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| September 22, 2018


An employee at China Kitchen Restaurant allegedly shot a man who police believe was trying to rob the eatery, according to a statement Friday from the Columbia Police Department. The worker will not be charged, and police are calling the case “self-defense.”

When police arrived on the scene at the Forest Drive restaurant at about 11 p.m. Thursday, they found a man on the ground who had been shot in the upper body, according to the statement. He was wearing all black and a covering over his face.

Employees told police the man entered the store with a gun and demanded money from the register, according to the statement. One employee tried to grab the gun away from the man.

A struggle ensued and another employee shot the burglar, according to police. That other employee was carrying his own gun, police said. The suspected robber was taken to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead, according to the statement.


A man suspected of robbing an Anchorage tanning salon was shot by a person inside the business.  Anchorage police apprehended the robbery suspect and are seeking the shooter.

Police just after noon Friday took a call of shots fired on west Dimond Boulevard.  Investigators learned a man had robbed Sunsation Tanning Salon but was shot by a man inside. Both men fled.

Police found the robbery suspect in a vehicle near Dimond Boulevard and King Street. Police say he suffered a gunshot wound to the lower body that is not life-threatening.


Police in northeast Arkansas say a suspect was fatally shot by an employee during an apparent attempted robbery at a vape shop.

Craighead County Sheriff Marty Boyd says officers responded to a shots fired call Thursday afternoon at Emerald’s Triangle LLC near Brookland, about 125 miles northeast of Little Rock. Boyd says the robbery suspect was found dead when officers arrived.

Authorities are still investigating what led to the fatal shooting, but Boyd says a store associate shot the suspect. No arrests have been made.

Emerald’s Triangle says no employees were injured.

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  1. 2 out of three, guess salon people need to get off tanning beds and get tan’s at shooting ranges. New warning as it seems that “Let the buyer beware” needs to be changed to “Let the robber beware”, as owners and employees are getting more accurate when armed.

  2. CCO says:

    Definition of burglar different in SC?

    • CCO says:

      I stand corrected. My apologies to The State. Webster defines burglar as one who commits burglary which it “broadly” defines as entering a building for the purpose of commiting a crime.

  3. Ex-PH2 says:

    Must be something about tanning salons and vape shops that has escaped me.

    Was this tanning shop violated because the Bad Guy figured no one in the shop would have a concealed weapon?

    Do vapid shops use credit cards? It would make more sense if they did. Teens have credit cards that Mummy & Daddy give them.

  4. 11B-Mailclerk says:

    The ninja-wannabe in S.C. apparently asked if they served instant grits….

  5. So the robber says to the cashier at the Chinese restaurant; give me all your money. Is that to go asks the cashier.


    Robbing a Chinky, a Tanning Salon and a fucking vape shop!!!
    How well could the robbery gone even if the victims didn’t shoot back? I imagine under $200. Hope it was worth the added ventilation