Friday Feel Good Stories

| February 15, 2019


Cops: homeowner shoots at accused Cobb burglar

By Kristal Dixon
A Powder Springs man dodged a bullet or two when a homeowner used a firearm to stop him from breaking into her home, according to law enforcement officials.

Deputies with the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office were dispatched around 12:17 a.m. Tuesday, Feb. 12 to a call of a burglary at a home in the 5800 block of Highway 82 Spur in Commerce. The woman told deputies she heard someone trying to enter the house through a window. She went to the home’s back door and saw a male standing in the area.

“The homeowner was armed, and advised the suspect not enter the house,” the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office said in a press release. However, the woman heard glass breaking from the upper level of the house and fired two shots in the direction of the man the sheriff’s office added.

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Prairieville home invasion shootout leaves alleged intruder dead, homeowner injured.

By Mykal Vincent
ASCENSION PARISH, LA (WAFB) – Officials are investigating what they describe as a deadly home invasion that happened early Wednesday morning.

A spokesperson for the Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office says the incident happened shortly before 3 a.m. Wednesday, Feb. 13 at a house in the Bishop Woods Subdivision in Prairieville.

Two men were suffering from gunshot wounds when police arrived. Deputies believe a shootout occurred between the alleged intruder and the homeowner. The alleged intruder later died. He has been identified as 20-year-old Major Payton, of Baker.

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The rest of the article may be viewed here: WAFB

Daughter reflects on trial after stepmother declared not guilty of murder

By Gianni Windahl
ECTOR COUNTY — A Gardendale woman who was charged with killing her husband back in 2014, was found not guilty by an Ector County jury Thursday.

That’s according to Ector County District Attorney Bobby Bland.

Blanca Salazar was charged in the murder of Israel Dominguez Salazar on October 25, 2014, at the couple’s residence.

Odessa police say Israel Salazar was found shot to death at the scene with multiple gunshot wounds. A jury deliberated for three hours before finding Blanca Salazar not guilty.

Attorneys Michael McLeaish and Jason Leach represented Blanca Salazar in her trial.


Blanca Salazar argued self-defense, and her legal team showed evidence that her husband had been violent with her several times in the past, according to our media partners at The Odessa American. The prosecution didn’t dispute the statement. The Odessa American goes on to report that the prosecution argued that shooting her husband wasn’t in self-defense.

Israel Salazar’s daughter, Elisabet Salazar, recounted family memories.

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Read the rest here: CBS 7

Today’s tally, Delta Whiskies and Whiskettes, is a an acceptable 2 / 1 / 0: two shuffed off this mortal coil, one a guest in the gray-bar hotel, and again none in the wind. Someone needs some range time; we could have had another trifecta. There’s always tomorrow.

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  1. Wilted Willy says:

    Oh how I love the smell of DRT’s in the morning!
    More range time people, more range time!
    We can always hope for a trifecta tomorrow!

  2. Outcast says:

    Pretty good week I’d have to say as none out running, now if we can just get range time up for the folks that did the shooting we could get the bar city average down and the DRT’s up we would greatly improve quality of life for the rest of us. Now going back to the world of very light snow and ponderance of splat challenge.

    • 5th/77th FA says:

      Yes, Bro a 2/1/0 is always good for extry coins at the betting window. My standing bet on the trifecta will come thru, eventually if not sooner. Sor far, the spread has paid off largely.

      If Miss Yeller hair needs range time or lessons on holding a “gun”, I’ll volunteer. Got nothin’ better to do. Homeboy drove a long way from Powder Springs to Commerce to pick the wrong house.

      ‘Pears like our boy in LA made a “major” mistake in his victim selection too. Enjoy your dirt nap, Dippy.

      And Ladies, Mrs. Salazar is a good example on how to handle dip shit men than do not know how to treat their women. “…multiple gunshot wounds.” I “Like”(+_+) it.

      Splat challenge accepted outcast. I was basing my wagering on the bounce factor on the fact that most of these POSers appear to be leaders of Meal Team Six. The extry spare tires and the fact that they are full of sh*t, may give a bounce and a splat equation. Since I was FIRST to propose such a wager have a dickweed bring me another Irish Coffee and light my cigar. Tanks!

      • Outcast says:

        Are you sure you have time for the preponderance, Irish coffee and cigar as is day of weekend thread and you need to prepare for your weekly battle coming up. Is not in my sights here as have to adjust my low IQ that I have to the other movement going on early in life, peace, love, flower power and poetic recitals at underground coffee house. They had all the supposed good stuff, LSD, Maryjane or maybe better known as Acapulco gold, which I am not quite ready to use. Thus I leave the things such as death, explosions and fighting and traps.
        Just a thought for you to ponder there, Do you know what a Texan and a empty cattle truck have in Common? Be safe there, light snow on ground here.

      • Outcast says:

        Sorry as to the poor service that you have not received as in some of said dickweed’s behavior here it seems that you have dropped down in their opinion of you. As requested I approached several of said dickweed’s with your request and as to ones telling me to blow it out——. iam fully knowledgeable of being able to do that but as to others telling me to go —- myself left me in a quandary as have spent the intervening time measuring and checking inter web and observing others and hence I have determined that it is physically impossible for me to perform such an act. I submit my humble apologies on their behalf as to their insolence.

  3. IDC SARC says:

    “…advised the suspect not enter the house”

    Takes some special kind of stupid to not heed such a warning.

    • Outcast says:

      Advising someone, such as he is, is equivalent to firing a warning shot which is usually a waste of Ammo. Well placed shot is best advice, warning shot and DRT all in one neat little hole Case solved.

      • IDC SARC says:

        And you’re free to do as you please in your own circumstance.

        Personally, I have avoided just shooting someone more than once though it could have been justified. I’d rather not make the mess and go through the legal process when reasonably certain I can do something else.

        Had one guy go through the first door while I was home and the car was clearly in the driveway. The Artillery simulator he set off going through the first door scared him right off.

        Had a more recent case of a large person trying to get in and when I confronted him, he turned out to be a Dementia patient on a UA field trip. Really peculiar considering I live in the sticks, but again, shooting him through the door might have been in the end justified, but that’s not what I decided to do.

        Another would be invader set a land speed record when I racked the slide on my shotgun as he was diddling with the door. I had eyes on, so I wasn’t worried about him shooting first.

        • Fjardeson says:

          Racking the slide on my shotty…
          “Double Click”
          What you hear when you really mean bizness!

        • Outcast says:

          Seems that you might be trying to stir up my low IQ here and I ought to tell you my give a shit lever is broke as I am now diverting my status as to anything has been changed to McNamara Moron status as shown to me in 13 years associating the VA and DVA as well as consensus of some here. Just keep your powder dry there and keep on with your target practice there as Flying F^$& is about to open soon. Oh I scored 7 on IQ test as got 7 letters in my first and last name right on test.

        • 11B-Mailclerk says:

          Artillery simulator as burglar alarm


        • AW1Ed says:

          Not a fan boi of ‘racking the slide’ will make the bad guys run all over themselves to get away.

          Perhaps, long shot I know, they don’t understand the significance of the sound. Or more likely are too baked on meth or PCP to much care.

          Anyway, by doing so you have just given away your position, intention, and type of weapon.

          How many bad guys, and where are they?

          They’ll never hear me slide the safety on my Mossy to Fire.

          Remember, the second thug gets the warning shot.

  4. AnotherPat says:

    Here’s a Friday Feel Good Story:

    President Trump to a Liberal News Reporter: “SIT DOWN!!!”

    Love it…