Nathan Phillips – “Vietnam Times” Veteran

| January 21, 2019


By now you have all seen the images and read about the controversy surrounding the encounter at a rally in Washington, D.C. involving some high school students and a Native American – Nathan Phillips.

Nathan is a tribal elder and has often been put forth as a Marine Corps Vietnam veteran.

We have filed for his military records but the point of this article is that there are stories all over the place about what Phillips’ status is and to do this right takes time.

But in the media’s rush to get a story out — what “facts” rise to the surface and what did Phillips actually say about his military service?

As a good example, in this CNN newscast, Phillips states that he is a “Vietnam Times Veteran” while CNN runs the label below him quoting him as saying  “I am a Vietnam Veteran…” which is not what he said.

Then, CNN puts up the label of “Native American War Vet”…

Now, “Vietnam times” seems to be an interesting way of stating his service, but did it really mean “Vietnam era” or simply his time in Vietnam?  According to his direct quote with NewsMaven, he uses the same terminology but also extends it to “Marine Corps times” sounding like a period in his life.

Nathan Phillips: Thank you for your support. I could do some more prayers. Honestly. I’m still scared. I’m still feeling vulnerable. But I’m not gonna back down. Those young people from that school, that song was a prayer for their future and my children’s future. We’re facing critical times and we’ve got to make choices, and they’re going to be some hard choices.

I’m not a chief or anything. But I feel like at that moment it was for me to do what I’ve always said in for a long time is that I’m expendable. You know, when I was in Vietnam times and when I was in the Marine Corps times, that’s what I was. I was expendable. Expendable to corporate greed. You know, in all wars, especially the ones that are going down for the oil, you know, we’re fighting against — the pipelines. Now that we’re at a point where we’ve drawn the line, we’ve got to stand that line. All of us.

We have received a lot of questions about Nathan Phillips’ actual service but until his military records come back, the best we could do is to look for a signature in the digital reference library known as the internet.

In a article, it states that Mr. Phillips “was placed in a foster home as a child and later joined the Marines and served in Vietnam.”   However, this was not a direct quote from Nathan Phillips.  This seemed to reference a Detroit Free Press article which emphasized Phillips’ life story.

In the Detroit Free Press article, it claims Phillips is a “former Marine” and went on later to elaborate more, stating that Phillips served in the Vietnam War.

Born in Nebraska into the Omaha tribe, Phillips said he was five years old when he was “taken away from my family and put in foster care … until I was 17.”

Phillips said he grew up in an abusive home, started working on construction and lumber jobs, and then joined the Marines, serving in the Vietnam War.

He later moved to Washington, D.C., and became active with Native American issues. He’s now with the Native Youth Alliance and also does work with Native American veterans.

It is important to point out that Phillips was not quoted directly, so there’s always the possibility of an over-zealous reporter hearing “Vietnam-Times veteran” or “Vietnam-Era veteran” and assigning their own take on it.

If one were to go back further, The Warren Record (NC) published an article on February 4, 2009 titled “Drum Group Showcases Native American Culture.”  They referred to Phillips as a “Vietnam veteran” although he was not quoted directly as saying that.

In a recent article by The Arizona Daily Star on January 20, 2019, they stated that Phillips was a “Vietnam War veteran” and as before, Phillips was not quoted directly.

It has been reported several times in the media that Nathan Phillips is 63-64 years old.  That would have put him at 18 years old in 1973, so he would have graduated high school in either 1972 or 1973.  It would have been an extremely tight timeline to have him in the country of Vietnam during the War.  This alone has some people raising questions.

So, as we at TAH do the right thing and wait for all the correct facts and documentation to come in, we can watch this story play out in the media as to Nathan Phillips’ military service – what he actually claimed and what the media is claiming.

Maybe some of the TAH ninjas can find other quotes and/or piece together more information from their own experiences?

Some will be quick to claim it a case of Stolen Valor but what did Mr. Phillips actually claim?  Others may be embarrassed that they went with a story too quickly before all the facts were checked – because it was too sexy to ignore and it fit their narrative.  It will be interesting to see how some folks will backtrack.

As the old saying goes – time will tell.

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  1. H1 says:

    PI in ’75 so also “Vietnam Era” Marine but it was all over but the crying by the time I graduated.
    Greatly disappointed in the entire event.
    Chaperones shoulda pinched that shit off way before it got outta hand.
    Move the kids or make an adult barrier.
    Phillips assaulting a minor without a chaperones permission?
    Heard most of the chaparoes were off relocating the girl.
    Following this thread…

    • LC says:

      Agree that chaperones should’ve gotten involved, but the high school kid wrote his own version of events here, and it’s pretty compelling:

      • Animal says:

        Hate the kids have to learn the hard way about what the press is capable of, but better learn it now I guess.

        • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

          IMHO today’s news media is just as much if not more of a whorehouse than most of politics!

          • MCPO NYC USN Ret. says:

            My kid has been instructed: When you see a camera or cell phone pointed in your direction … exit the area at 90 degrees. Continue 90 degree turns ‘till threat has been neutralized.

      • The Other Whitey says:

        Even from the five-second clip the LSM keeps looping, I was scratching my head and wondering, “Where’s all this taunting and screaming, and whatnot they keep going on about? Looks to me like Phillips was getting in the kid’s face, not the other way around.” The video seems a lot more in line with the kid’s version of events.

      • rgr769 says:

        If you think that is compelling, you should watch the whole unedited video where Phillips walks over the high school kid and gets right in his face, beating his drum and yelling at him. What would you do if I started beating a drum six inches from your nose while calling you names and telling you to get out of my country?

      • Della says:

        And watching the longer versions of the incident, I believe the young man.

      • Rose Scotto says:

        Yes that would be because his parents hired a PR firm which probably wrote the compelling response

        • rgr769 says:

          Watch the video, Miss Proggy.

        • DMSamuels says:

          The student in the viral photograph, as well as one of his classmates, have both issued written statements. They originally thought that the Native American approaching them was being friendly … and then were completely confused when he got in their faces. Extended footage and video from other bystanders completely corroborate their timeline of events. The students did absolutely nothing wrong. Read the student’s statement and watch the video footage of the Native American getting in the KID’S face, not the other way around. The kids went on to defend the gay community and their black friend when the black Hebrew separatist group continued to taunt them. These maga kids were doing a lousy job at being hateful bigots.

          • ITSa341 says:

            Not sure how them getting help with their statement is relevant when their statement matches the dozens of videos and eye witness accounts.

            The teens had already endured over an hour of racial and homophobic verbal abuse from the same Black Hebrew Israelites who had for two hours berated the Native American group and was still verbally abusing Nathan Phillips as he walked into the group of teens and created the confrontation.

            Nathan Phillips in his Detroit Free Press video admitted that he had lied and it was him who approached the boys and caused the confrontation. He went on to replace his first lie with a 2nd lie claiming he had witnessed the teens attacking the Black Hebrew Israelites…which was already proven a lie by the videos before he told the new lie. Nathan had never been approached or surrounded by the boys and numerous videos showed there were two paths ten foot wide for him to walk away if he had wanted to.

            One of Nathan’s companions who was there even admitted that the teens were never disrespectful and in fact tried to honor the native americans by joining them in their prayer chants.

            There were no racial slurs or “Build the wall” chants or comments from the teens. The only chants from the teens were the school spirit chant and their team rally cries which they used to drown out the racial and homophobic verbal abuse the Black Hebrew Israelites were using to abuse students of color in the teen group.

            Those teens did absolutely nothing wrong. Only the morally corrupt would even continue to make any claims to the contrary after watching the dozens of unedited videos and reading the witness testimonies.

      • Rhonda Brow says:

        Yeah…um, no high school kid writes like that. That was a prepared statement that reads like a lawyer wrote it.

        • HMC Ret says:

          NO high school kid writes like that? How would you know how ALL high school kids write? Do you have insight that others are lacking? Thanks for letting us know how ALL high school kids don’t write.

          • mike says:

            Funny how Everyone enjoyed a Holliday On Monday. how great Mr. King was for Justice, equal, and Faith. How we could agree to disagree and all strive for the same purpose of Brotherhood and Yet No one in the media, the school officials, ever got his message….. The truth will set you free ! Those kids are the truth and yet Tweets to destroy Facts is the new America. These kids got what Mr. King Died for and the media wants to take their dignity…..

        • Ex-PH2 says:

          No high school kid writes like that, huh, Rhonda? How would you know? Are all the high school kids in your district dimwits?

          I wrote “like that” when I was in high school, but we were all expected to use our brains for something besides hat racks.

          When you make a statement based on your own ignorance, rather than facts, you tell everyone just how prejudiced YOU are.

          These kids go to a Catholic school. Those private school are much more demanding than public schools and the kids get a really good education. A LOT is expected of them.

          You are wrong and you owe those “high school kids” an apology.

          • Mike B says:

            Is “Rhonda Brown” and “Rhonda Brow” the same person commenting?

          • Kristen says:

            You wrote my response for me!!! I’m a Catholic HS graduate and I wrote well also!

          • Alain says:

            Your comment does not address the issue. As someone who was a catholic and went to catholic schools I can assure you that the public school system is just as good as the private school system. As to the behavior of these “kids”, there is no excuse for it.

            I am not certain what kind of religious school would support a draft dodging, pathological liar but in my world I instilled values into my kids. Allowing students to wear hats that support a wife cheater, a con man and a racist is a non starter for anyone who claims to have values.

            The students involved should be expelled, the school held in the public view as an example of religion gone wrong. And for the record I also served during the Vietnam war while #cadetbonespurs was doctor shopping to avoid being “patriotic”.

        • Anon Army says:

          Are you jealous because the kid has a better mastery of the English than you’re displaying?

          See what I did there? I learned that in high school English while learning to write well-crafted, cohesive essays.

        • Gail says:

          Yet everyone heaped praise on the Florida kids for their writings.

        • Turlough says:

          I did then, and I do now. It’s called prep school for a reason.

        • Icabod says:

          As a teacher and parent, I’m pretty sure adults were involved.
          First, any statement that goes out has better be legally correct and it’s going under a media microscope.
          Second, given the death threats, the school closing and the media feeding frenzy, if a lawyer wasn’t involved it would have been reckless.
          I’m not sure if you’re a parent. In my case I would have my child write the draft,then correct it. Finally have a lawyer and likely a school official check it. The is nothing wrong with doing this.
          About the “adult wrote this.” Turn it around. Were his statement been written and sent out by the student, it would be torn apart as an example of how poor the school was and how poorly he wrote.
          Remember the point of the letter was to get information out. Based on the lack of the naysayers finding fault with the facts present, he did quite well.

        • Marg says:

          If David Hogg had released it, you be saying “He sure earned that ride to Harvard!”

      • HMC Ret says:

        I read that yesterday and the young boy is absolute in his assertion that he and the other children did nothing wrong and repeatedly attempted to minimize the situation.

        When I first read this I had an idea what was going to take place in the lame stream media. As API states below, the MSM is little more than a collection of whores with access to microphones and cameras. The boy and his family are getting harassing messages and even death threats. This is my surprised face. Should I do it again?

      • Mike Brady says:

        FACT: The high school kid’s parents paid a PR firm in Louisville, KY, to write his statement.

      • Chiron8839 says:

        LC, the kid wrote with the guidance of a PR firm hired by his parents to spin the narrative.

    • dpc says:

      Wiki has him as Ranger too, more training ime, b
      but then again the ran with false story sat hour after Indian new published it-

      • Flagwaver says:

        Marine Ranger? Also, he enlisted in 1972 and the last Marines, 3rd MAB, pulled out in 1971.

        • Sean dolan says:

          Marines are not rangers, army has rangers…marines have force recon and snipers.

          • Toehead says:

            During my time in The Corps I distinctly remember a cadence we used to sing while doing formation runs. It said “I wanna be a recon ranger, live a life of ? and danger. And that’s the only thing I can think of to legitimize the word ranger.

            • Peter the Bubblehead says:

              I remember that cadence from a cassette tape I used to listen to when I ran during the time I was prepping for NROTC back in the Walkman 80’s.

              • IDC SARC says:

                Even the straight leg Infantry Marines sometimes score Ranger School billets…I’ve known several.

                Recon is not just Force Recon either…ya got Battalion Recon which is more of the Amphibious Recon side and serves the BLT Commander and other missions as well as Regimental Recon.

                Some of what y’all are saying is true, but it’s not precisely true.

                Currently in the era of the Raiders it’s all been revamped and relabeled…but that another story.

                • rgr769 says:

                  That may be true now, but there we no Marine E-3’s going to Ranger School in 1972.

                  • IDC SARC says:

                    ok…see that’s what I originally was asking for clarification on elsewhere in the thread.
                    Time frame is often important in such matters.

                    Thanks rgr769

            • Nick says:

              I remember being attached to a Marine platoon in 74′ and we sang “I wanna be a Recon Ranger, live a life of danger….” actually I loved marching then–great songs. I assume Force Recon guys attended Ranger school hence the name.

            • Firebase says:

              I was in Force Recon, and we used that chant also. Same tune as “I wanna be an Airborne Ranger,” but “Airborne” is strictly an Army term, so we substituted “Recon.”

            • Just An Old Dog says:

              Toehead, same here. It was all about having a word that rhymed with danger.
              I never ONCE heard a bonafide Recon Marine refer to himself as a Ranger or Recondo. Even the ones who went through some of the Ranger Courses.

              • IDC SARC says:

                Same here Old Dog. Never heard a Marine or Sailor that was Ranger qualified title himself that way. I can also probably count on one hand the number of Recon Marines I’ve ever heard refer to themselves as Frogmen.

                On the other hand…we can’t help what people call us despite correcting them personally. I’ve been referred to as a Recondo, and a SEAL despite making spot corrections to some civilians repeatedly.

                That’s also why I don’t do interviews. Once that shit is written down, good luck trying to convince somebody you never said something.

        • Catherine Johnstone says:

          Retired Navy SEAL, Don Shipley has posted Phillips military records. USMC, private, refer mach. May72-1976, private. Went AWOL 3x from El Toro, Cal. His military name:Nathaniel Richard Stanard. Never saw Nam or left the States.

      • Anonymous says:

        PX Ranger…

    • Ray says:

      The kids had free time and we’re standing in front of the Lincoln Memorial. Why on earth should high school students have to have chaperones at one of the most revered sites in America?

      • Mason says:

        I was thinking the same. This was the pickup point for their bus. That the kids acted as well as they did in the face of such instigation shows their maturity.

      • Jus Bill says:

        DC on Multi-March Day is why. Also, they’re MINORS.

      • HAW.West. says:

        The kids were waiting in the bus pickup area, as the driver had instructed them to do.
        This may or may not come as a shock, but buses have designated parking, that is outside of the parking area for cars and motorcycles.

    • Vernon says:

      The Marines left Vietnam in April of 1971. That would make him even you get while in Vietnam.

    • I graduated from H.S. in 1973.My draft numberwas pretty low as I recall, so I was happy Nixon did away with the draft. My older brother was in Vietnam ’69-’71 and Several friends.My brother in law didn’t make it back. While you all know better than I, It seems to me the so called news media is the problem here.Yes, there were mistakes made by misdirected and confused Ideals,but what was a misunderstanding was turned into something that wasn’t really anything. Thanks to too many 24 hour “NEWS?” channels. They don’t even call it “Channel 6″anymore, now it’s “6 News”. What’s happened to the Golden Rule? Now it’s I’m OK you aren’t!?!

    • BR says:

      Phillips is quoted directly…even called himself a recon ranger. Hmmm…this guy is a fraud!


      Marine combat operations ended in 1971. This guy’s story doesn’t hold water.

    • Cynthia says:

      I don’t think the kids even thought there was a problem…they were a group waiting for their bus and this old guy came into their face chanting…they just continued to stand there. There was no aggression from the students, there was no cussing from the students. But Mr Phillips walked aggressively toward these boys with he’s members of his group behind him and then lied over and over every time he was interviewed with different comments and every one of them he was scared and scared…my brother is a Vietnam vet and I find this man to be disgusting …you can’t steal valor! You have to earn it

  2. BlueCord Dad says:

    Anybody here willing to bet that the reality is going to be different than the narrative?
    If this guy was born ‘55(as was I) then from what I’ve seen his “Vietnam Times” thing will probably be his out….grab the popcorn

  3. OWB says:

    Caution is always good. Getting facts before reacting to something is also good.

    • AW1Ed says:

      It’s how Jonn did business, and he never lost a Stolen Valor case in court. Very glad Dave is doing the same.

  4. HT3 '83-'87 says:

    Not rushing to judgment? Waiting for corroboration from multiple sources? You are an embarrassment to Yellow Journalism!!!

    As soon as I read, he a “Vietnam Vet” and these “white nationalist/Trump supporters/white males” instigators were causing trouble my antenna went up. Jake Tapper defending a vet? A VN vet? He was in diapers during that war, but he was firmly against our involvement in SE Asia. His age is a problem as stated above. I’m 53, and all the 30-somethings I work with think when I say I was vet they think of Vietnam…oh, what they aren’t teaching in school nowadays. I tell them you need to be almost 70 to be in country during the Tet Offensive. He probably did serve, but not in SE Asia and not during Vietnam. I have seen a few news orgs doing some homework on this and updating their coverage. About time! I know that accusations are always in the headlines, and retractions are buried on the back pages. By now, most of the NPC’s with their short attention span have moved on to the next outrage.
    “Orange Man, bad!”
    “White male students, bad!”
    “People from Kentucky, bad!”

    • MSG Eric says:

      “oh, what they aren’t teaching in school nowadays.”

      Hell, I had to teach one of my AIT Students who was 18 about the freakin’ metric system. I’m still not sure what I should be more upset about, the fact he made it through high school without learning about the metric system, or through basic training.

      • Anonymous says:

        Concur, kids and their knowledge today are like something out of the Beavis and Butthead Ensucklopedia: “1840: Spanish-America War– Rambo kicks Germans’ ass.”

      • Mason says:

        I blame the schools. If he didn’t know how many mils were on a lensatic compass, then basic didn’t do their job. 😉

        • 11B-Mailclerk says:

          Grist mills or textiles?


          • 11B-Mailclerk says:


            That actually happend.

            • PFM says:

              I was telling a professor in one of my history classes what is was like to serve during the Cold War – to the rest of the class it was like we were talking about ancient Rome :). If it didn’t happen yesterday, they don’t wanna know about it.

              • HMC Ret says:

                PFM: Sounds familiar. I went back to college after retiring from the Navy in 1991. Explaining to the class what it was like to serve would often elicit giggles from the Heathers and Brittanys. They didn’t get it. The professors were cool, though, and genuinely interested in the experiences of someone who served, although never in combat. Some kids caught up to me after classes and barraged me with questions.

          • BigJohn says:

            General Mills

          • James Manis says:

            You guy crack me up!

    • Purpleslog says:

      Other possibilities for 1972/1973/1974/1975: 1) Embassy Security detachment? 2) Was there a navy base with Marine guards in Vietnam? ? 3) Where there any US Ships mostly working out of Vietnam with Marine detachments? 4) Didn’t marines try a rescue in 74 or 75 of a Navy Ship and crew captured near Cambodia?

      We will know one way or another in a few days.

  5. Mason says:

    Here’s some quotes from him. “I’m from Vietnam times. I’m what they call a recon ranger.”

    So I can give him the benefit of the doubt that the reporters interpreted him wrong and assigned him to the Vietnam War. What I will not give him the benefit of the doubt for is “recon ranger” being anything a Marine would say.

    • Animal says:

      Except when it is immediately preceded by “All I wanna be is a” and followed by “Live the life of guts and danger.”

    • H1 says:

      That would be Recon Marine, 0321.
      Anyone asked him if he was PI or Hollywood?

    • Anonymous says:

      His name should be Running Mouth instead because that’s all that is plausible…

    • David Durham says:

      i would like to know how this man was a recon ranger,because i was in viet nam in 1971 and they pulled my unit which was 1st recon bn,and we never said ranger because that was army we were just recon marines

      • Warren Manigault says:


        Recon = Marines, Ranger = Army, neither group referred to themselves as ‘recon rangers’.

        His use of this term makes his claim suspect. I was drafted in 70 at age 20, and honorably discharged during the de-escalation in 1972.

        I got out two months early on my hitch. As has been said, if he went in in 72, it is highly unlikely that he was ‘in country’. This would make him at most a Vietnam Era Vet.

      • IDC SARC says:


        Celer Silens Mortalis 🙂

      • rgr769 says:

        Your unit left RVN in April, 1971. I was at Camp Reasoner when the last long range patrol team came in from the field that month. The rest of the 1st Recon Battalion had already re-turned to Okinawa. My company assumed responsibility for the 1st Recon Battalion’s AO the first week in May, 1971. I don’t know about your unit, but we had no feather Indian Marines in my Ranger company.

  6. Mason says:

    This guy also has a history of creating these “racist” incidents.

    Read that and tell me it sounds like something that isn’t entirely made up?

    • HMCS(FMF) ret says:

      I’d call him a “professional victim”… seems like wherever he goes, something happens to him.

      • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

        Just my thought, his breed does all it can to instigate and anger people all they can and then claim victim status as soon as they react, just like the Westboro Baptist Inbreds always did.

  7. MSG Eric says:

    Someone should’ve told that kid he’s not allowed to assault anyone else at a rally unless he’s a liberal.

  8. MustangCryppie says:

    Weren’t there any troops left there between 73 and 75? I was 18 at the time in 73, but not in the Navy. Embarrassed to say, i just can’t remember this.

    A shipmate of mine was on a ship off the coast and flew into Saigon on Helos evacuating people. He’d be a Vietnam vet, wouldn’t he?

    Anyway, seems conceivable that he could have been in country. But I’ll wait to see the evidence.

    • Anonymous says:

      He lied about his age, enlisted at 14 and was in the same prison camp with Rambo…

    • Perry Gaskill says:

      When Nixon was elected in ’68, it was partly due to a planned “Vietnamization” policy in which the Vietnamese would assume responsibility for fighting the NVA. If memory serves, almost all the American combat line units had been pulled out by the end of ’71. It was sometimes a strange sight to see where large firebases had been turned into virtual ghost towns. Of the Americans who remained, a lot were advisers.

      One of the reasons to question Phillips’ story is that although the Marines were among the first combat troops to arrive in RVN, they were also among the first to leave. At the time I DEROSed in the Spring of ’72, the only Marines I remember running across were some up in Danang, and a small detachment down in Saigon who were probably assigned to stuff like embassy duty. But I could be wrong.

      • rgr769 says:

        I was sent to Da Nang in early May 1971. My company was replacing the 1st Recon Battalion, which was being sent back to Okinawa along with the rest of the 1st Marine Division. After about July, 1971 there were no Marine ground combat units left in the Da Nang area. The Marine heavy lift helo unit down the road from me at Camp Reasoner had abandoned their base and the buildings had been stripped by the locals.

      • JT Rowe says:

        1/1 Cav 196 Light Infantry Bde Oct 71-June 72.

    • Tom Moran says:

      Marines were out of Nam in 1971. Back for evac in ‘75.

    • Rob says:

      The Marines were completely out of Vietnam by June of 1971. The Army didn’t leave Vietnam until March of 1973. Phillips said he was in the Marines from 1972-1976. This guy has been in and out of the media spotlight for decades and they always refer to him as a Vietnam Vet and he doesn’t correct them. His “I served during Vietnam times” Is a weaselly way to steal valor from actual war vets. If called out he will feign innocence and say I said Vietnam times.

      • Slow Joe says:


      • Ret_25X says:

        they get the “vietnam vet” from someone.

        That appellation is most likely coming from him or is group of useful idiots. The typists and talking heads get the idea from someone.

        They use weasel words in public appearances, but the real info is “off the record” and “given as background” by the group.

        They then do nothing to correct anyone allowing the “vietnam vet” meme to hang in the air to support their supposed cause.

        Also, it appears he was attempting to “support” a racist group also protesting in the area.

        He is a fabulist who creates drama and then moves aside to allow the SJW network to extend the narrative.

        In other words, a turd.

        • Rick Randall says:

          He explicitly identified himself (1:08 mark, approximately) in 2015 as a “Vietnam Vet”, and his bios from various leftist activist groups hes a part of or who sponsor him as a star attendee have reliably referred to him as a “Vietnam vet” for almost ten years I can find.

      • Ann says:

        Well said. He has already proven hes a lying sack of shit victimizing kids for political agendas. He is the leader of Native Youth Alliance, who is conveniently accepting donations for him. Also, a gofundme account was created by people in outrage and collected over $15,000 in 2 days. The attorney, Chase Iron Eyes, who says he was there, is actually listed as “Politician” on fb, and can be seen in a video from some other time blaming things on “Trump Tyranny”. I read an account from an oil worker claiming he had vandalized where he worked so that oil would spill out and soak the ground. Some shady shit here. My Dad, Paul N. Hickert,” was a FAQ in Vietnam, and was involved in many enemy engagements. He wrote a very good book about his time there, and published it right before he died of cancer in 2017. It is called “Head Hunter 19 AKA Eagle Eye.” Email if interested to me at
        This sissy is a professional victim and I believe we will see that this too is fraudulent. I dont know any Vietnam Veteran that refers to themself as a Vietnam Times Veteran. The fact that he is qualifying it and letting people misquote him speaks volumes! A LOT of people are going to want to kick this dudes ass if he is trying to gain sympathy off of the service of real Vietnam Veterans and those who really died risk their lives for our country.

      • Tony says:

        I was with Marine F4 squadron VMFA 115 in Danang after being pulled out of Chu Lai in July 1970. I left country (Danang) and went back to the world in jan 1971. My MAG13 left in April ’71 and they were last Marine air in country.

    • SK2Bob says:

      MustangCryppie, going by the Vietnam Service Medal campaign eligibility dates the war ended January 28th, 1973. My ship (MSS-2) served as a minesweeper in helping to sweep Haiphong Harbor of mines in April and again in June of 1973. I doubt North Vietnam would have let us cruise around their main port if hostilities by US troops was still taking place down south.

      So US combat operations came to an official end on the 28th of Jan, 1973, but we did return on the 29-30th of April, 1975 for “Operation Frequent Wind” to evacuate our embassy and all of the friendlies we could carry. Frequent Wind counts as Vietnam service, and rates a VSM with campaign star, but the Mayaguez Incident a couple of weeks after Frequent Wind is not eligible for award of the VSM.

      Your Frequent Wind Navy buddy should count as a Vietnam Veteran, but Phillips would have to have been in country VN or aboard ship offshore before January 29th, 1973, or in our embassy or aboard ship during Frequent Wind.

  9. 5th/77th FA says:

    Yep, this will turn into a sh^t show for sure. I’ll see if my luck at the betting window holds up.

    Chief Tom Tom will turn out to be an embellishing parasite on society. Look forward to seeing him back on here in 4 – 8 weeks. Have a BnL was with BIA in Nebraska. He has some stories.

    Lame stream media, if they retract anything, it will be at ogawdthirty on the 31st of Feb; and on page 7, lower left corner below the ad for replacement windows.

    The kid in the MAGA hat will show up in the media voting for dTrump in 2020.

    Place your bets ladies and gentlemen.

    • J young says:

      Trump wont be back in 2020. He is a conman,grifter,money launderer,tax fraud,and a pedophile and child rapist. He is on a downward spiral.

      • NHSparky says:

        Jesus, how much did Soros pay you?

      • 26Limabeans says:

        You forgot the part about how we can earn $30,000 a week with this fabulous new weight loss pill. And the link, you forgot the link.

      • NR Pax says:

        Trump was going to be defeated by Hillary in a landslide. You really should get Dionne Warwick’s psychic friends to help you out.

      • Ret_25X says:

        you guys keep screaming about these things, but the only evidence of fraud, con, pedophilia, tax evasion, and russia collusion is on Clinton, Podesta, and Menendez.

        I know that it is easy to dupe lefties, but it doesn’t work on the rest of us. Once you actually see where the corruption is, it is impossible not to see it.

      • Uncle Al says:

        When your head spins while you’re getting high, EVERYTHING appears to be on a downward spiral.

      • Hack Stone says:

        Maybe he is, but he is sleeping in The White House tonight, and Hillary Clinton is not.

    • Ret_25X says:

      the leftwork is already taking down their twit posts to hide their complicity.

      Thankfully, the internet is forever.

  10. Daisy Cutter says:

    This is interesting.

    On the Indian Country Today website, a website featuring Native American news, they quote Phillips as saying:

    “In a previous interview with Phillips, he told Indian Country Today that the Vietnam era was not easy as a marine. “People called me a baby killer and a hippie girl spit on me.””

    Vietnam-era veterans were spit on and called baby killers? That’s not only an outrage, it is hard for me to wrap my head around.

    • Jonathan Munson says:

      They were Mam’m. I have a number of relatives who served in country and they were treated like crap when they returned.

    • HT3 '83-'87 says:

      How many POSers have used the “I was spit on…called a baby killer” line? We’ve all heard that it happened to “a friend of a friend of a marine/soldier back in ’69”, but the only time we knew for sure it was used by John Rambo talking to Col. Trautman. I’m calling Bravo Sierra on Mr. Phillips if he really did use that line.

      • Green Thumb says:

        COL Trautman was the man.

        We sent him into the Gan because Rambo would not take the mission.

        I mean, he had to be about 70 years old or such when he went in.

        That is hardcore loyalty and dedication.

        If only he could speak to those superiors…

      • Ann says:

        My Dad was a Vietnam Veteran that didnt talk about his service for 18 years. It was only when he was in his 50s and 60s that he was open about it. He wrote a book about his enemy engagements and battles with asshole commanders before he died. He was a FAQ in the Army and received several distinguished flying crosses and other honors. He told me that when he went to visit his sister in a psychiatric hospital (she was schizophrenic) not long after he got home, she said, “Where have you been? I have been waiting for you.” He got choked up and walked out into the hallway to get a Coke. As he approached the machine a patient called him a baby killer. He said that the next thing he knew his hands were around the guys throat and he had him pinned against the wall. His sister committed suicide in that hospital later. I think that whole situation and incident scarred him badly, because while he did eventually speak openly about what happened in Vietnam, he didnt tell that story to many people.

        • Ann says:

          Oops. I just looked at my Dads book. It was one Distinguished Flying Cross with 1 Oak Leaf Cluster, not several. Air medal with 33 oak leaf clusters, Air Medal with Valor Device, Bronze Star Medal, Vietnamese Gallantry Cross with Silver Star, Army Commendation Medal, National Defense Service Medal, RVNCM, and VCM. I dont even know what all these mean. Sorry about that. I hope I didnt mislead anyone. I dont know how to edit my post above.

      • rgr1480 says:

        Geee … my dad was 5th SFG from 1965-66; he didn’t get spat upon nor called “baby killer” when he returned.

        I wonder if he feels cheated?

      • HT3 '83-'87 says:

        I was in 4th grade when Saigon fell, so no personal experience. I served with chiefs, mine, and senior officers, 2 CO’s, that served in SE Asia during the war. When the line from Rambo was ever discussed, they heard it happened, but it was always from somebody who heard it from somebody about somebody…Maybe they weren’t picking on sailors. It just always seems to be the “go-to” line POSers throw out even when some didn’t serve until after the war.

        My chief was on a destroyer picking downed flyers that made it to feet-wet and both of my CO’s drove A-6’s, so they were apart of the action. Maybe the Navy wasn’t getting the bad PR like Army & Marines, or maybe when a couple hundred sailors ‘hitting the beach’ at the same time versus these lame-asses going after solitary soldiers/marines was more to their liking. Either way; they suck and those who served deserve our appreciation. BZ to all.

      • James Manis says:

        Easy Boys shit happens and it happened to me to! I got more time in the chow line than most of the circle A hero’s. RVN 67,68 70&71, Iraq 05/ 06. That’s right. 37 years. when I came back in 71 The day before we landed some crazy shot a service man at the airport and killed the guy. We were getting out of uniform as fast as possible.

        By the way everyone is doing the age and date check. I first joined the Army at 16, and got caught and sent home from MEPS. My best friend was 15, and showed up back home 10 weeks later wearing his uniform, and has just graduated from basic training. When he found out I wasn’t in he never went back. The MPs had him arrested and his Mother went to Benning and threatened to sue and the discharged him for under age.
        If this guy is a fraud he will get what’s coming to him.

    • In December 1965 we were on our way to Vietnam departing from Seattle, in dress greens, just out of A.I.T., we were in a column of ducks and escorted by some NCO who encouraged us to keep in column as a bunch of hippies spat at us and called us baby killers.

      Wrap your head around that.

      • MCPO NYC USN Ret. says:


        I am confused. When did the anti war movement start in the 1960’s? And where and when exactly did this incident occur? I would like to know more.


        • Steve says:


          We were flying out of Seattle to Japan, flying commercial. From Japan to Saigon, military, arriving at camp Alpha just in time to catch the Bob Hope show for Xmas 1965. I don’t remember any other protests along the way except for the Seattle airport.


          • Steve says:


            A correction to my above comments, that was a long time ago.

            We were in class B uniforms, the hippies were behind a rope line and Seattle airport police were present.


          • Mason says:

            I didn’t know the hippies/anti-war started with that so early. I had thought it was ’68 and all points later.

          • Ex-PH2 says:

            The hippies and the anti-war protests started by at least 1966 because of the draft. There was a protest in Washington, DC in October of 1967. It started at the reflecting pool on the Mall, and then most of those people walked over to the Pentagon.

            I was living at the Naval Annex, in Quarters K, at the time, and had a full view of the Pentagon, across the mulitlane commuter avenue. A lot of people lived at the Naval Annex and worked at the Pentagon. That whole complex was demolished a few years back.

            The protest AT the Pentagon was mostly people milling around like a bunch of dopes. No violence, no draft card burning – just hanging around there. Someone – might have been two guys – tried to get into the Pentagon but the MPs threw him out. I was too far away to see any real details, just what went on.

            Someone told me the protesters were there to try to get into the Selective Service files.

            I don’t think it would have worked. You have to know your way around in that building to find anything at all, and I think the SS files were kept elsewhere, offsite, not there.

            There were several other protests in WDC after that, but they didn’t amount to much. The ‘babykiller’ stuff and the rest were random events. I didn’t run into it in college, either, and I don’t think my brother ran into it when he was at Fort Dix.

    • rgr769 says:

      I was actually called a “baby killer.” but it was in Cambridge, MA, a couple of blocks from Harvard U. I was wearing Class A’s (greens) and wearing my 10th Group green beret, so I am sure that stank-ass hippie college student thought I was the epitome of a war he hated. But the stuff about people spitting on us is bunk. I might add that was the only time anyone said anything derogatory to me in uniform.

      • Comm Center Rat says:

        rgr769 Appreciate the reality check from someone who has been there, done that, and lived the life. The Fall of Saigon occurred during my freshman year of high school. I’ve heard so many versions of the “spitting” and “baby-killing” incidents its hard to know what’s closest to the truth.

        BTW You must have been one bad ass mutha rockin’ your class A uniform near the campus of the Eastern Massachusetts Technical Institute for Boys (AKA Haaaaaaaarvard). That’s the ground zero of liberalism as a mental disorder.

        • rgr769 says:

          I had just been picked up by my Army Nurse fiancé at Logan Airport upon returning from England in Sept. 1972 (I had to fly in Class A’s). I wanted to have a good German beer and a bratwurst at this German deli in Cambridge; walking up the street was when I encountered the dipshit. My girl wanted me to whip his ass, but I didn’t want to have to explain my misconduct to Col. Little, the group C.O.

          • rgr769 says:

            I might add, Col. Little had recently had to get one of my fellow captains released from an arrest by New Jersey state troopers because he had a loaded Browning Hi-Power under the seat of his car when he was stopped by them on his way back from Ft. Bragg. So that was fresh in my mind.

          • I worked at that Deli in Harvard square. ZUM ZUMS? Hot potato salad, and birch beer with the brats and bauernwurst were off the chain! And yes there was a very rabid anti-war sentiment in the Peoples Republic of Cambridge MA. It was and remains the bastion of looney, liberal leftism to this very day!

        • Twist says:

          My late FIL wasn’t called a “baby killer” or spat on. He was called a murderer once. His response to that hippie was along the lines of “dude, I was just a helicopter mechanic”.

    • OWB says:

      Yes, VietNam ETA vets were spit upon and called baby killers. I am one of those who has had the very unpleasant experience.

      And I do indeed know others who were as well. Further, I have no reason to not believe my friends who were spit upon, and worse, when they landed places like Travis AFB and had to go through San Francisco to get home upon returning stateside.

  11. Sapper3307 says:

    He supports cop/FBI killers, EFF him sideways whatever his record is. He made his own teepee now he can sleep in it.

  12. thebesig says:

    Is this him?

  13. Jus Bill says:

    I found he was one of the loons at the Standing Rock Sioux demonstration in North Dakota a while ago, even though he was born an Omaha Sioux.

    Sounds like just another attention whore and mooch to me.

  14. Jim says:

    Link that provides more background into this incident:

    I am guessing that the public has already made up their minds regarding this, and that no matter what clarification may come forth, the damage is done.

  15. Keepin' It Real says:

    Wait a minute! Could it be?

    Now everything makes perfect sense.


    • Poetrooper says:

      Well that explains everything–two attention whores competing for the only camera present.

    • Green Thumb says:

      That’s funny.

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      I don’t know what to think of this bit of idiocy right now. I watched video elsewhere that came from Twitter, and Phillips was pounding that drum of his with a mallet, walked over to the students with someone following him, also carrying a drum, and it appears on that video that the students were keeping time with his drum beat. It appeared to be a peaceful encounter, from that video.

      This is turning into an idiotic display of overreach by the media who WANT a bad thing to happen, who manufacture such incidents even if they don’t exist (and there is plenty of evidence of that) and who want to see conflict where there may be none.

      So my question is this: if I get a permit and go to a public spot with a couple of round drums and start a drum beat, just for the hell of it, and others join me, are we having fun or is this some sort of war party episode manufactured by the media? They seem to have nothing else to do.

      Just askin’, because drum jamming is a popular thing to do, it’s primitive and good for you (lowers your blood pressure) and creates a sense of harmony in people who don’t know each other.

      Drums or percussion instruments are a universal instrument, most likely the earliest instrument humans created, dating back 165,000 years, and flutes come next, going back 67,000 years.

      It seems as though no one can do anything now without the media sticking its slimy oar into it, for the sole purpose of creating a scene, like the spoiled, obnoxious brats that they are. The only way to stop them is to out them for pernicious and consistent mendacity.

      IF anyone is an attention whore, it is those who work in media, and they will do anything, including lie their asses off, to get what they want.

    • That’s funnier than it ought to be.

  16. Brian says:

    “So, as we at TAH do the right thing and wait for all the correct facts and documentation to come in, we can watch this story play out in the media as to Nathan Phillips’ military service”

    You mean, like ETHICAL journalists, that artifact from decades past?

    Good for you. Would that the mainstream media show the restraint you’re exhibiting, this whole debacle would be nothing more than a few Facebook posts.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Just like Jesse Ventura!

  18. Veritas Omnia Vincit says:

    Two guys staring at each other, one smiling like an idiot while the other idiot bangs his ceremonial drum hardly seems the stuff of legend, but these days I’m not surprised it went viral.

    • Slow Joe says:

      “Both sides are equally bad!!!111”

      Got it, VOV.
      You can’t avoid reaching that conclusion.
      It is your meme, your stitch, your raison d’être.

      • Animal says:

        That conclusion is indeed true, but one is a kid and the other is an adult that in his senior years should know better. The kid is the one getting beat on.

    • Ret_25X says:

      In veritas, the kid likely had no idea what was going on. In the video it was clear he was also dancing along to the drum like the other kids.

      It must also be pointed out that chief drum drum was “supporting his brothers”, meaning a racist group also protesting nearby. The kids were reacting to the racism of the former group when chief drum drum escalated the encounter for his own ends.

      So, no, it is not “two guys staring at each other”. It is an act of aggression designed to create an appearance of conflict where none existed. Chief drum drum needs to be blamed solely and exclusively here.

      The adult ALWAYS has the responsibility to not escalate the situation.

      Unfortunately, chief drum drum was simply doing what he thought would create attention for himself and help cover for the racists he was protesting with.

      Veritas is a hard thing in a media environment where information has been created and packaged to elicit specific responses. But it is not impossible.

      If a reliable lefty like Tim Pool sees through this…

  19. JarHead Pat says:

    Look`s like a grown ass man trying to intimidate a 14 yr old boy..they should bury his drum at wounded knee, glad to see that VA dental paying off huge dividends for the chief, fucking recon poser.

  20. MCPO NYC USN Ret. says:

    Today at 1530 EST MCPO will be on the Lars Larsen Show talkjngvabout Stoken Valor and Mr. Phillips.

    You can access through his website and the bit will be replayed tonight on his National Show.

    See you on the radio.

    I am going to get my hair and nails done before the broadcast.

    • 5th/77th FA says:

      Two questions ‘Beans:

      (a) Why does you posting this not surprise me?

      (b) What took you so long?

      ps I have the original of this 33 rpm on polyvinyl carbon.

  21. Army1974-1978 says:

    Nathan Phillips Wiki page:

    Vietnam Veteran

    Phillips served in the U.S. military during the Vietnam War[2][7] in the Marine Corps[8] as a Recon Ranger [9] and Infantryman. [10

    ‘Recon Ranger’ is Army not Marines.

    Why didn’t Phillips approach the Black Antagonists who were calling both the Catholic Boys ‘crackers and school shooters’ and at the same time screaming at Phillips for being an Indian who worshiped Idols which caused the Indians to lose their land to White People?

  22. Rob says:

    Phillips says he was a Recon Marine from 1972-1976. The Marines left Vietnam almost a full year before the Army. In the spring of 1971 almost all Marines were out of Vietnam. The final 13k Marines left Da Nang in June of 1971. What he’s said and known timelines of Marines in Vietnam do not jive.

    Vietnam vets say they are Vietnam Vets, they don’t say I served during Vietnam times. He knows exactly what he’s doing.

    He’s allowed the media to misrepresent his service for decades and done nothing to correct them. If anyone calls him out he’s going to say I never said I was a Vietnam Vet, I said I served during Vietnam times.

    This is a weaselly way to steal valor from actual war yets and at the same time feign innocence.

  23. Arby says:

    Here’s another summary from twitchy. The best line is at the end “Don’t be silly. @SenBlumenthal is willing to vouch for him.”

    • Slow Joe says:

      I read much faster than people talk, and time is limited.

    • HMCS(FMF) ret says:

      Excellent interview with Lars Larson, Master Chief!

    • Ann says:

      Awesome interview! Just so you know, if you google “Nathan Phillips donations’ you will find that his daughter told an interviewer that donations could be sent to the Native Youth Alliance for which Phillips is the leader. Also a gofundme page was created by someone for him and has raised over $15,000 in 2 days.

  24. streetsweeper says:

    This Nathan Phillips, girlfriend (wife) & two kids also camped out on the National Mall, winters of 1999 & 2000. NPS lent him a heater to stay warm and finish his protest. In the article below, it states he went in the Marines @ 17 after being raised by a white family. Infantry (0311?) I was just a mud puppy and don’t know much else about youse jarheads.

    • Scoti Domeij says:

      This is what Native American Native Phillips said in the online Vogue Magazine article entitled “Return to Standing Rock,” on APRIL 18, 2018 written by REBECCA BENGAL: ““I have a relative here who said he’d lead the way and scout ahead for us,” Phillips continued, his voice breaking. “You know, I’m from Vietnam times. I’m what they call a recon ranger. That was my role. So I thank you for taking that point position for me.”

  25. Combat Historian says:

    Basically, the only Marine elements left in RVN incountry in 1972-73 were: 1. US Embassy Marine Detachment; 2. Small number of Marine officers/NCOs holding staff billets at MACV HQs; 3. US Marine advisors to the Vietnamese Marine Corps (VNMC). After the ‘73 withdrawal, we’re down to the Marine Embassy Detachment and a few Marines assigned to the US DAO as VNMC advisors. Nowhere does Phillips fit into any of these roles. I will await the SF 180, but I have a pretty good feel for where my bet is regarding this individual…

    • Combat Historian says:

      One addendum to above post is that at the height of the ARVN-VNMC counteroffensive to retake Quang Tri City In Northern I Corps during May thru September 1972, a U.S. MAU stood offshore to provide indirect support to the South Vietnamese effort, and Marine CH-53s from the MAU provided lift support to the South Viet forces advancing back into Quang Tri, with Sea Cobras providing escort and fire support…

    • Ken says:

      During the “Easter Invasion” by the NVA in 1972, there were also Marine ANGLICO (Air & Naval Gunfire Liaison) units in country who were critical in helping beat back the NVA. But Phillips would have been very specific if he were with ANGLICO. They have a lot of well deserved pride ;-).

    • 1stCavRVN11B says:

      As I’ve stated elsewhere, during the 1972 Easter offensive some regular units of Marines did actually redeploy back into VN. Specifically, I remember a fairly large combat contingent them deployed to Bien Hoa Airbase in 1972. Maybe Da Nang also?! If I remember correctly they were limited to perimeter guard, but I could be wrong. Many various branches of aircraft were brought back in-country to help support the U.S. and ARVN during the Easter Offensive. I would suggest waiting until official FOIA confirms or denies.

      • Combat Historian says:

        Yes indeed, a number of Marine aviation squadrons were returned to Vietnam in response to the NVA 1972 offensive, and support and other units to maintain and secure them. Best course is to await FOIA and see what it says…

  26. Flagwaver says:

    He was born in 1955 and says that he enlisted at 17. That puts his enlistment in 1972, but the last Marines (3rd MAB) flew out of Da Nang in July 1971.

    He also claims to be a Recon Ranger, but that doesn’t make sense. While the Marines allowed Rangers into their training under Special Forces, there were never any Marines allowed in U.S. Army Ranger training.

    • IDC SARC says:

      “there were never any Marines allowed in U.S. Army Ranger training.”

      You mean at that time? I personally know Marines and Sailors that have earned their Ranger tabs while in Recon units and/or SEAL Teams.

      I never had the privilege of attending Ranger School, but spent years listening to we got ya a billet, oh, your billet got canceled BS.

    • Guard Bum says:

      Sorry Flagwaver, I was a Marine Infantryman in the 70s – 90s and there were plenty of Marines who went through Army Ranger school. When I was a 1stLt I knew several Lieutenants who were very proud of their Ranger Tab which could not be worn on Marine uniforms but they would sew it on the inside breast pocket flap. Marines also went to Army Airborne school etc.

      • IDC SARC says:

        Yeah, in my time I only knew one guy that didn’t go the Benning for his wings…that guy went to Lakehurst, NJ when it was still operational.

        My graduation certificate even gave me Army Rank, though I know I filled out the forms correctly. SSN was correct so fuggit, I guess.

  27. Walter Hite says:

    Nathan Phillips

    12m12 minutes ago
    Replying to @DerbyScott40215
    I fought in Vietnam, didn’t I already answer that?

  28. Judith Knickerbocker says:

    So how long did “Vietnam times” last? I remember hearing the end being declared in 1973 Is it until 75?

    • Mason says:

      I think the generally agreed to definition is the eligibility criteria for the NDSM. So 1 Jan 1961 to 14 Aug 1974. However the fall of Saigon, Operation Frequent Wind, was 29-30 Apr 1975. I’d say that’s the absolute end of the “Vietnam Era”.

      • The Stranger says:

        I believe the Mayaguez incident happened after that and the KIAs from that operation are on the Vietnam Memorial Wall. Either way, Phillips wasn’t there, either.

    • rgr769 says:

      All US ground combat units were withdrawn by early 1972. Most major infantry units were withdrawn by late 1971. All Marine combat infantry units were withdrawn by the end of 1971. Chief Shitting Bull was not in any Marine infantry unit in Vietnam in 1972 (the year he says he enlisted in the Marine Corps) because there were none there, period.

      • rgr769 says:

        And now we know, Shitting Bull was a USMC reservist who exited the Corps after four years as an E-1 who had gone AWOL three times when he was stationed at El Toro in Commiefornia for two years. He was a refrigerator mechanic/electrician, more of a Freon ranger than a “recon ranger.” Could not get much more of a REMF in a time of war. I knew the dirty stringy haired professional prog grievance protester was a liar. Now it is confirmed by the Hair himself. Amazing what the Goat Locker can accomplish even when retired.

  29. Doug Sterner says:

    KUDOS to TAH for taking the right approach… research before accusing, and noting the differences between what he is quoted as saying and how others reported his words. That is the proper way to handle these and I SALUTE you for your measured, intelligent approach. As for “Era Veterans”… the NDSM for the Vietnam War is authorized only through August 1974 (although most troops were gone by mid-1973. So the timeline for that is still tight, but is possible. Keep up the good work.

    • Dave Hardin says:

      Good to hear from you Doug. Thank you for all of your outstanding work over the years.

      (You get one public warm fuzzy a year…enjoy.)

    • Just An Old Dog says:

      Here’s a question, was the NDSM issued to reservists? They all served a portion of active duty time for recruit training and MOS school.
      Or was it limited to those who were strictly Active duty?

  30. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    He and Aussie Ken face the same predicament. Both apparently were abandoned by their units. Looks like they were there when their units weren’t. Did they swim home? Hitch a ride? What? I dunno.

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      Those Marines were on ships off shore during the evacuation, assisting people who were evacuating Saigon when the NVA started shelling the city and rolled their ranks right through the US embassy gates. There were Vietnamese pilots trained by the US military to fly the big helos, and some of them were risking everything to get their people out of the country to those waiting ships.

      • Kevin says:

        If you read the link everyone will see that there were plenty of Marines on the ground in Vietnam up until the last man, a Marine, was airlifted out of the country. All these claims about no Marines in Vietnam between 1972-1975 seem to be incorrect

        • Combat Historian says:

          U.S. Marines assigned to RVN between March 1973-March 1975 were few and far between, pretty much all to the US Embassy and DAO. Once the Great Unraveling began in March 1975, a number of Marine units hit the ground in and around Saigon to assist with FREQUENT WIND, the final evac from RVN. Some units and personnel stayed for only a few hours or days to complete their immediate mission; others stayed to coordinate the bugout until the very last day. Will have to wait for the records to arrive from NPRC to see what role, if any, Phillips had in all this…

          • Combat Historian says:

            As a clarification, the Marine units that actually hit the ground in Saigon in support of FREQUENT WIND in Mar-Apr 1975 did not “fight”. Their ROE was so tightly restricted by higher that they literally had to be shot at and see the whites of the enemy shooter’s eye before they were allowed to shoot back in self defense. They were there to provide evac lift and LZ security, and nothing more. The NVA knew this and thus left the U.S. elements alone so as not to provoke U.S. return fire. The casualties suffered by the American side were mostly because the NVA sometimes misidentified certain LZs and folks as ARVN instead of American. It was a full blown evac with supertight ROE; what a tragic spectacle it must have been…

        • 2/17 Air Cav says:

          “By July 1971, less than 500 U.S. Marines, mostly advisors, communicators, and supporting arms specialists remained in Vietnam. It was thought at the time that the success of “Vietnamization” of the war would lessen even this small number, as it was hoped that the South Vietnamese could continue fighting successfully. This hope vanished in spring 1972, dashed by a full-scale North Vietnamese Army invasion. The renewed combat saw the U.S. Marines return once more to Southeast Asia in a continuation of the war that now seemed to have no end. The fighting proceeded into the fall, and only ceased with the signing of peace accords in Paris in January 1973.” Source:

    • Daisy Cutter says:

      I know of about five guys that claim that they were the one dangling from the helicopter as it lifted off the roof of the Embassy in Saigon.

      By my estimate, four of them must be lying.

  31. IDC SARC says:

    dunno if he’s a vet, but I know he’s a yeasty bizznitch

  32. Karen Andrews says:

    Has anyone asked did he serve in Vietnam? Where? What unit? What was his rank? Although it is easy by checking his DD214.

    • MCPO NYC USN Ret. says:

      Karen we never ask, we pull records and do research.

      Then report results.

      We often collaborate with other organizatuons and agencies.

      A good investigator will only ask a question once the answer is already known.

  33. Scoti Domeij says:

    This is what Native American Native Phillips said in the online Vogue Magazine article entitled “Return to Standing Rock,” on APRIL 18, 2018
    written by REBECCA BENGAL: ““I have a relative here who said he’d lead the way and scout ahead for us,” Phillips continued, his voice breaking. “You know, I’m from Vietnam times. I’m what they call a recon ranger. That was my role. So I thank you for taking that point position for me.”

    The article identified Nathan Phillips as: a member of the Omaha Nation and a founder of the Native Youth Alliance.

  34. DinkyDauBilly says:

    Well, here’s something to consider.

    Phillips, according to several sources, is 64 years old. He claims to have served in the Marines. Piecing together bits and pieces of info on Phillips, it seems likely that he enlisted when he was 17. That is the earliest he could have joined. His age tells us he was born in 1954, possibly early 1955. If he served in the Marines, then in what role and where did he serve in Vietnam? The earliest he could have joined the Marines was 1971, at 17. The last Marine ground combat unit – 3rd MAB – was withdrawn from Vietnam in June 1971. There’s no way he could have gotten through boot camp and follow-on training, and then ‘fought’ in Vietnam, even given the shortened boot camp that went into effect in mid-1969.

    Then, there was James Calvin Ward, USA, was one of 1,928 servicepersons who died in the Vietnam war, in 1965. He was 17. His death led to a change in policy; 17 year olds were prohibited from serving in direct combat. That policy holds true today.

    Phillips may be a Vietnam-era vet, but I strongly doubt that he is a Vietnam vet. And I strongly doubt that he ‘fought’ in Vietnam. The ‘journalists’ who are ‘reporting’ on this should be sent back to Miss Peach’s school newspaper class for retraining.

    One last thing … Phillips has had ample opportunity to correct any ‘mis-speaking’ as to his status. He has, so far as I can see, done no such thing. Therefore, even if he never actually claimed it, by not correcting the mis-speaking, he’s signed on to it.

  35. Inbred Redneck says:

    Where are the moccasin… uh… I mean sock puppets? Shouldn’t they have shown up by now?

    And before somebody gets his loin cloth in a bunch, this post was approved by my 1/4 Blackfeet wife, who proudly calls herself part-Indian.

    • MCPO NYC USN Ret. says:

      There is no sock puppet today because Mr. Phillips is more likely than not somewhere between an embellished or a total fraud.

      He is circling his wagons (yes I said that), consulting with professionals and designing a story that will deflect from the truth.

  36. AnotherPat says:

    Best comment of the day:

    “Don’t be silly. Senator Blumenthal is willing to vouch for him.”


    P.S. Nathaniel Alan Phillips was born 22 February 1955. Has yet to pay a 2004 traffic fine due to Arizona for excess speeding.

    One source has a place of birth for someone with this name as NYC, versus his story of being born in Nebraska. May or may not be the same individual, though.

    [ADD] Found this article later which confirms birth in Nebraska.


    Here is another interesting piece on him:

    “Nathan Phillips, a relative of Randy Reeves, said he was taken from his family at the age of five and placed in homes where he faced beatings and emotional abuse. His adoptive parents beat him for his grades, behavior – he once got beaten for coming home with a hickey – or for mentioning his birth mother.One Thanksgiving, Phillips’ foster family dressed him up as an Indian brave, he said, while they all wore suits and mocked his heritage.In school, Phillips was constantly fighting to defend himself and was labeled a troublemaker.”My foster families always told me my mom hated me, but that’s a lie,” Phillips said. “They said Indians were totally bad, heathen savages who were always drunk and completely worthless.”While at Lincoln Southeast High School, Phillips and his friends started skipping school and hanging out downtown with homeless people.One day he met an American Indian woman and told her his Indian name. She gave him an address a few blocks away and told him to go there.”I went there and knocked on the door, and this little head – my mom was barely 5 feet tall – looked out the window,” Phillips said. “She knew me right away. When she opened the door we embraced and cried.”But the reunion was cut short the next day when police arrived to take the 16-year-old Phillips back to his adoptive home.Before long, Phillips, tired of getting hit and being unable to visit his parents, ran.Phillips left his house on South Street and started running – soon he found himself in Nebraska City and turned south. He joined the Marine Corps in Topeka, Kan., instead of returning his abusive home in Lincoln.After four years in the Marines, Phillips returned to Lincoln after his biological parents and brother died.Phillips was overwhelmed by the loss of his family, his troubled upbringing and the lack of ties to his own culture and turned to crime and drinking.For the next 14 years, he used the skills he learned in the Marines to work as a thug-for-hire. He later rediscovered his heritage and sobered up.”This is a part of me every day,” Phillips said. “I could get angry, but then I would be drunk every day and probably sitting in Randy’s place.”


    (Will catch up later..glad to see Ex-PH2 is back…Kudos to MCPO NYC USN Ret. for the great radio piece, well done..and to 5th/77th FA, thank you for inquiring about my well-being…rtr😊godawgs)

    • Steve Balm says:

      Great work AnotherPat! This is all correct.

      Some poking around with genealogy materials also points to an individual of the same name being born in NYC.

      I’ve provided the document above and it would be super safe to say that an individual with the name Nathaniel Phillips was born in NYC on the same day as this individual currently in the news.

      SSN acquired in Nebraska 1970-71.

      Welcome back.

    • 5th/77th FA says:

      Welcome Home AnotherPat, we’ve missed your happy miscreant self. Hope you doing more better; my only illness was when the Tide didn’t roll in. I guess they caught Faldawgidis, a condition brought on by not playing the full 4 quarters. Hey, there’s always another chance next year. rtr/hbtd

      Good linkie thingie there, got people in Pender/Thurston Co NE. Bro Charlie had worked on the Res from way back yonder, probably familiar with these cases. Gonna give him a ping and this linkie. He may even have gone into the Army at the same time as Reeves.

      Get better and stay in touch. hbtd/rtr

      Thanks for your stuff too, Steve; be interesting to see if my bets really pay off.

    • UpNorth says:

      If he was running from his foster home, and had left his parental home, who signed his enlistment papers? Didn’t a 17 year old need a parent’s signature and appearance at the recruiter’s office?

      • 2/17 Air Cav says:

        Yes, but the signing was not in the presence of the recruiter and was not notarized, as I recall. It was easy to get around the permission. I didn’t have that problem. I recall only one question being asked that Saturday morning at the kitchen table so long ago: “Where do we sign?”

        • UpNorth says:

          Yeah, I remember a 17 year old who enlisted the same day I did. The recruiter sent him home to get mom or dad to come in and sign, maybe just the way he did business.
          The question I heard at the kitchen table was “why did you enlist, son”? That was mom. Of course, she was watching the casualty figures from the battle of the Ia Drang Valley on thee evening news when I told the folks I’d enlisted. Timing was never my strong suit.

  37. Dave Hardin says:

    Teens who were actually taunting and being abusive to an elderly veteran … didn’t make the news much because the teens were SJW Liberals and the Veteran was pro Trump during Justice Kavanaugh hearings.

    • 5th/77th FA says:

      It is probably a good thing I was not there. I’d still be in jail.

      Can’t understand why people were just standing around while this was going on. Maybe something drastic happened to those ill mannered, no home training brats.


  38. B34NS says:

    There were many stolen valor fakes at Standing Rock. Checkout #FreeKathleenBennett to learn more about the people behind the scenes at the D.C. incident, like Chase Iron Eyes and Raymond Kingfisher.

  39. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    He is as straight and true as his teeth.

  40. (not that) Mike says:

    If someone else already shared this, my apologies.

    I didn’t compare the transcript to the actual audio, but in the transcript he is directly quoted: “I’m a Vietnam veteran…”

    • Ann says:

      I saw that too, but at the top, CNN says they edited the transcript for flow purposes. If you watch the video of the transcript he says “Vietnam Times Veteran”. He is a weasel. Ive never heard a veteran refer to themselves this way. Definitely suspicious in lieu of all his other lies. His attorney that was on CNN in that same piece, Chase Iron Eyes, lists himself as a Politician on his FB page and can be seen on video repeatedly referring to “Trump Tyranny”. I am certain this was politically motivated and was fabricated to bring negative attention to Trump. Kids were victimized by these assholes. Also Nathan Phillips is the leader of the Native Youth Alliance which is heavily funded by Democrat groups. When asked what people could do to help, His daughter said they are accepting donations to the Native Youth Alliance. Sounds like the money may be pouring in. A gofundme was started Nathan Phillips Scholarship- and had over $15,000 in donations in 2 days. Disgusting.

      • alain says:

        What is disgusting is raising millions for a wall via gofund me.

        What is disgusting is supporting a man who tells everyone what a Patriot is yet did everything he could to avoid service.

        What is disgusting is supporting someone who is a puppet of Russia, grabs women by the “pussy”, walks into the dressing rooms of little girls and young ladies unannounced while they are dressing.

        What is disgusting is supporting a con man who has been bankrupt 5 times, screwing his workers over and the contractors who thought they would get paid.

        What is disgusting is man who wants to sleep with his own daughter, puts himself first, country last.

  41. Texman says:

    The bottom line is this; Even if he never said he was actually in Vietnam as a Marine, he certainly never corrected anyone from drawing that conclusion. Not correcting the facts or telling a lie is really the same thing.

    • Dogface says:

      I’m with you, puts that same shoe shoe right in his mouth as Blumenthal. Someone above put up a link where Phillips called himself a “recon ranger”. I see an FOIA coming back slightly short of that.

      • Mike Brady says:

        For those stuck on the “Recon Ranger” moniker… “Recon Ranger” is a nickname bounced around by Marines who ran “Recon Ridge” in the coastal mountains above the San Onofre Area of Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, CA.

        If he served in a Marine infantry battalion stationed in that area, he may have latched onto that nickname as opposed to Grunt or Jar Head.

  42. Dennis says:

    Best I recall, and can find right now is that the last combat Marines were withdrawn in 1971. He’s FOS.

    • Alain says:

      You are incorrect. Last marines left on 30th of April 1975, marines supporting embassy operations and military installations remained until that are included in that. So you are off by two years and by the way, ALL Marines are COMBAT Marines. Better question for you –

      Where were Donald Trump, Ted Nugent and McConell during the war? Were you aware that in the last 50 years the only Medal of Honor recipients were Democrats?