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| January 8, 2019

waltherWalther for Ex, OWB, and the other TAH Lionesses. Heh. “My name is Bond. Jane Bond.”

No more birthdays for him, happy or otherwise.
Coroner ID’s man killed in self-defense shooting outside of child’s birthday party in Columbia Saturday

By Tanita Gaither
COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) – The Richland County Coroner’s Office has identified the name of a man who was killed during an act of self-defense outside of a child’s birthday party on Saturday.

Richland County Coroner Gary Watts identified the man as Justin B. Archie, 30, of Columbia. An autopsy performed on Sunday showed that Mr. Archie died from gunshot wounds to the torso.

Officers arrived at the 4000 block of Rosewood Drive shortly after 1 p.m. on Saturday after a shooting was reported.

Witnesses at the scene reported that two men were arguing outside of a business where a child’s birthday party was being held. While in the parking lot, one of the men was armed with a knife and made threats to get a handgun from his vehicle.

After making threats he allegedly discharged his firearm at the second man who in returned fire resulting in a fatal injury.

Read the rest of the article here: WIS News

Two in the slam, two in the wind.
Stolen car suspect held at gunpoint until police arrive

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Four people scrambled from a stolen SUV Saturday night in the SouthPark neighborhood.

Two were arrested, including one who was held at gunpoint until police arrived.

Police identified the two arrested suspects as Taylor Roseborough and Tyrell White.

“I immediately pulled my firearm and told him to get down on the ground,” Stewart McKibben said.

McKibben said one of the suspects ran through a wooded area and onto his property while running from officers.

“(My) mind is racing 100 mph trying to figure out what to do next,” McKibben said. “He came from my neighbor’s backyard, jumped over their fence, came through my gate and was coming up my steps. At the first landing is where I approached him and stopped him.”

The incident started after a blue Ford Explorer was stolen from Oakbrook Drive and officers spotted the stolen vehicle around 8 p.m.

Police say they attempted to pull over the SUV, but the driver and three passengers jumped out at a dead end on Moncure Drive.

Read the rest of the article here: WSOC TV

Protective Orders are paper, and unsuitable for self defense.
Man shot to death by woman, 52, after violating protection order

By: Alice Yin
A man breaching an order of protection was killed inside a hallway late Saturday by an armed 52-year-old woman who turned a gun on him in the South Side Englewood neighborhood.

At 11:44 p.m., the 52-year-old was notified that the security alarm at her home in the 1400 block of West 71st Street went off, according to Chicago police. She opened her front door on the second floor to investigate and encountered a 22-year-old man who had an active order of protection forbidding him to go near that address.

After an argument, she shot him in the left shoulder, police said. He was pronounced dead at University of Chicago Medical Center at 12:10 a.m. Sunday.

The Cook County medical examiner’s office identified him as Daniel L. Erskin, who lived in the same neighborhood.

Erskin was taken into custody April 13 under allegations of domestic battery, criminal sexual abuse of an underage victim, assault, home invasion, burglary, theft and criminal damages to property, Chicago police arrest records show. Two months earlier, he was also arrested on domestic battery charges.

The rest of the article may be viewed here: Chicago Sun Times

Two achieving room temperature, two incarcerated, two free to thieve and drug some more. Three deuces, not a bad hand but still no trifecta. (Thanks, I know I’m mixing cards and track. Feel free to submit your complaints to TAH WW HQ, or go VFR Direct to AW1Ed.doesn’t.care). And have a great TAH day!

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  1. Deplorable B Woodman says:

    52 y.o? 22 y.o?
    I wonder what the backstory is? Relative? Babysitter? Former lover?
    “The world may never know.”

    • JacktheJarhead says:

      Probably molested one of her kids or grandkids. At least that is what I get from the charges.

      • AW1Ed says:

        The real question is, if he was taken into custody in April for a laundry list of offenses, and not for the first time, why in the wide world of sports was he free to go and violate the PO in the first place?

        Oh, wait.

        “The rest of the article may be viewed here: Chicago Sun Times”

        Never mind.

        • 5th/77th FA says:

          “Never mind” You think? Not to be profiling or anything, just saying.

          Columbia. Can’t even let the kids have a birthday party without having to witness your stupidity.

          They dindu nuffin. Just borrowed the SUV to get to choir practice. Going door to door collecting for new robes.

          Chistan. Rock, paper, scissors, gun. Gun will win everytime.

          It is a cute little .380(?) Does it come with a matching garter belt holster? Was Dave’s robe the inspiration for it? It can’t be scary, it has no flip up back thingie or chainsaw bayonet attachment.

          BTW, that directing complaints to TAH WW Hqs will get you no where. Just ask MCPO.

          Neither VFR or Google maps can direct you to AW1Ed.doesn’t.care). The link takes you to http://www.pushbutton/bitecrank.org.

    • MI Ranger says:

      I also liked this story…not a gun just a female who can lay down a beating quick!

  2. CCO says:

    It’s interesting he was shot in the shoulder (like the good guys on detective shows) but died.

    Thus the term deadly force.

    • AW1Ed says:

      I’m sure IDC SARC, or any of our TAH medical professionals, could recite chapter and verse of the anatomical make-up of the shoulder area, but the cliff note version says there are lots of arteries there. So it’s safe to say one was hit, and he bled out pretty quickly.

      • IDC SARC says:

        Yep….significant arteries in that area are extensions of the arch of the aorta (big red). Those big red pumpy things are about the size of a roller ball type pen and can cause your demise in seconds.

        Also very painful since they travel along and are basically hugged by the huge nerves (brachial plexus)that innervate the shoulder,upper extremity and parts of the chest. It’s ok….the pain won’t likely last.

        Remember kids, all bleeding eventually stops.

        • CCO says:

          Thanks. I was thinking something more ballistic like the bullet bounced or fragmented, but anatomy, huh. Thanks, IDC SARC.

          • IDC SARC says:

            No problem

            Fragments and secondary shrapnel from skittering bone fragments as well as other factors can easily be a part of it, but as far as quick death it’s really the massive blood loss in that area.

            If you miss the major arteries (or hit them), there’s still issues of chest penetration and developing tension pneumothorax, but that would take a bit longer.

        • MI Ranger says:

          Would a tourniquet have helped, or would you bleed out in less time than it takes to get one on after assessing the problem?

          • IDC SARC says:


            Packing the axilla with careful visualization and then swathing tightly if done well along with the reflexive constriction that occurs in damaged vessels could buy some time. Best hope would be more invasive. Visualize the wound, extend it if necessary and clamp what you need to and then effectively pack and swath.

            Surgically you could cut and clamp where the artery is undamaged on the side closer to the heart. Gotta know what you’re doing there.

            Despite expertise though, this is a Murphy type wound sometimes and he’s fukked.

  3. E T Gwynn says:

    Some Bond guns have a magazine safety that is easily neutered. Always a good idea.

  4. Tallywhagger says:

    That pink pistol is beyond comprehension. Why would anyone do such a thing to such a fine, classic design? Ah, hell, Elton John probably has one.

    As it were, I am on the cusp of purchasing a used S&W 586, in blue, with a 6 inch barrel. Ever since selling my 29 there has been an empty space under my my left armpit. It just doesn’t feel right to go to church without something meaningful under the suit coat.