Gary Sinise surprised with star-studded tribute video celebrating his work for veterans 

| February 17, 2019

To date, the charity has raised $30 million annually for veterans and first responders.

Because of that, stars from Tom Hanks, Colin Powell, and Robert DeNiro surprised Sinise with a video tribute this week.

Gary Sinise also released a book this week. Grateful American: A Journey From Self to Service is a story about how Sinise found his calling to help service men and women.

Thanks to Gary for all he does.  What an amazing man that has built an amazing organization.

I couldn’t help but notice the one dwarf actor in the video who was obviously reading some prepared nonsense, I guess he is trying to get back into good standing with veterans.  De Niro using this as an opportunity for some PR just reflects how out of touch with most veterans he actually is.  Poor taste Bobby, take a seat you have no lines that matter.


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  1. AW1Ed says:

    A straight up class act.

  2. SFC D says:

    I saw Mr. Sinise and his band a few weeks ago. A class act with a group of great musicians, and he’s truly in it because he cares.

    • 5th/77th FA says:

      ^This^&^That^ & Ditto. I remember that gloating post you made, Bro SFC D, when you and your trophy bride were having a large time to the concert. If I recall, I was appropriately jealous enough to dig around on my ‘putor and find some of his youtube stuff. Never had the chance to see them live, it’s on my bucket list. I would think that it would be right up there with winning a 3 pete on the Coveted TAH Weekend Open Thread FIRST. I wouldn’t know that thrill either, came close, but wuz robbed. One day, when we have more time, I’ll tell you how that appeal process works with TAH WW of Sports HQ worked out.

      CBS had a follow up this past Thursday (?) on the Gold Star Family of a SFC that we lost in Nov in A’Stan. An anonymous donor had paid off the mortgage on the families home and made major donations to the Vet Organization he had started. Wondered if it might have been LT Dan. I’d be curious to see a comparison of funds raised and disbursed between The WWP and LT Dan. I would bet that Mr. Sinise doesn’t draw anywhere near the payroll or overhead that the “leaders” of WWP do. Just saying.

    • SSG E says:

      His band came through Leonard Wood when I was in basic, and our BC insisted we be allowed to go (our Drill Sergeants were less enthusiastic). It was a fantastic time, but what I remember most: it was the first time we’d heard the National Anthem in probably six or seven weeks. I’ll always be grateful for that show…

    • 5jc says:

      I saw them in 2009 at Leavenworth. I think there were about 8-10K people at the concert. That is a lot of people for a free concert at a small post. I don’t know of any living entertainer who has gone the distance for vets like he has. I make it my business to catch whatever he is in.

  3. 3/10/MED/b says:

    I never thanked you for saving my life.

    And that pretty much covers it.

    Thank you, Gary Sinise.

  4. FuzeVT says:

    Gary is awesome. I’ve seen the Lt Dan Band in 29 palms and my wife caught his show in Oki while I was deployed. Such a great guy. I’m glad they did this for him because I imagine it was terribly touching for him – especially all of the first responders and military folks that were on.
    It’s too bad that Tom Hanks, Colin Powell, and Robert DeNiro (and several others in the video) are such lefty loonies. If they would just keep their mouth shut regarding politics I could eventually enjoy their movies again. Dinero may take a while for that to happen. A long while.

  5. Retired Grunt says:

    Awesome guy….. anyone know what uniform Rob Lowe was wearing?

  6. Sparks says:

    What a great guy and a genuine American hero.

  7. HMC Ret says:

    What was Lowe wearing? And who was the 2-Star?

    A genuine class act who has avoided all the bullshit so many others generate. Some on there I could have gone w/o seeing, like DeNero. His imagined self importance is sickening.

    I honestly love Gary Sinise. He seems to be a down-to-earth, humble man.

  8. 11B-Mailclerk says:

    Honor is as Honor does.

  9. I like how the soldiers called him Lt. Dan! He is a great man. DeNiro, Hanks, Howard and Powell can go screw themselves. Most of the actors wouldn’t piss on a veteran if they were on fire. Bit Gary is an exception and one that is appreciated.

    Semper Fi, Lt. Dan!

  10. 3/10/MED/b says:

    Damn Skippy!
    Thank you, Lt. Dan.

  11. STGCS Ret says:

    Gary is a true hero… I am amazed at what he does for our people. I stumbled across something that is also amazing that I wanted to share. Eli Young Band Love Ain’t showcases EOD Tech Taylor Morris and his wife.Warning the video makes things misty in the room.

  12. I had the pleasure of meeting Gary Sinise in Iraq rotation 06-08..what I great guy. Signed my flag, took a picture with me and had no problem meeting everyone in my crew and those that stood in line…after he was done with my picture, I asked him if he liked Cuban cigars and his response was Yessssssss (in Gary Voice) I had 4 Cohibas in a nice wrapper and gave them to him..his eyes lit up with gratitude..