A Congregation of Bigoted Cretins Endorsed by the Pentagon – Says Mikey Weinstein

| October 22, 2018

Mikey “The Jew-ish Hate Mongerer” Weinstein is up to his fundraising again.  Again he conjures up Holocaust references and likes to paint anyone who exposes him for what he really is as Antisemitic.   I am one of the first people that sounds the alarm about religious zealots.  Frank Gaffney is one of these guys that defines what most call the Alt-Right.  He is not my cup of tea.  He has a long history of publishing conspiracy theories and tin foil religious dogma.   Mikey rants his Hate-ish blabber to draw a crowd like a snake oil salesman.

Mickey Weinstein: Four active duty lieutenant generals (three-star generals) were present at this gathering of lunatic bigots, gleefully serving up a dangerous endorsement of Gaffney’s hateful Islamophobic ideology.

What makes this assemblage of racist haters so particularly heinous? Well, how about this; four active duty lieutenant generals (three-star generals) were present at this gathering of lunatic bigots, gleefully serving up a dangerous endorsement of Gaffney’s hateful Islamophobic ideology, in stark contrast with the strict mandates of equal opportunityand nondiscrimination that the armed services are sworn to uphold. As noted in the Intercept, “In 2015, Gaffney had prominent white nationalist Jared Taylor on his radio show, ‘Secure Freedom Radio.’ Gaffney praised Taylor’s website, American Renaissance, as “wonderful.” White supremacist Jared Taylor, one may recall, was a fellow-traveler with the torch-wielding Neo-Nazi group that murdered Heather Heyer in Charlottesville last year, and was subsequently praised by the coward Donald Trump as “very fine people”.  Turns out Trump and his minions and sycophants haven’t given up the scapegoating of American Muslims in the armed services to promote their own hideous white supremacist, fundamentalist Christian agenda.

This kind of nonsense being spewed by a man that believes he was born with superior genetics that grants him access to the hereafter where the best the rest of us can hope for is an opportunity to serve him and his ilk is the very definition of ironic.  Mikey has several minions who troll our site looking for anything that could be used to gain them some attention.  After years and years of correcting people about Mikey not being an Atheist, I decided to point out the fact that he is a Jew in a profound manner.  I believe he has downplayed his religious affiliations to get donations from many in the Atheist community.  People like Frank Gaffney make it easy for Mikey to peddle his perpetual victim status as a Jew.

As I have stated before, if people think President Trump has strange ideas…wait until they find out what Pence thinks.

 Not only are these Lieutenant Generals failing to uphold their own sacred, sworn oaths; but, they are actively participating in the ignominious perversion, subversion, and destruction of the same. These Lt. Generals, and all who supported their participation in this charade of shame hosted by Gaffney, MUST be visibly and expeditiously punished. Their projection is merely the smokescreen for Gaffney and his lackeys to justify their long-running atrocities; their silence on genuine concerns for human rights is deafening. Theirs is not a nuanced and substantive criticism of Jihad or Wahhabism – it’s an ugly, broad-brush, and insipidly petulant whine for racial “purity” for its own sake. Why? Because, tragically, these Lt. Generals clearly do not fundamentally disagree with the tactics of these extremist perversions of Gaffney and his repellant ilk of Islamophobes. Indeed, their highly visible and official participation in his we hate all Muslims orgy abomination of just forty-eight hours ago reeks of full Pentagon endorsement and delight to provide universal succor and assistance to such filth.

Gaffney aligns himself with the likes of the Thomas Moore Law Center that has supported nonsense like forcing Creationism into public school science classes.  I supported and helped fund the  Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District case where we humiliated and exposed them as religious zealots.  Mikey takes these kinds of issues and dips them in hysterical liberal-ish propaganda and sells it to the gullible.

I disagree with Gaffney on many levels, but I think we would both agree that Islam is a disease of the mind.  Gaffney and Weinstein do not seem to realize they too suffer from the same type of disease.  If you are American and do not have a healthy skepticism of Islam, you are naive.  If you fall for the hysterical rants of Mikey Weinstein then you are just gullible.  Members of the military should have the right to religious freedom regardless of their rank.

Source: A Congregation of Bigoted Cretins Endorsed by the Pentagon – LA Progressive

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  1. OWB says:

    Let me spell it out for you, Mikey:

    I care only one very small whit about who hates me, and that very small whit only in an identification and tactical defense sort of way. Anyone who expresses a desire to kill me and has the means to do it has made himself my enemy – I would be a damned fool to allow whoever that enemy might be the opportunity to carry out that threat to kill me. I am no fool.

    So, to reiterate – nobody is my enemy until they declare themselves to be my enemy. I just don’t care about their ethnicity, religious practices, eye color, shoe size, or anything else beyond perhaps using that knowledge to help neutralize their threat. As soon as they are no longer a threat (and their decisions have everything to do with how the threat is removed), I can happily return to much more interesting pursuits than them, whoever they are.

    And yeah – not nearly as much anti-Semitism in this household as apparently is in yours, Mikey.

  2. 5th/77th FA says:

    In this great country of ours, Hat Tip to the Constitution; every one has the same opportunity and the same right, regardless of race, creed,color, religious affiliation, ethnic background, gender, education background, political leaning, and ever how else you self identify, to be and act like a COMPLETE AND TOTAL IDIOT. It is sad that those type seem to out number those of us that do have and use common sense.

  3. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    “The officers attending the Center for Security Policy-sponsored conference aren’t declaring themselves members of the group or even explicitly endorsing the organization’s anti-Muslim statements. And there’s no indication that Gaffney or any other Center of Security Policy staff will discuss their efforts to discriminate against Muslims or spread anti-Muslim conspiracy theories at a conference about cyber defense, defense technologies, and procurement.” That’s from The Intercept piece which Mikey (a/k/a Benito) links to in his mush. Mikey himself doesn’t name them, as the Intercept piece does. Instead, he hides behind the other outfit, lest the subpoenas be served on him.

    And Mikey’s thinking is a just a tad strained. Evidently, in his view, if someone does not disagree, disavow, and deny a viewpoint that Mikey disapproves of, that someone is endorsing it. In that regard, I have never read that Mikey condemns bestiality.

  4. OC says:

    “…. I have never read that Mikey condemns bestiality.”

    Ooooooooh, THAT’S gonna leave a mark.


  5. The Other Whitey says:

    How many of Whinestein’s personal expenses get covered by donations? Because he rakes in a whole hell of a lot more per year than I do, seven digits or more. “Nonprofit” my Irish Catholic ass.

  6. Mason says:

    “we hate all Muslims” – Mikey Weinstein

    See how easy it is to take things out of context?

  7. Ex-PH2 says:

    MIkey’s Jewish, right? Does it even sink in with him that all Muslims hate Jews?

    He keeps turning himself into a target, no matter what. How much money does he want this month?

  8. All of these guys who sell religion are all hypocrites , every last one of them, no matter what religion they’re selling !
    beware of these false prophets

  9. A Proud Infidel®™️ says:

    Everyone has the right to be a hypocritical idiot but Mikey Whinestein ABUSES THE PRIVILEGE.

  10. Duane says:

    Can we do a fund raiser to spread some Preparation H on him to see if he would go away? I disliked is ravings when I was in, and my mind hasn’t changed since I retired!

  11. Slow Joe says:

    All your comments are very raciss and extremely antisementic.