And It Gets Even More Embarrassing….

| October 17, 2018


Nothing really ever surprises me. Now it appears that Chicago-style voting is moving down to Texas. These putas odiosas were really rather bold about it, too, until they got caught.

I believe there will be more to come on this issue, but it really is old hat in Chicago. The difference is that you can’t prove those dead voters are really dead until you try to track them down.

These gals are amateurs. They should have moved to Chicago to learn how to do it right.

Here’s another article on it, with mug shots of these lovely ladies. Put down the  adult beverage first.

I don’t see anything in those articles that says they’re going after dead voters, but you never know when that could start, right? If they looked hard enough, there have to be voters from the Spanish-American War that haven’t voted in quite a long time.

I’m sure there is more to come on this, because the articles indicate that these idiotas mentirosos were part of a voter fraud ring, so stay tuned.

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  1. That Squirrel is looking at me like I am nuts.

  2. David says:

    Those damn Republicans! Gerrymandering, voter registration fraud… oh, wait…

  3. AW1Ed says:

    They can’t work in a vacuum, wonder where their funding was coming from…

    OK, ya got me. We all know exactly where. Soros and/or other deep Socialist pockets through the DNC.

    • Graybeard says:

      O’Roark’s camp is trying all the old tricks.

      • OldManchu says:

        O’dumbass is just the 2018 bersion of a white ass 2008 O’bama!

        Hip cool punk asses both of them!

        Obama dances with les-generes. O’dumbass skateboards.

        Idiots scream for them just the same.

        • Thunderstixx says:

          Talk about a skinny neck & arm twatwaffle, this guy looks like he has anorexia or is high on little white crosses.
          I bet his neck is only 14″ around. His biceps are about the size of my wrists. If he would grow a beard he would look like half the snowflake wannabe tough guys in Austin with no arm strength and hollow chests.

  4. Hondo says:

    Old hat in Tejas too, Ex-PH2. Read up on LBJ’s Democratic primary campaigns for Senate in the 1941 special election and in 1948. Both were decided by less than 1/4% of the total votes cast – and both are thought to have been dirty as hell.

    LBJ was “out stolen” in 1941. He learned his lesson; in 1948, LBJ and his cronies blatantly stole the nomination – by a margin of 87 fraudulent votes. The total number of fraudulent votes (manufactured, patron-directed, fraudulently counted, etc . . . ) in both elections is strongly suspected to have been in the tens of thousands.

    Texas was essentially a one-party state at the time (the old “solid South”), so winning the Democratic nomination was tantamount to winning the general election.

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      You think maybe Chicago got it from Texas? I figured that it started with Capone in the Depression, running the gin mills and all the other things he did.

    • Graybeard says:

      Unfortunately, my beloved Texas has a long history of LBJ-style shenanigans, dating back at least to the “Reconstruction” era.

      It is still a problem in some parts of the state but, hopefully, getting more controlled.

    • Poetrooper says:

      George Parr, the Duke of Duval County, was the Democrat political boss in South Texas who could get a statewide Democrat candidate whatever number of votes were needed to win an election.

      When I lived in San Antonio almost fifty years ago, and worked all of South Texas, from Corpus Christi, through Brownsville on out to Del Rio, it was a given that there was no such thing as an honest election. Looks like nothing has changed.

      • Hondo says:

        The Duke of Duval was beholden to LBJ, PT – LBJ engineered him a pardon in 1946 for his Federal felony conviction for tax evasion after it had been previously refused. Here’s how Parr repaid that debt in 1948:


  5. Skippy says:

    No surprise here
    This is only the tip of a BIG ICEBERG

  6. David says:

    Favorite Texas politics story:
    LBJ not doing terribly well in ’48, so someone suggests they spread a rumor that is opponent has sex with farm animals. Campaign manager says “No one’s going to believe he fucks pigs!” LBJ answers “yeah, but he’ll have to spend the rest of the campaign denying it.”

    • Hondo says:

      My favorite:

      A young man is sitting on the sidewalk, crying. A friend comes up to him and asks him, “Amigo, what’s wrong?”

      “I’m sad – my grandfather came to town last week, but he didn’t bother to visit me!”

      “But your grandfather’s been dead for two years!”

      “Yes, but last week he came to Alice and voted for Lyndon Johnson!”

      (Background: per testimony at the special investigation into vote fraud in the 1948 Texas Democratic primary, at least one dead person was documented (and probably more) to have voted for LBJ during that primary. That investigation was halted by order of SCOTUS Justice Hugo Black literally while purported ballot boxes from Alice, TX, were being opened in court for vote verification in response to a request for intervention by Johnson’s legal team, which included Abe Fortas.

      LBJ later appointed Abe Fortas to the SCOTUS, and tried to appoint him as Chief Justice when the position became vacant. However, Fortas was not confirmed as Chief Justice and later resigned in the wake of serious ethics issues which became public during and after his second set of confirmation hearings.

      FWIW: the ballot box shown in the picture I linked in comments elsewhere was NOT among those brought to court during that investigation. Its whereabouts are still unknown – as is whether it still exists at all.)

      • David says:

        And then there is the Bobby Baker scandal. Funny how the lefties all claim Trump’s administration is the most corrupt in history, while they ignore LBJ (or maybe Grant as well.)

        • 5JC says:

          I ask what scandals they are talking about and I hear Russia and a Porn Star. A lot less than we had under Clinton with the Chinese and hookers, strippers, aides, wives of staff etc… Not to mention all the other scandals.

        • Hondo says:

          Don’t forget LBJ’s radio and TV empire – in his wife’s name, of course. Parlayed a minor, nearly bankrupt AM radio station in Austin into a multi-million dollar broadcast empire before LBJ became POTUS.

          Oh, did I mention that LBJ – while in Congress – served on committees that oversaw the FCC before he became Senate Majority Leader? And that the FCC made numerous regulatory decisions that “coincidentally” were favorable to Lady Bird’s broadcast interests?

          • OWB says:

            If I remember the story correctly, the broadcast empire (and maybe some print media as well) was owed by Ladybird’s family and that is what attracted him to her. He supposedly figured it was a sure way to advance a political career.

            • Hondo says:

              Sorry, OWB, but that’s not the case.

              Ladybird did come from a reasonably wealthy family, and did inherit a tidy sum when her mother died. (I’d guess that was part of what attracted LBJ to her, but apparently the attraction was both mutual and strong.) Part of that inheritance she spent to help LBJ start up his political career – but she kept control of the rest.

              She and LBJ were married in 1934. She bought her first media property – a radio station, KTBC-AM in Austin TX – in 1943. As LBJ biographer Robert A. Cano documented in his excellent work Means of Ascent (2nd volume of his LBJ biography series), LBJ then pulled strings to get it a clear-channel license and it went from the edge of bankruptcy to wildly profitable.

              She bought her first TV station in 1952 (KTBC-TV, VHF Channel 7), over LBJ’s objections. At the time, it was the only VHF TV station in Austin. It too became wildly profitable – and only a naive fool would believe the fact that the owner’s husband was the Senate Minority or Majority Leader for years afterwards had absolutely nothing to do with the station’s oversight by the FCC.

              Ladybird invested somewhere around $41k (1940s/1950s dollars) in her media properties. They ended up worth around $150M. Even accounting for inflation, that’s a rather remarkable increase in value for an investment.

              Yes, she probably was indeed a very shrewd businesswoman; her purchase of the Austin TV station over LBJ’s objections shows that (it was a damn good purchase, being the only “game in town” at the time). But she also had an advantage very others in the business had: her husband was among those approving the FCC’s annual budget.


              See also Robert A. Cano, Means of Ascent. The book documents not only LBJ’s “support” for his wife’s media empire but also documents, very conclusively, precisely how LBJ stole his 1948 Senate seat.

  7. Carlton G. Long says:

    OK…the two in the middle…I could be persuaded under the right circumstances if I were a single man

  8. Wilted Willy says:

    OMG, you can’t tell if those are man nor beast?? Are those four even alive???