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| February 9, 2019

ojos loco

or, Is This Real or Some Dark Parody?

Ojos Loco, also known as Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) released her “Green New Deal” on Thursday through National Public Radio. And what a deal it is. Introduced with and co-authored by another Seeker, Sen. Ed Markey (D-MA), this non-binding resolution is a socialist’s wet dream, touting “human activity is the dominant cause of observed climate change over the past century.” This results in “an increase in wildfires, severe storms, droughts, and other extreme weather events.” They forgot forty years of darkness, earthquakes, volcanoes, the dead rising from the grave, human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together and mass hysteria.

Enough of my blather, our own Veritas Omnia Vincit has some thoughts on the issue, and he’s inclined to share. Without further ado,

Veritas Omnia Vincit
The Green New Deal resolution a 10-year plan to mobilize every aspect of American society at a scale not seen since World War 2 to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions and create economic prosperity for all. It will:

1) Move America to 100% clean and renewable energy

2) Create millions of family supporting-wage, union jobs

3) Ensure a just transition for all communities and workers to ensure economic security for people and communities that have historically relied on fossil fuel industries

4) Ensure justice and equity for frontline communities by prioritizing investment, training, climate and community resiliency, economic and environmental benefits in these communities.

5) Build on FDR’s second bill of rights by guaranteeing:
a) A job with a family-sustaining wage, family and medical leave, vacations, and retirement security
b) High-quality education, including higher education and trade schools
c) Clean air and water and access to nature
d) Healthy food
e) High-quality health care
f) Safe, affordable, adequate housing
g) Economic environment free of monopolies
h) Economic security for all who are unable or unwilling to work

By now most of you have seen the Green New Deal FAQ or if you haven’t you’ve at least heard about it. When I first saw it online I was convinced I was reading The Onion or Duffel Blog or some other parody site’s version of what they thought a Democrat might propose.

As it turns out this isn’t parody at all it’s their actual plan in all it’s idiotic glory wrapped up in a pretty, albeit vacuous, ethnic package that often speaks without any concern for reality, factuality, or evidence. It’s the “emotions are as valid as facts” crowd writ large in the person of a former bartender/economics major from New York City. It’s written without any specificity whatsoever and written without and suggestions as to how this would be funded beyond, and I quote; “The question isn’t how will we pay for it, but what is the cost of inaction, and what will we do with our new shared prosperity created by the investments in the Green New Deal,”

You really can’t make this shit up folks, it just writes itself each and every day in real time on our smart phones and televisions. Even with her 70% tax proposal the government will run out of every billionaire’s money trying to fund this mess in a few months time. In typical “progressive” fashion she glosses over the funding aspect to express the concept that once the air is clean and all of our houses, businesses, cars, trains, and boats, (not planes there’s no more planes in her plan) are running on unicorn farts and sparkle pony dust we will be awash in prosperity and joy where we will all break out into spontaneous song and dance routines not at all unlike the shows she grew up watching on Broadway, oblivious to the difficult financing aspect of those shows and the necessity to actually turn a profit to keep the show running.

The Twitterverse is all abuzz with the incoherent ramblings of Ms. Cortez, after all who can resist such gems as this? “Climate change and our environmental challenges are one of the biggest existential threats to our way of life, not just as a nation, but as a world,” As someone who fancies himself a semi-coherent speaker the fact that she mentions two things as one of the biggest philosophical threats to our way of life as a whole world would no doubt make Nietzsche blush. After all as one of the pre-eminent existentialists one of his largest contributions to that realm of study was his insistence on logically disputing truth from opinion and error. There is so much error in every aspect of this Green New Deal I can’t believe any serious economic student or any serious politician would even submit such a sophomoric load of tripe for consideration in any public forum.

When I read that crap as written I am immediately drawn to such vapidly idiotic phrases as “justice and equity for frontline communities” “family-sustaining wages” “just transition” words without meaning except in the coded tongue of the social justice warrior progressive leftists. Meaningless phrases constructed with such ambiguity they guarantee government over reach, and because they defy definition can be claimed as success without changing one aspect of our current lives in these United States.

When I read that she intends to guarantee items such as “healthy food” “family sustaining wages” “vacations” “retirement security” it occurs to me that she has no idea that many of us already have all of that, largely due to the simple fact we get up off our asses in the morning and head on out into the world to perform actual work, work that generates a profit for our family that we can utilize in our variations of “The Pursuit of Happiness:.

When I read this component “Economic security for all who are unable or UNWILLING to work” I realize that not only is this woman a complete and total fool, she’s a dangerously incompetent fool. Even in her lefty bible of communism and socialism those unwilling to work are deemed inappropriate to the working classes and are required to attend re-education to impress upon them the necessity and benefit of communal work.

It’s really no wonder that the new Crypt Keeper of the house, Pelosi, tried to laugh off this Green New Deal as something that “they” want. Whoever the hell “they” are as Pelosi wanted no part of that line of questioning. Proposals like this are why some in the Democratic Party are actually suggesting that the DNC start looking for someone to primary AOC in 2020 so they can rid themselves of this dipshit albatross they’ve hung around their collective necks.

With people like this working in DC the nation won’t have to worry about external “existential” threats, we’ll be killed by our own from inside.

Of course that’s just my opinion, your mileage will most certainly vary as well it should.


Thanks, VOV. This has all the elements of watching an impending train wreck- you know it’s going to be horrific, but you can’t look away. Keep ’em coming, Bro.

100 cool points to those who caught the “Seeker” reference.

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  1. NHSparky says:

    Having spent the last 20 years if my life in one small portion of infrastructure (utilities) I find her proposals laughable to say the least.

    Renewables still require transmission lines. Ever see how greenies bitch about those? Everyone in New England is familiar with Northern Pass.

    Bury the lines? Sure–NH alone would take 40 years at a cost of over 50 BILLION. Think $1000/mo electric bills to pay for just that. And UG cabling lasts about half as long as overhead, so as soon as you finish the project, time to start replacing all the shit!

    Micro-generation? Sure, why not? Well, until your inverter from your solar panel shits the bed, or your Powerwall needs replacement. A small (100kva) transformer should be off the shelf, right? Nope–6 month lead time. That ought to work out real well if your equipment does in -20 weather in January.

    And did anyone notice wind power has temperature limitations, too? Yup. Not just because of ice formation on the blades. Cold means brittle fracture due to stresses placed on the system. Hmmmm.

    I can go on for days, but you get the idea.

    • The Other Whitey says:

      Or how wind turbines have to be feathered any time the wind speed exceeds a certain threshold, which it often will in any area windy enough to make the damn things worthwhile in the first place. Allowing them to spin too fast makes *bad* things happen. Never mind the environmental damage caused by wind turbines and solar farms, the Dirty Little Secret of greenies.

      Then there’s the fact that something like 89% of our power comes from either gas, coal, or nuke plants. And the fact that the authors of this crap seem to think that plastics and alloys grow on trees somewhere and obviously have no idea how batteries, inverters, photovoltaic cells, or any of those other necessary electrical components are made. Or that wind turbines, like anything else that generates, transforms, or switches electricity, each need a couple thousand gallons of petroleum-based mineral oil to keep them cool, otherwise *bad* things happen.

      That’s just touching on the “green energy” aspects of this nonsense. Bottom line, swinging from a pole in varying states of undress is to advanced and mentally demanding for Ojos-Locos, suffice it to say.

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      You left out the part about how the turbine blades kill birds that hunt ground-dwelling pests. Plenty of videos on that subject are available.

    • Sapper3307 says:

      Also the ice of death flying off the blades is nice.
      And don’t mention the Bald eagle chopping ability of them.

  2. OWB says:

    All of the above is why some of us have been saying for a while now that if these lefty lunatics want to commit suicide they are free to do so. However, they are not approved to try to take the rest of us with them and they most definitely should not expect the rest of us to pay for their misadventures. (Although some might be happy to contribute a little something to the cause if the end result is that they disappear permanently.)

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      Well, I want to know how they plan to do the following:

      – Keep food preserved without modern methods, such as refrigeration, freezing, and food processing.
      – Produce enough food volume to put food on the tables of 315 million people in this country without modern farming and food production practices.
      – Keep delivery services running without fuels.
      – Provide emergency air services if all aviation is demolished.

      Those are just a few. I know there are more, and feel free to add to the list.

  3. Jay says:

    Unable…or….UNWILLING to work. I work in Food Stamps and Medicaid in a southern state. I get so many people mad/confused when we only provide 3 months of food benefits if you are an able bodied adult, no dependants and not working. I get it: sometimes life happens and you need a hand up. But my GOD: You start to see family trees sprout in the system. Grandma had food stamps, mom had them, now un wed teen mom is in applying…..

    • Cameron Kingsley says:

      The scary part is, what are they going to do when all that money finally dries up because, the programs are becoming strained with too many people taking out of them and not enough people paying in? Or people are no longer able to pay for those programs or people become sick of paying for them? Or combination of all three? Especially if this is a generational thing which each generation applying for welfare, what do they plan to do if these programs are done away with or they start failing because of the ever rising costs? I believe welfare needs tighter screws put in to prevent people from abusing it and it should be left to the states decide how it should operate, not the federal government.

    • HMCS(FMF) ret says:

      It’s what LBJ wanted with his “Great Society”… generations of the Free Shit Army so they could vote “D” for generations.

    • Jay says:

      Its maddening. Then people DO work, and get pissed they only get 15.00 a month in food stamps. (In my state, if you have an active case you also get a free fishing license and your kids get free/reduced lunch at school). “How am I supposed to feed my family on THIS?”

      “Umm…youre not. Its a SUPPLEMENT, not a primary means of support.”

      Nevermind the household compositions of 5: single mom, 4 kids….no one has the same last name. “Do you receive child support?”

      “No….I dont need a man to support me.”

      I only can laugh though….because its still easier than the military.

    • Anon Army says:

      True story –
      Paramedics and police get called to a house where a “card party” is disrupted by a domestic. One family member stabbed another because the stabbed person objected to the concept of the family holding a “card party”.

      What is a “card party”? The family is celebrating that the 15 year old is pregnant and now has her own “welfare card”.

      Like its a freakin’ rite of passage.

      I’d heard of Sweet 16 parties. I’d heard of Quniceanera parties. Card Parties are a new one on me.

      They walk among us folks, and they (obviously) breed. And, vote.

      • AW1Ed says:

        I recall a TV news spot, where a woman was asked why she was attending a hearing on local welfare benefits. She said she was on welfare, and wanted to make sure it would be available to her daughter, when she was ‘eligible’ to receive it.

      • Cameron Kingsley says:

        What a disgrace. An absolute disgrace. The family on my mom’s side is Puerto Rican and I remember my aunt (I believe it was my aunt) telling me that my grandfather had no choice but to sign up for welfare once and he said it was the most demeaning thing he ever had to do and he refused to ever sign up for it again. I can only imagine what his reaction would be to a card party. I may be mixing up some of the details.

    • Jay says:

      Some of my more leftist coworkers say we are “eligibility workers” not ineligiblity workers and have disdain of my methods of finding reasons to DQ .people. Im like bullshit, im not an eligibility or ineligibility worker, im a steward of taxpayer money

  4. IDC SARC says:

    Seems that AOC’s people are now claiming that what was posted on her own website was put there by evil GOP operatives. Yeah, that must be true. The only way she could have have actually formulated and printed such drivel otherwise would have been that she is a vapid (albeit fuckable) politician operating well beyond her expertise.

    • IDC SARC says:

      Quite amusing watching the political seppuku that followed as presidential hopefuls and members of congress piled on with their unabashed support for a proposal that is basically legislative schizolalia.

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      Uh, SARC – she HAS no expertise… in anything, period.

      My two fat, lazy cats have more expertise in sponging off of people than she has in anything at all.

  5. 26Limabeans says:

    I downloaded a PDF copy and studied it.
    I am embarrassed for my country.
    On the other hand I am thankful for the support she gives Trump without even realizing it.

  6. AW1Ed says:

    Cory Booker is down with the Green.

    Cory Booker Compares the Green New Deal to Fighting Nazis, Moon Landing, Marshall Plan
    By: Pam Key

    Friday at a campaign event in Mason City, IA, Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) compared Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and Sen. Ed Markey’s (D-MA) so-called Green New Deal to fighting Nazis.

    Booker said, “We have to deal with this. Our planet is in peril, and we need to be bold. It’s one of the reasons I signed on to the resolution. I co-sponsored the resolution for the Green New Deal. There’s a lot of people blowing back on the Green New Deal. They’re going, ‘Oh, it’s impractical, oh it’s too expensive, oh it’s all of this.’ If we used to govern our dreams that way, we would have never gone to the moon.”

    He added, “We need to be bold again in America. We need to have dreams that other people say are impossible. We need to push the bounds of human potential. Because that is our history. When the planet has been in peril in the past, who came forward to save the earth from the scourge of Nazi and totalitarian regimes? We came forward. Who came forward to save the planet or continents from financial ruin? We came forward with the Marshall Plan.”

    The rest can be found here: Breitbart

  7. 2/17 Air Cav says:

    As I like to point out, this anointed spokeswoman for all things socialist, this crazed chick with the googly eyes and the acute deficiency in real-world affairs and basic geography, as well as civics, prevailed by a paltry 4000 votes in her primary. Had her name been Murphy or Steiner or anything other than of Hispanic origin, we would never have heard of her.

  8. The Other Whitey says:

    I would say she just confirmed that she’s a dumb bitch, but the really scary part is that a team of people wrote this shit for her.

    There’s also how she flipflopped within an hour yesterday on whether or not it would be a government takeover. For the live of God, exile this cunt to Venezuela.

  9. Veritas Omnia Vincit says:

    I failed to mention that like all good socialists her ideas are so great they have to be mandatory.

    There can be no dissent because, after all, she knows what’s best for each and every one of us whether we. know it or not.

  10. HMCS(FMF) ret says:

    Economic security for all who are unable or unwilling to work – I bet the Free Shit Army got all wet just hearing/seeing that on their manifesto.

    And Ed Markley – just read his wiki bio. Dude is THE poster child for the term “oxygen thief”. Didn’t see one thing that he has done , but he sure loves to sign on to letters to people wanting “action” or “answers”.

    Jeezus – someone with a set of balls strike this shit down, FAST.

  11. Sapper3307 says:

    That train ride to Australia better have a restroom.

  12. Ex-PH2 says:

    She’s already said the cost would be a mere $40.5 TRILLION (no, not billion) to make this program work!! That is far more than the entire net worth of all billionaires on this planet, including Bill Gates and whoever comes after him.

    She should hook up with Maduro, down in Venezuela! She could fix things right up for him!

    But let her googly on about it. We need to know what she’s up to.

    Does she know about the hourly rates for people who work on rebuilding bridges and roads? I know what they are, because prior to starting the construction of two overpasses and a highway not far from me, the rates were posted on a notice board under on overpass bridge. Depending on what you do, the hourly rates ran from $44/hr to $65/hr. That’s just the construction workers. I didn’t see anything about cement truck drivers, probably because the companies they work for have contracts for delivery.

    Her level of real-world ignorance is just amazing! We really do need to keep her bubbly persona right up front where everyone can see it, and be aware of her.

    I’m thinking those frequent shots of her eyes when she looks bug-eyed with excitement indicate some kind of pathological disorder. But that’s just an observation, nothing else.

  13. Blaster says:

    Just 3 quick things:

    1. “Health food” !, Mooch tried that with public schools and just about starved my athletes. They had to but 2-3 lunches a day to get enough to eat.

    2. “Adequate Housing”!, who decides what’s adequate? I mean, a two bedroom apartment could be considered adequate for a 7-8 family. Vague!!!

    3.”unwilling to work”!! I got nothing on this one, just shaking my head.

    • Jay says:

      Blaster: I process food stamp apps in my state. We have the Able Bodied Adults Without Dependants (ABAWD) program. Gist is: if you are between 18-50, and have no minor children or disabilities precluding you from working, you can only get 3 months of food stamps in a 3 year span. The clock reset 1 Jan. Can you guess how long the line was out my door on 2 Jan?

      • A Terminal Lance Coolie says:

        Couple of blocks, at least.

        I have a cousin that works a state job investigating abuse in WIC and other programs. She’s burned everything from doctors to resellers on EBay and other places on the interwebs.

        Now, we’re a left-leaning state here in Washington, though, so she’s caught a hell of a lot of headwind trying to stop said abuses, because the Demonrat shitbags don’t like it when people get kicked off the program.

        The irony? Said cousin grew up with her mom on the dole, even though mom was able to work. For the record, my aunt has had a respectable job and what not for decades now, but her younger self was definitely part of the problem…

        • Jay says:


          The amount of AD military I get trying to sign up and tell me what the military pays them isnt enough to support a family is laughable. Especially when then they dont know im retired and try to tell me how the military works.

  14. 5th/77th FA says:

    Just wow! I had to FIRST read up on the linkys provided to help get my broke brain self on track here. Never watched that King of the Hill thingy and had just a passing knowledge of the other congress critters. Scarry sh*t, that was.

    Ol’Cotex is NJ’s answer to ex GA REP Cynthia McKinney. She spent 12 years flopping her jaws as one of the most prominent left wing liberal (read socialistic) embarrassing the state. She got elected the FIRST time riding the coattails of her Daddy, who had been elected and re-elected numerous times because of the “deck of cards” that he played so well for decades. You may recall she of the impeach Bush II crowd, the 9/11 conspiracy, and running for Pres from the Green Party. She got .12% of the vote. Just to show the intelligence level of her district, she was replaced by Rep Hank Johnson. Remember him? Hint—think the tipping over of Guam. CM’s schooling was from Berserkly (show shocked face here); she now is a perfesser in Bangladesh.

    Ex-PH2 is correct. We need to keep these types out front, in the news. Best way to keep an eye on them. The concern is not that these types of idiots exist; The concern is that there are enough people out there to get them elected.

    Eternal Vigilance.

    • 5th/77th FA says:

      ” should be NYs answer” My apologies to Joirsey, Bless their hearts, they have enough problems with their own lib rats.

  15. Poetrooper says:

    Occasional Cortex is the living embodiment of the Dunning-Kruger effect, a psychological condition in which a person is too stupid and incompetent to recognize their own deficiencies and therefore has an inflated sense of their own intellectual capabilities, a superiority complex, so to speak:

    Being a mental condition you’d tend to believe it’s not contagious, but it damn sure seems to have infected most of the Democrat party.

  16. Ex-PH2 says:

    When I woke up this morning…. I had no idea how much this harks back to this ad. Where and when do I pick up my yurt?

    • AW1Ed says:

      Yurt? Bringing out your inner Mongolian, Ex?

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      Why, yes. Yes, I am. They still carry on a nomadic life, although they do have a tourist industry, too, with hotels for such people.

      But it’s peaceful in the Steppes of Central Asia.

  17. JTB says:

    She won’t get a second term…

    • Twist says:

      Of course she won’t. The Democrats hate it when their true intentions are revealed too early.

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      We need many more eager beavers like her, making public statements that any sensible person who has a good job, a nice home and a working brain will view as what they are: threats to freedom and everything that goes with it.

  18. 1610desig says:

    Should play well in Iowa…all those corn farmers will have to buy Tesla tractors (with recharging stations every 1/4 mile) or oxen…of course the oxen will require emission control devices…I suppose the good news is corn will become food again and ethanol something we only drink…

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      Oxen? No, it will be the revival of the draft horse, 2 to 4 hitched to a 12-gang plow, two to the disc harrow, and for harvesting time, we’re back to Old Tailflapper on the treadmill of the threshing machines.

      I just want you to know, also, that you’ll have to dig out a retaining pond for rainwater and melting snow, so that you can cut ice from it in the winter, store that in your icehouse, and when spring and summer come, you’ll have a way to keep food sort of cool in your old timey Hoosier icebox.

      We’ll just go all Amish on everything. Start ordering your oil lamps now from Lehman’s Hardware.

  19. SgtBob says:

    Let the Democrats keep talking. Give OC prime time. Real Democrats keep time with the Fugs: “I’m in this for the sex myself.”

  20. Deckie says:

    Lars must have an erection like an east coast lighthouse over this plan…

  21. AnotherPat says:

    “Mayoral Task Force Recommends Paying Struggling Chicagoans $1,000 a Month”:$1k-a-month/5127392/

    “Some Chicago families could start collecting a $1,000 check every month with no strings attached. That’s the new proposal from a task force created by Mayor Emanuel.”

    “The idea is to break the cycle of poverty. The pilot program would give 1,000 struggling Chicagoans $1,000 a month.”

    “Supporters say people could use the extra cash to cover unexpected emergencies, increase their savings and improve their health.”

    “The money would come from a mix of city funds and charity.”

    “For more information, visit”

  22. MCPO NYC USN Ret. says:

    Since AOC is cancelling all air travel and abolishing gas engines, I am oiling the chain on my old mountain bike.

    I will be fine.

  23. rgr769 says:

    Where’s the Commie Cuttlefish? This Green New Deal shit is right down his alley, the one behind Brucies’s Bath House.

  24. Dustoff says:

    Would someone explain to your old pal Dustoff, what the hell is a “Frontline Community”? Is that like the “forward edge of the battle area”?

  25. Twist says:

    If the Republicans wrote a parody of the Democratic platform this is what it would look like.

  26. DOUG out says:

    The mention of “FDR’s Second Bill of Rights” triggered my research. Great to know stuff at

    If a century of Minimum Wage campaigns to abolish poverty have failed, what are the chances Ms. O-C will ever see here dream come true?
    DOUG out

  27. Jeffery Monroe says:

    LBJ and Margaret Sanger of Plan Parenthood were devout racist,KKK ,segregationist white supremacist and just hated blacks ,Hispanics ,Asians ,jews

    • The Other Whitey says:

      LBJ was also a self-aggrandizing coward.

      • rgr769 says:

        The lying c*cksucker finagled himself a Silver Star for riding as a strap-hanger in a WWII aircraft that never saw any combat action on the ride he took. He parlayed that fraud (stolen valor) throughout his political career. Everyone on the crew said there was no enemy contact on that flight, as the aircraft had a mechanical malfunction and aborted the mission.

  28. Kenneth Taylor says:

    Back in my younger days I had to pay to watch comedy unfold. Now it is only a case of listening to what these looney lefty greens are thinking up. it is unbelievable but this country has one of he biggest supply’s of coal and uranium in the world. How ever some drongo in the Federal Courts has put a ban on mining them because of climate change. So now we sit in the dark or fire up the camping generator to keep the beer and fridge cold.

    • Claw says:

      Kenneth Taylor, sure was nice of you to show up from down under while everybody else in America was asleep.

      Been waiting for you to answer the direct question asked of you about when it was you served in Viet Nam.

      Asking for a friend.

      • AW1Ed says:

        Aaaaaaaand, crickets. Thanks for playing, Kenneth Taylor, bless your heart. Y’all come back now, ya hear?

        • Claw says:

          Yep, crickets. Kenneth Taylor/Ken D. Taylor or whomever he uses as a sign-in handle, is the “Drongo” he mentioned if he thinks we have stopped waiting for an answer.

  29. Garold says:

    I watched the “Omega Man” again tonight; as I’d not seen it for probably 30 years. I found the correlation of the hatred for Charlton Heston by the left in real live stark. In the movie he’s tracked by the zombies and even though he’s hunted and alone, when he kills those wanting to kill him, he’s found to be at fault.

    While the “family” of zombies wants to follow their religious zeal, Heston is the true “progressive” by wanting to find a cure for humanity. That is one of the main reasons for the calling of his demise – freedom. It was interesting how one of the facets of the film included the denigration of automobile travel.

    It’s no different today. The left is a religion and wants all of us to be a “family” (remember Hillary’s “It Takes a Village”?). While AOC blames conservatives for her own declared message she has since deleted and then revised, her ilk has intense hatred for those who desire individualism and want to be left alone.

    The statists/fascists/communists/socialists/progressives cannot stand for this and will attack in-force the Charlton Heston’s who know and proclaim the economic cure disease of the left. That would be capitalism where one trades freely with those who have likewise something of similar value without the involvement of a third party. This requires the minimalization of governmental involvement except where unfair trade practices have been introduced.

  30. Deckie says:

    Abolish fossil fuels? No gasoline powered cars or air travel? Saw those gems on the news and just about laughed myself to tears…

    Yeah, imagine all the ships needing bunkers before proceeding to their next ports of call with all of our imports/exports onboard? The civilian support vessels providing bunkers/provisions to our Navy worldwide? A longshoreman strike alone caused HUGE issues several years back, eradicating entire fleets due to some environmentalist pipe dream would be even better…

    That wouldn’t grind the world economy to a halt or anything…

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      Oh, come on! She can dream, can’t she?

      I’ve thought for a while now that she’s either the advance guard of an invading force from Planet Theromcouple, or she’s an undiagnozed borderline bull goose looney that would make Jack Nicholson’s character weep with envy.

      The cray-cray is strong with her. She may scare some professional Democrats into the GOPer corner.

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      Her website no longer has her NewGreenDeal linked on it. Someone persuaded her to remove it.

      Maybe Nanny P.? That babbling, stuttering, gibberish-spouting mannikin may be just and act.