Help my buddy out

| November 3, 2007

One of the best friends of this blog has been Robin from Chickenhawk Express. We chased Adam Kokesh across the internet together for months, and we both had our first grandchild the same week. She even nominated me for Best Conservative blog at the Weblog Awards – well, she made the cut for her traffic category – so shoot over to this link and vote. Often.

I’m glad COB6’s son is safe – you have to send me your address if you want those cigars, buddy.

The blog looks good – but I’ve lost my connection three times typing this – see ya’all soon.

Here’s a photo from my room at 6am this morning – those are the last of Noel’s rains coming over the Dariens.

The Panamanian women still love me 30 years later. 

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  1. robin says:

    Jonn – consider this a virtual hug from me to you. Thank you for your support. The pic is beautiful – I would be jealous but I’m babysitting little Boston today…

    When you get back from vacation I have another little project that I want us to collaborate on… You’re gonna love it!