New Beginnings or Status Quo?

| January 8, 2019

I’m going to go out on a limb here but I need to say as a disclaimer that these thoughts are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of other admins or writers.

There are some changes coming and I’d like to solicit input on how the community feels. If opinions become heated and non-consentual things may default to status quo.

I look at TAH and it’s mission. To define it allows us to best support it moving forward. To me, it seems like it is a collection of a predominately veteran community that leans right. There are alternate voices and some say you need two wings to fly.

The views are very hard right. This is an observation and not criticism. Maybe we all get so much spin on our news that it is refreshing to be able to express ourselves in one place that we feel safe. Our “safe space” as one would say. I’m only saying that the current make-up and discussion trends may be valuable to support.

You just have to know what you are giving up.

TAH discussion will never be mainstream in its current form. Sure, you will tie into Google but if there are national implications with Stolen Valor discussions, I think the discussion forum will immediately be attacked and discredited based on strong language, what some would perceive as homophobic, inside humor, etc. I think someone addressed this at one time and was immediately discounted.

OK, fine. But the views expressed in the discussion group will be never be mainstream and that may be what you are giving up.

TAH can always be supported as a “niche” discussion group, but Stolen Valor may have to go a different direction and have cases offered up as discussion as with any other news topic.  The vast wealth of military and other experiences is invaluable for piecing together a puzzle of someone’s military service when presented as a stolen valor case.

The liability can become a huge issue. It needs to be reader comments and opinion and have a clear delineation from the site. Nobody wants to pay for somebody else’s right to call someone names. You can prove that someone is a ‘liar’ but you can’t prove they are a ‘cocksucker’ or ‘MF’er unless you have photos.

I’m not chastising anyone or anything. I’m merely citing this because this drives the main question as to how best to support the TAH community:

1) Make it a “niche” right-leaning [edit] discussion group, perhaps even walled off from the public or have a private section walled off?

2) Have it more mainstream and promoted to the mainstream media with strigent policies on what can and can’t be posted in order to cut down on criticism?

This is what I am soliciting opinion on.

This wil come into play how things are structured in the near future.

Also, I’d like to say that I feel it is important to welcome new readers / commentors and not chase them away with tar and feathering. This will be imporant for growth and credibility, but of course not give people a ticket to be fruity and disrespectful. Let’s hear their points, try and bend over backwards to tolerate, but really be proactive in welcoming them.

Having said that – ALL opinions are welcome.  Look forward to hearing them if you have any.

~ Extra Admin

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  1. Graybeard says:

    Late to the party, but I’m a non-voting member of TAH regardless.
    Nevertheless, here is my 2¢ worth:

    I attempt to refrain from cursing, and most name-calling, but have no problem with the TAHellions who do. If someone’s feelings get hurt over a few words, they need to hear what my mother told me when I was in 4th grade and complaining about how someone hurt my feelings: “Well, maybe your feelings were sticking out too far.”

    Some of the back-and-forth ‘bickering’ is more like barracks ball-busting than anything else, with minimal serious intent behind it.

    I’m not going to go into where on the left-to-right/liberal-to-conservative spectrum most TAHellions fall. It really doesn’t matter. We have a good, IMHO, range of opinions and I learn something from each one. From ID-SARC, for instance, I’ve learned that some people will hit just about anything.

    The current admins do not have the time, I’m sure, to commit to the Stolen Valor cases that Jonn had. But that’s ok as well. I’d let them work out the action plan for the future engagements, and accept their decision(s) with equanimity.

    I am not in favor of sub-dividing TAH. But again, I am a non-voting member.

    • Combat Historian says:

      You’re the father, son, grandson, and nephew of military veterans; so I think you’ve earned a place at the table here…

      • Graybeard says:

        Thanks, CH.
        I appreciate the acceptance I’ve had here, but other than offer my opinions (worth what y’ paid for ’em) I will defer to y’all with all due respect.

  2. BlueCord Dad says:

    I’ve been lurking and posting occasionally here since 2013 when my son commissioned. After Jonn passed I was wondering how things would go. street sweeper may be on to something. Maybe it should be the decision of his family whether to keep on going. Above my pay grade(thank goodness). Whatever is decided I’m along for the ride

  3. MA2USN says:

    Longtime lurker, not so active commenter. Look, I don’t agree with 90 percent of the political views on this forum but damn it all, I loved coming here. Reading all the comments, and the SV stuff mixed with other stuff it was enjoyable. The problem as I see it, is that since Jonn passed away it is missing one clear voice to guide the page. Don’t get me wrong, bravo Zulu to those that have stood up and taken on an unbelievable challenge of replacing a legend. I was sure that I read TSO was planning on assuming the mantle of fearless leader, but that may have changed. It needs one clear person to exercise total editorial control, and needs to have a clear vision. Right now, it’s just postings to post to keep it a float.

    • Graybeard says:

      It takes time to make that kind of leadership change, MA2USN. I think what we are seeing with this thread is a step in the process to determine the future of TAH.

      Oh, and glad to have you lurking in the dark & dusty corners. Someone’s got to keep the spiders company.

  4. Sj says:

    A layout comment that I dont have an answer to. The nesting of comments makes it damn hard to check back on new posts of interest. For instance, what did Claw say about my brilliant comment last week? Can’t find it.

    TAH layout used to be like Ace’s so that new comments were at the end and not nested. But that sucks too.

    • LC says:

      Some sites default to nested comments (like now), but also let you choose to sort by ‘new’. If the blog software supports adding that easily, that would probably be helpful.

    • IDC SARC says:

      “For instance, what did Claw say about my brilliant comment last week? Can’t find it.”

      I think he said it was gayer than a cockmeat sammich. Mighta been someone else tho. 🙂

    • Perry Gaskill says:

      SJ, here’s how I keep track of follow-up complaints to what I babble in comments. You might find it useful if you’re not aware of the feature already:

      Usually any original drafts of my comments I keep in a simple text file where each one is stored in chronological order and time/date stamped. As each comment’s final draft is posted, the TAH system logs it with both a tracking number for the given overall post, and a number for the comment itself. For example, the comment you just made is TAH logged as:

      Notice that the TAH log indicator is in the form of a valid URL link.

      Keep a copy of the URL by doing a right-click and “save link location” on what shows in the browser as your TAH comment date stamp:

      January 9, 2019 at 7:38 pm

      All you need to do then is paste it into your draft text file with your comment, and if you want to see any follow-ups to your comment, just copy and paste the URL into a web browser address bar.

      • Sj says:

        Thanks Perry. I’ll try that…or maybe I’ll just crank up the motorhome and venture from my NC trailer park to the Stately Claw Mansion again and discuss this with the awesome Mrs Claw, and Scobby. Maybe 3/17 will appear like last time…a great guy.