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| January 10, 2019


TAH has a spirit of strong camaraderie among those who frequent here, both military and civilian. The diverse experiences and opinions that people share is invaluable. Over the years many have come and gone for one reason or another, however, there are many who have been here for years. Some visit hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or rarely. Whether by contributing, commenting, supporting financially or just lurking, your presence is welcome and appreciated.

With that said, we would like to conduct a TAH roll call. We encourage everyone to simply sound off and perhaps if you so choose, include a brief update of what you have been up to. We are especially interested in those that frequently commented in the past but have not in a while.


We look forward to your participation.



Thanks to Poetrooper for the suggestion.



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  1. Devtun says:

    USAF 1990-2012.

  2. NavCWO4Ret says:

    USN 1983-2013

  3. 3/10/MED/b says:

    I am not by any means an authority of/on this site, but keep the stories/histories going. Thank you.

    3/10/MED/b out.

  4. Currahee John says:

    Still around, but life just got busy. Try to check in 1-2 times a week these days.

    1976-1980, US Army, 91B-10 (Combat Medic)
    – 1/506th ABN INF (AA), yep, I’m really a Currahee!

    1980-82,Army NG, still a 91B-10

    2001-now, DoD civilian

    E-4 Mafia/Terminal Specialist to the very end!

  5. xyzzy says:

    Former Army / DoD civilian contractor (1994 – 2018).

  6. Berliner says:

    72-74 11B B 1/506 Inf, 101st Abn
    74-76 11B A 2/6 Inf, Berlin Bde (McNair Bks)
    76-82 Recruiter / MEPS Guidance Counselor, Chicago
    82-85 Career Counselor, 1/30 Inf, 3d Inf Div (Ledward Bks, Schweinfurt)
    85-91 Career Counselor, 1st Bde, 10th Mtn Div,
    91-92 Division Retention Ops NCO, 2nd Inf Div, (Camp Casey, Dongduchon)
    92-96 Career Counselor, 593d Corps Spt Gp, (Ft Lewis)
    96-16 Mail Processor, USPS
    16-Present Retiree/Dog Walker/Wife’s Chauffer

  7. Denise Williams says:

    I’ve been sitting in the corner, reading and often just trying to keep up for 6 or so years. I backspace more than I post, but read almost every day. Occasionally I do comment but try to stay in my lane. I’m just a civilian who works with, writes and advocates for my AD, veterans and families. I say “my”, because I humbly and gratefully understand what all who have signed that dotted line mean when they sign. It is for me, the clueless, undeserving civilian, for all that I have as a citizen in this incredible experiment in human society. You are all better than me for doing what I didn’t. For that, you have my eternal gratitude and respect.

    Add to it the fact that you are the saltiest, most uncouth, creatively vulgar, intelligent, engaging, thought-provoking, honorable misfits our country has produced and you make me damn proud to be an American.

    The one thing you all do that means more to me than I can ever express is the way you remember those who did not come home. Every time ChipNASA posts the Continent of Insults, there is a chorus of “Hell yeahs” echoing in the Halls of Valhalla. Every time you call out a SV Poser or just a generic POS, every time you applaud the daily Feel Good stories, Valor Fridays or a “…Saving The World” story, you are honoring them. Though I said you signed to give me, and help me keep, what I have I know the truth…you served and still serve for them.

    I am, and will forever remain, humbly in your debt.

    • 5th/77th FA says:

      Got a little dusty in here. Glad you stopped by Miss Denise. Your post means a lot to all of us.

    • Forest Green says:

      “The Marines I have seen around the world have the cleanest bodies, the filthiest minds, the highest morale, and the lowest morals of any group of animals I have ever seen. Thank God for the United States Marine Corps!”

      Eleanore Roosevelt

      I resemble that remark, thank you.

    • SFC D says:

      “Add to it the fact that you are the saltiest, most uncouth, creatively vulgar, intelligent, engaging, thought-provoking, honorable misfits our country has produced and you make me damn proud to be an American.”

      I think that’s probably the finest compliment I’ve ever received, Miss Denise! We’re all honored to have you here with us!

    • OWB says:

      Simply can’t let that go by without comment, Denise. While what you say is true, it is not the entire truth. Yes, we serve/d you, but you and those like you gave us something to come home to. Neither is better than the other – both are necessary.

      So, thank you for that. (And so much more, but that’s another story.)

    • 2/17 Air Cav says:

      For those of you who may not know, Denise Willams is a Gold Star Mom whose only son, Andy, was killed in Afghanistan in 2010. He was an amazing young man. Like other of the Fallen that TAH remembers regularly, Andy was not just a casualty or one of far too many of our soldiers lost. He had people who loved him and people he loved. We will never be worthy of his sacrifice or of the sacrifices made by so many. All we can do is try. Too few of the Fallen we meet for the first time on these pages. I wish to God we could know them all.

  8. Wolf 37 says:

    I stop by daily, post when I feel the need.
    Retired Army Combat Engineer 21Z, 3 trips to the sand box so I really enjoy reading about all the asshats that get outed for pretending to be something they’re not.

  9. Vermillion002 says:

    USA 91-95 75C. 369 PSC Germany and 20 Repl Det Cadre 101 ABN (AASLT)
    ARNG 1995-2005 75C/75H/42A with some FDC time 13P sprinkled in 1-182 FA(MLRS) B 3-126 Inf (AASLT)

    Lurk mostly will comment when I feel the need

  10. AnotherPat says:



    • 5th/77th FA says:

      Where dahell you been gone off to dog. We missed you! (but our aim is getting better) RTR…..phuque clemson

      • AnotherPat says:

        Hey, Buddy! Thank you for asking! Down in the weather with trigeminal neuralgia disease. Couldn’t keep up with the game because of pain that I definitely don’t wish on others.

        All is well. Next year: goarmybeatnavy and rtr!

        • 5th/77th FA says:

          WOW!!! Welcome back. Had to google fu that one, had never heard of it. I can understand why you were laying low, read several links on the who,what,when,where,and whys. That is some nasty knock you down sh*t. I hope that somebody is making some serious progress on helping you get rid of it. Makes my little TIA deal a walk in the park. Hell, you can’t hardly even self medicate using adult beverages. We here for you if you need us, admin has my address and they have my permission to share.

          This year Army WILL BEAT Navy, most severely about the head and shoulders. The Tide will Roll Tide Roll, Nick is highly pissed and clemson & the cow college will wither. My Dawgs need to get their defecation in sequence to do anything. We lost a buncha jrs to the draft. GA has always had a problem building that whole “Team Spirit” thing, too many self centered egotistical maniacs around I guess. The Falcons have the same problem, not that I watch any NFL to speak of. Damn the national felon league. Buncha overpaid, underworked thugs for the most part. Too bad they can’t put together an entire team of good guys. Might support that. Don’t take but one dirt bag to ruin the whole set up. Sad…ain’t it.

        • RGR 4-78 says:

          “trigeminal neuralgia disease”

          Has your physician figured out what is causing the TG nerve to be affected?

        • rgr1480 says:

          Dayummmm! Trigeminal neuralgia. My wife has that — I **KNOW** how tough that is for you. Best wishes to you for a miraculous recovery.

          For those who don’t know, TN is a chronic lifetime pain afflicting the face and/or back of the head. Even a breeze can set it off.

  11. Jay in TN says:

    I was AD from 1986 -2011, got to go to Desert Storm, and then got to go back three more times for the war on terror. During that time I got to serve with many fine and dedicated service members who constantly amazed me and at times restored my faith in humanity. I have had the pleasure of working with every branch of the US military and have many fond memories of my time with each one.

  12. NHSparky says:

    Oh crap! I was supposed to put my bonafides?

    ET1/SS 87-99

    USS Buffalo (SSN-715)
    USS Proteus/Holland (radcon tour) Guam
    USS Pogy (SSN-647)
    NRD Los Angeles

    Worked for various utilities since both in-house and as a contractor.

    • 26Limabeans says:

      I was waiting for you to go first.

      447th Signal Bn Germany (Signa Victoriae)
      361st Signal Bn Viet of the Nam (The Elite)
      RA and proud of it.

  13. 1stCavRVN11B says:

    A ‘Cob Web’ present. Keep up the good work!

  14. SFC (R) Blizz says:

    I check in every few days and catch up.

    1992-2013 U.S. Army
    Cavalry Scout
    92-95 – 1-4 Inf (OPFOR), Hohenfels, Germany
    95-97 – 1-1 Cav, Buedingen, Germany
    97-99 – 3-17 Cav, Fort Drum
    99-02 – 1-10 Cav, Fort Hood
    02-05 – USAREC, New London, CT
    05-08 – 4-9 Cav, Fort Hood
    08-11 – Warhog OC team, Hohenfels, Germany
    11-13 – 1-10 Cav, Fort Carson (Retired in 13)
    13-present – Working for the Railroad in Central Texas

  15. Marine Av.Ordnanceman. 1974-1978
    VMFA 531
    VMFA 323
    VMAT 102
    VMA 223
    Retired Machining and Fabrication Supervisor
    Married 40 years to my Tondo Girl
    Babysitter now.

  16. Boiling Mad CPO says:

    Have not been here in quite awhile because the comments became too predictable. I was USN 1/10/1960 to 12/31/1981. Mostly as a stationkeeper (TAR) in the 9th and 1st Naval Districts.

  17. Sporkmaster says:

    Where to begin.

    I found this website back in 2008-2009 during my deployment to Iraq. I sent the page a few photos. I also found out that the Battalion Commander was one of the students that late Jonn Lilyea. I cannot find the post written about the then LTC Joel R. Cross. But I was able to pass a direct verbal message to him during a end of tour award ceremony. He did remember Jonn fondly.

    I was then able to receive posting access to the site, offering my thoughts and opinions on the daily news. I was able to continue that through my different duty stations to include Alaska, Washington States, Georgia and Texas.

    The best memory that was due to this site was allowing my now late Grand Uncle to met the son of the pilot that he saved back in the early 50s.

    Since leaving Washington State I have not been as active as before, but I check in to see the current posts.

  18. Wompwomp says:

    US Army 2001-2001
    2001-2004 82nd
    2005-2010 SF
    Current federal immigration officer

    I had commented on some ass clown that had a good job based on his SF claims till he got busted by this site. I couldn’t find a job at the time and John saw my comment and emailed me and introduced me to a guy that was offering a job, but it was out of state and I had to turn it down. Very cool of him to help like that, i visit this site frequently since then and make sure to go back and visit old fakes and post on their and their friends pages.

  19. Claw says:

    Have been waiting patiently to see if 3/17 Air Cav will show up (No Joy yet), and since most other commenters have been listing their bonafides, might as well do mine.

    Army 71-91 Huey Crew Chief/Door Gunner/Motor Pool Parts Clerk/Supply/Bn&Bde S-4 NCOIC Weenie.

    71-72 C Co, 101st AHB, 101st Airborne, Phu Bai RVN
    72-74 HHB 1/3 ADA, 101 Airborne, Fort Bliss/Fort Campbell
    74-74 HHC 3/7 Inf, 197th Inf Bde, Fort Benning
    74-77 B Btry, 6/56 ADA, 32d AADCOM, Bitburg AB
    77-81 HHB, 4/61 ADA, 4th Inf Div, Fort Carson
    81-83 HHC, 1/15 Inf, 3rd ID, Harvey Bks Kitzingen
    83-84 Denver Recruiting Bn
    84-88 HHC, 1/12 Inf, 4th ID, Fort Carson
    88-91 HHC, 1st Bde, 4th ID, Fort Carson

    Currently the TAH Whiz Wheel™® Operator and Keeper of the Coveted WOT Book of Firsts. That’s about it. ((Over))

    • 3/10/MED/b says:

      And that is why Claw runs the wheel.
      (My apologies for presumptions, Sir.)
      Sister Mary Grace will go apeshit when she gets back.
      3/10/MED/b out

    • Sj says:

      Wondering where u were and 3/17. Thought Scooby got you.

      As to TAH, it caused my bride and I to have a fantastic TDY to the stately Claw manor where the Claws and 3/17 addressed all the issues of the day. Great memories. Jonn even posted a picture of the occasion.

    • rgr769 says:

      I see you spent a few years in the 1/12th Inf of the 4th ID. I served the first six months of my tour in the RVN in Co.C/3/12th Inf of the 4th ID. We were the last infantry company to leave the 4th’s base camp at An Khe before it de-activated at Sha Rang Valley in December, 1970. I ended my tour just west of Da Nang at Camp Reasoner at the end of September 1971.

  20. r0gu3patri0t says:

    Still stop in when I need some sanity. Was here heavily during the Gil Gilbertson ousting keeping Jon updated. Army Infantryman from deep in the heart of Jefferson State. Kuwait, Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan in the chute for Somalia.

  21. Retired Grunt says:

    United States Army, National Guard and USAR.

    11C, 11B, 11A with assignments in 50A

    4-89 to 10-14

    Regular Army retired

  22. Coffeypot says:

    US Navy 62-64
    USS Frank E Evans DD754

    Read daily comment rarely

  23. Red Ghost says:

    Drill weekend. At lunch.
    National Guard Combat Engineer. 12C, 12B, and 12Z. Still not too old for this shit. My first Commander in Chief was President Reagan. Kosovo and Afghanistan. Staying in to mentor Soldiers and irritate Staffers. No one wants my job.

    • Red Ghost says:

      Became a regular reader in about 7 years ago in Afghanistan. Comment rarely. Usually when the SV oxygen thieves are Engineers.

      • PFM says:

        Essayons! 12B/21B/12B again and retired 2014

        • Red Ghost says:

          Essayons! OK, Full story is 12C, 12B, 21B, 21C, back to 12C, currently 12Z. Wasn’t happy when they switched us to 21, and was happy when we switched us back. Makes my ERB look weird. Gonna re-up for another 3 this year.

    • 3/10/MED/b says:

      “Mentor soldiers and irritate staffers…”

      Brilliant. Best wishes to you and your endeavors.

  24. 3/10/MED/b says:

    Thank you all for your addendums and words of wisdom. Bonds no one can break. (a little over the top,but I think not…)

  25. Sj says:

    Interesting how many “Doc” dickweeds there are. Never have too many Docs.

  26. Quartermaster says:

    QM USNR, Aug 1972-March 1976.

    TNARNG 1979, 1985-1987 19E

    USAF Brat before that (1954-1972)

  27. 3/10/MED/b says:

    Thank you all who have got back to me through this site. I don’t know if this was Jonn’s intent, but its results stand. Again, thank you all.

    3/10/MED/b out

  28. Alan Cagle says:

    US Army 1970-1
    1Lt USAR
    BCT XO, Asst S-4, Range Instructor, Stockade Duty Officer

  29. DefendUSA says:

    I’m a Hoo-ah gal… 92B, Med Lab Tech 83-88. Martin was a Chemical Lab tech, 92D. Found TAH during Winter Soldier when Jonn live blogged in 2006—I think. 😎 I used to comment more regularly…then life got a little complicated. My husband passed away unexpectedly two years ago. And then Jonn. Ugh. love TAH and the comraderie. #dickweedsforever!!!

  30. Marv says:

    Civilian guy here. Not sure when I started reading this blog but it was early on and after one of my sons became a Marine. He’s been in for 14 years and is commissioned now. Read almost every day.

  31. QMC says:

    Name says it all. Rarely post long drawn out responses. More prone to posting short and to the point comments. Been reading and posting on this blog since 2012.

    RIP John.

  32. Liright47 says:

    US Army ’66 – ’68. RVN with “I” Troop 3rd Sqdn 11th ACR.

    Retired Nassau County (NY) PD.

    Belong to every imaginable Veteran and Police organization around.

    Mid-year 2018, VA compensation increased to 100% permanent.

    Two of four sons Special Forces. Yeah…I’m a proud dad.

  33. Squanto86 says:

    USAF 1987-91 Civil Eng

    Mowed grass and hauled trash at Osan AB and kept casinos busy at Nellis AFB – almost like being in real military.

    Read daily, never post.

  34. Avid TAH reader, post only as humor

    153B, 154C

    Average pilot, slightly above average junior warrant

    Ft Sam, Hondo (179 days TDY), Sinai, Campbell

    101st drug me down, probably due to low seritonin and desire for frequent company of a woman, and near death pilot error by me

    at Ft Rucker for Desert Storm then remainder of time was peacetime locations

    • Replying to myself, ironic to my reference above to frequent company.

      Here are some of my you tube influences (due to fact i fall asleep when i read) please try them

      Military Phonies, D Shipley, AND these Joe Rogan, Jordan Peterson, MILO (drive me crazy but spot on), Dinesh Dasouza, Denis Prager, Marc Steyn, Sebastian Gorka.

      I like Ben Shapiro but do not advise for all.

      • DefendUSA says:

        Yeah, good stuff there, Franco. I concur with your take on Ben. He can be a weeny sometimes. Love Dinesh, also read Ace of Spades, The Federalist, and pounding the left with pesky facts!!

  35. Dan Johnson says:

    IDARNG 1983-2019 (30 APR). Will hit my MRD and am looking forward to retirement!

  36. Civilwarrior says:

    U.S. Army 1981-1989; California Army National Guard 1989-2010. Signal Corps the whole time.

    Served in Germany during the wonderful fall of 1983, which was emotionally significant for me, Korea in 1986-87, one deployment as a reservist to Kosovo in 2006…which actually ended up being the most awesome experience of all of my time in uniform. No combat.

    I have two sons who followed me into the Army, one officer, one enlisted, both of them out now.

    Remarried for the 3rd and last time the month I retired, and started another family. I have a son, age 7, and a daughter soon to be 4.

    I teach U.S. History in a middle school in central California, and have an after school JROTC program (California Cadet Corps) that I run full of some really amazing and talented kids.

    I don’t comment here much, but I am here every single day.

  37. Zitsky says:

    Hey guys.

  38. CplMajor Mike says:

    US Marine Corps 1965-69

    0311 7th Marines 66-67

    Marine Detachment USS Hornet 67-69.

  39. Susan says:

    Sorry to be late. Typical civilian.

  40. MrGrumpy1964 says:

    Daily reader; rarely comment, and if I do usually to say something funny or add missing information about a topic. Civilian with a Marine Korean War Vet for a father and a lifelong interest in military and aviation. Found the site through a link on a military topic that took me to Black Five, and from there saw a link to the SV tournament the year of Ballduster McSoulpatch. I don’t think I have ever laughed harder at a website than that year of the tournament, thanks to the comments of you dickweeds. I miss Jonn. The site is different, and not better, but I guess that is to be expected as life is rarely static. Jonn made TAH successful because he possessed the vision, commitment and magnetism to make it so. My experience is that it is tough for a “committee” to have all three of those characteristics.

  41. James Beller says:

    1990-2014 Army Infantryman
    Just glad to be here

  42. CWORet says:

    I post here once in a while, I used to comment more a while back. USMC, ’86 to ’14, enlisted to Gy, then WO. I used to post a lot more. Now I don’t so much. Not sure why. Mostly when I’m pissed off I suppose.

  43. X12AEsq says:

    I lurk here often, have never commented because I don’t quite fit the profile. I did 28 years, all in the Army Reserve (except for various active duty for training, ended up retiring. Since I never was deployed, I felt it more appropriate just to read the comments and nod firmly. I hadn’t been in for a few months, and came in to nod some more. I was motivated to leave a comment when I saw the “In Memory” tag for Sergeant Lilyea. I only knew him through his writing, but I knew and admired that. I’m sorry to hear he’s moved on. He was a good troop.

  44. Inbred Redneck says:

    I think I got here via Blackfive. Usually drop in on Sundays so I’m just findin’ this thread. Proud to be celebratin’ our 47th anniversary in June, also proud of our daughter who did 8 years as an Airframer in USNavy.
    USArmy myself, 10/25/67 to 10/17/69 and was with AlphaCo,4th/47th,9th InfDiv as an 11Bravo from early April of ’69 ’til early June. 106th in Japan for a couple of months, then Big Green sent me to Okinawa and I ended up pretendin’ to be 36Kilo.
    My wife and I still laugh about Round Ranger, but most all of the do-rag, service dog, leather vest wannabe bikers you guys find are always good for a chuckle.
    Been wonderin’ what’s become of Robert Mallentree (sp?) who used to post occasionally.
    Thanks, you guys, for chasin’ down the SV posers, eternal thanks to Jonn for gettin’ this place goin’ and bein’ a wonderful human being, and thanks to everybody here just for makin’ this a place that feels almost as good as home, ignorin’ the shit out in the rest of the world.
    Oh, yeah, I’ll be 71 in a few weeks and still goin’ to work 6 days a week, just because I can.

  45. JoMack says:

    US Army 1978-2000
    I drop in every day, but I have never posted. I couldn’t hope to keep up with the wit of the regulars here,
    Worked Nike Hercules Missile and Launcher repair for my fist six years and Patriot Direct and General Support for the rest of my career.
    Deployed to Desert Shield/Storm and again the following year to Saudi and Kuwait.
    Got a Job as a Department of the Army Civilian supporting Patriot units and deployed six more times with Patriot and once with the Apache Longbow as a LAR (Logistics Assistance/Equipment Specialist). I intend to retire for the final time next year and spend all my time spoiling my wife, who has put up with me for 24 years what with the PCS moves and deployments, and finding ways to make my grandchildren smile.

  46. 3/10/MED/b says:

    Well, Hell, Welcome to all of you.


  47. RO8 says:

    Read daily, comment never (well, just this once)

    USN 1997-2003
    Nuke MM
    USS John C. Stennis (CVN-74)

    Thank you for doing what you do.

  48. Sydonia says:

    Been visiting this site for MANY years now, and barely comment, but look forward to MANY more years of reading these articles!

    USAF 2002-2007

  49. MrFace says:

    USAF – Alabama Air National Guard (2001-Present)
    3C072/3D072 Whole career field

    Crusty Old MSgt.

    All present and accounted for. Check in on the site pretty much daily; post pretty much monthly(or if I feel inclined.)


  50. Torinojon says:

    Long-time reader, mostly just a lurker. 6 years USAF aviation, 4 years Army Reserves 88M.