Dozens of strangers attend Marine veteran’s funeral in Houston

| February 16, 2019

When word got out that one Marine veteran may be buried alone, dozens of people from all over the state came to make sure he received the respect they said he deserves.

It was a special moment when people from all walks of life traveled to pay their respects to a man who served this country.

“I never knew the gentlemen, of course, but with the service of our country that he did serve, you got to honor him for it,” Robert Hall, a World War II Navy veteran, said.

Hall is one of the dozens of people who attended who never knew Memmelaar. Co-workers of the veteran worried he’d be buried alone. But when the veteran community heard about the funeral, word spread.

“It was great to see this. It kind of went viral, and it’s great to see the large and strong veteran community come together,” Sean Bear, of the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association, said.

Dozens gave their time and hearts to a stranger. The funeral service was crowded.

“This is the biggest turnout I’ve ever seen,” Cheryl Whitfield, with the National Memorial Ladies, said.

“He was a brother. That’s all there is to it,” Vincent Moreno, a World War II veteran, said.

Source: Dozens of strangers attend Marine veteran’s funeral in Houston

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  1. 5th/77th FA says:

    “He was a brother, that’s all there is to it.” Vincent Moreno, a WWII Veteran, said.

    And that says it all. It is good that Warriors such as this come together to pay Honor to a Warrior such as that one was. Wonder what “the rest of his story” was. Too bad his son didn’t make a more spirited attempt to un-estrange himself and help to get to know his Father.

  2. IDC SARC says:


  3. 26Limabeans says:

    Nice. Wish these would get more prior notice.
    Sort of an Amber Alert to the general public.
    A CONELRAD like public announcement.

    • David says:

      True. Live near Houston, heard of a similar funeral in Palestine (some ways away) but this is the first we heard of this one.

  4. Ex-PH2 says:

    Nicely done. Very nice.

  5. AW1Ed says:

    Bravo Zulu to all the attendees!

  6. jonp says:

    I’ve been to several like this and it’s always an honor to stand for a brother or sister that served.

  7. FuzeVT says:

    Farewell, sir. RIP