Air Force pararescue and special operations join search and rescue for 5 Marines still missing off Japanese coast

| December 8, 2018

air force pjsU.S. Air Force 320th Special Tactics Squadron operators prepare for military free fall operations from a U.S. Air Force 1st Special Operations Squadron MC-130H Combat Talon II
By: Shawn Snow , Stephen Losey , and Tara Copp

A massive search and rescue operation is still underway for five Marines missing off the Japanese coast, which now includes Air Force special operations assets and elite pararescuemen.

The rescue effort follows a midair collision between a C-130 carrying five Marines and an F/A-18 fighter jet with a crew of two.

Two Marines have been found, with one listed in fair condition and the other declared deceased, military officials announced.

“The search and rescue operations continue for the remaining five U.S. Marines who were aboard the KC-130 Hercules and F/A-18 Hornet involved in a mishap about 200 miles off of the coast of Japan around 2:00 a.m. Dec. 6,” the Marines said in a command release.

The rescue operation — which includes support from the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force, the Japanese Coast Guard and U.S. Navy 7th Fleet — was also joined by U.S. Air Force special operations assets and elite pararescuemen.

Sending the very best to assist in the SAR effort. Read the rest of the article at The Marine Times

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  1. HMC Ret says:

    Lord, I pray they be found alive

  2. Club Manager, USA ret. says:

    I certainly hope the Air Force was on the scene at first light on the first day. Anything else is not acceptable.

    • Yep, call the Air Force to the scene, their land lubbers and this way when the investigation begins we can lay the blame on them, just have to modify the records so it shows that one of the 2 planes involved landed at an Air Force facility in the past. What the heck, why weren’t these guys required to be in dress blues while flying to the area, thought that was SOP in these cases.

      • But then what do I know as I am a draft dodger and ran away from the draft, never did make it to Canada. Nope I got better accommodations. Lackland, Chanute, Luke (twice), Phucat, Shaw, Forbes, Rheinmein, Aviano, Alegro. and some Army base in S.C.

  3. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    If they can be rescued, the right people are on the job.

  4. 5th/77th FA says:

    An offered up prayer and a constant hope that these Warriors or not only found, but also rescued safely. As 2/17 AC said, they’ve got the right people on the job.

    A paraphrased prayer. “Oh Lord, your ocean is so big and my Mae West is so small.”

    Have they even found the plane or parts to it?
    Nothing I’ve read has even mentioned that.

  5. Mason says:

    I’m losing faith in a successful recovery.

    For those who’ve been there, what’s the Japanese Sea area like in winter time? I assume it’s quite cool.

  6. Last update I have seen was to identify the recovered pilot who died as Capt. Jahmar Resiland and one of the missing as Lt, Col. Kevin Herrman as of 15 hours ago. Haven’t located any map showing area of crash site or any word as to any debris as to being located either. If the A/C didn’t break apart on impact of the ocean, due to weight they probably sank to bottom with the crew on board. If the survivor was by chance from the 130 he was probably the one aft that helped guide refueling, being night time did not help matters.

  7. Is somewhat of concern as if it was collision in air with tanker would seem to have been a big fire ball as well as no reports as to such or any mayday calls from others in area of accident Sea or Air. Wonder if some of this is not released due to pending investigation, also have heard nothing as to any use of sonar in search.

  8. Went thru news items I could find and so far no updates as to any results being found in the waters off the coast of Japan, latest is day old info. Wonder if they shut down the info until they get some more results. Majority of news is storm down south and headlines are about the dire straits over Victoria’s secrets major crisis with loss of sales of over the shoulder boulder holders.

  9. As of this morning search for crash site and live personal was stopped, so now possibly will go into a recovery mode. Individual who survived was from the Fighter jet.