in the head, but no brains splattered on the walls or ceiling.

    No, I would not want THAT cleanup job, either. Personally, I would rather make sure one of those maroons loses a kidney, but that’s just me.

    My sympathies to that 12-year-old kid who defended his mother. He must have been desperate, and now he has to deal with what he did. He is one brave young man.

  5. 5th/77thFA says:

    AL story: Wasn’t at my Brother’s place, there would be 2 DOT! TN story. Good for the Kid! 5 previous trips? Give me a break! Mom was probably so scared of the POS, she wouldn’t press charges, and the dispatched officers not well trained enough to recognize such. Just my opinion. Takes a “real big man” to beat up a woman. Asshole got what he deserved. Maybe the kid will have a great future prosecuting domestic violence cases.

  6. Claw says:

    Whiz Wheel™® results:

    Travis Carter – Shot in head, brain X-Rayed after, was found to be in possession of Shit For Brains, (WRT) 17 x 2 = 34

    Kevron Thomas “Tommy” Durham – Wife Beating DRT-Bag – 60 x 3 = 180

  7. Was watching Hopalong Cassidy and while riding his horse, his side kick California was shot off of his horse by a cowboy with a rifle and when Hoppy rode up to California, he got up and said the bullet only grazed his head. Same with Jayce Pierson on tales of the Texas Rangers radio show and other B Western oaters. This happens all the time or am I stuck in a time warp????