Strange Things Underway

| February 23, 2019

More up to date stuff from the files of WUWT:

DiFi Feinstein has fallen in line with Nanny Pelosi in regard to her attitude toward people – in this case, kids – who want to twist her arm into doing what they want. I was unaware that any state, including CA, gives underage children the right to vote in general or other elections. I believe the voting age in CA is 18, and if they voted in a class in school, that does not count in the political arena.

Too bad, kids. DiFi may be a butthead political animal, but she’s right: you didn’t vote for her. Period. Go home and grow up.

Meantime, there is also this rebuttal of a lawsuit, also brought by minors, against the US government, for not doing something about climate change, which they claim aggravates their allergies and asthma. They offered no proof that it happens, only stated that it does.  The ruling is here

I can claim that floral perfumes and pollen give me a histaminic reaction called an allergy and demand in court that all plants with flowers – all of them, including fruit trees, clover, alfalfa, lilacs, spinach – be banned by the US government. A demand like that has no basis in reality, and in fact, would do more harm than good as flowering plants provide food to pollinating insects, birds of all kinds (which eat insects) and would wipe out almost the entire food chain on this planet, which would starve several billion people. Yes, a claim like that is ludicrous, but there are people who would file it, mostly to get money and attention.

What I found strange is that nowhere in Judge Aiken’s decision was there any reference to the Environmental Protection Agency, which is tasked with the thankless job of keeping polluters under their thumb, among other things. That is a massive oversight and failure on her part, which appears to have been intentional, making her response political rather than a response that is scientifically accurate and follows the law.  This was just another grab for money and attention, nothing else. Using children to get it is unconscionable.

Remember the most recent episode of attention whoring on the plaza at the Lincoln Memorial?  When it started, WaPo ran nearly a week’s worth of articles repeating their original claim: that the Sandmann teen was at fault, when in fact he was not.  It was the guy with the drum who went to crowd him and his friends on the plaza at the Lincoln Memorial, but despite the evidence to the contrary, WaPo went on with its insistence that the kid was a fault. Now they are facing a massive lawsuit over it.

At the same time, Michael Mann, the hockey stick chart guy who rose to fame and grant money based on his claim that there has never been a prolonged cold period since the end of the last Glacial Maximum, has also filed a defamation suit against WaPo for maligning him and insists that his research and conclusions are accurate.  I will not get into the silly science part of this here, but 24 of Mikey’s media buddies have turned their backs on him. And yes, he does have the right to demand that WaPo rescind what it said about him.

I think it’s safe to say that sharks do have better manners than people in news media.

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  1. Dennis - not chevy says:

    When I hear folks demand the voting age be lowered, I remember the words of Evel Knievel, “If 8 year olds had the vote, I’d be President.”

  2. AW1Ed says:

    “The David Hogg School of Political Groupthink” where carefully coached children spout their simplistic and small-minded issue-of-the-day. Seems they have moved on from firearms and now the Green Nude Eel is the hot button issue du jour.

    Say hey to Cindy for us, David.

    • Perry Gaskill says:

      Bingo. As bizarre as it sounds, you can almost feel sorry for Feinstein getting ambushed by the schoolkids in the available videos. If you watch the one from CNN, the adult woman standing in the background is wearing a Sunrise Movement t-shirt. For those not familiar with that organization, it’s the original source of the Green New Deal which is often inaccurately attributed to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

      Personally, I have no doubt those students were indoctrinated with radical climate change dogma, coached to be as aggressive as possible, and aimed at DiFi like a bunch of little SJW cruise missiles. And those who would weaponize school children for political ends rate a level of scorn for sleaze that’s remarkable even by the usual Progressive standards.

      • RGR 4-78 says:

        “And those who would weaponize school children for political ends rate a level of scorn for sleaze that’s remarkable even by the usual Progressive standards.”

        I agree, but, I find it funny in an ironic way that they would choose to ambush one of their own progressive representatives. I guess there are not enough Republicans in that AO.

        • 11B-Mailclerk says:

          Shades of Chairman Mao’s Red Guards. They start with nagging.

          • RGR 4-78 says:

            I got to thinking after I posted.
            This group is supposed to be headed out on a tour of the U.S., this may have been preparation for ambushing Republicans in other areas. We will see.

          • Cornholio says:

            Oops, hit “report commet” by accident.

            I was gonna say it remindes me of what Khan said in Star Trek:

            Captain Terrell: Sir, I demand…
            Khan: You are in a position to demand nothing.

        • Mason says:

          She’s no longer one of theirs. DiFi, like Pelosi and Schumer are on the decline in the party. The only thing keeping them relevant is their fundraising abilities. It’s pretty clear they are a liability to the new Democrats coming up, since they don’t fully believe in socialism’s power to fix all our ills and their history of supporting common sense solutions like border security.

          • NEC338x says:

            The kids have a final solution for the old guard and its called Carousel. They’ll have Sandmen enforce it.

      • Mason says:

        That teacher is clearly brainwashing those kids. There’s not a critical thought in any of their heads. It’s a shame really.

        We have 12 years, huh? Alright. I’ll see you in 2031 when we’ll be battling in souped up hot rods like Mad Max across the wasteland that was America.

  3. A Proud Infidel®™️ says:

    Let’s see now, the Wall is going to be built thus cutting off a steady flow of illegal alien voters for D-rats, thus they want teenagers to vote while they’re still brainwashed liberal by their public school herders.

  4. 26Limabeans says:

    Always chuckle when I see Diane with her Little Lulu hairdo.

  5. AnotherPat says:

    The Sunrise Movement?

    Well, check this out…according to the article:

    “…at the end of March, members of the Sunrise Movement will embark on a 15-city Green New Deal Tour to hold town halls in such states as Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Kentucky.”


    How are they going to get from point A to Point B? Walk? Will they be eating in Vegan Restaraunts powered by solar energy/wind turbines? Where will they be staying during their tour?

    Perhaps they need to volunteer to be part of the Mars Expedition (building a colony and living there) that will never return to Earth:

    “How Varshini Prakash and the Sunrise Movement Are Making People Actually Care About Climate Change”

    • 11B-Mailclerk says:

      Sunrise? Or Shining Path…

      • 5th/77th FA says:

        Hitler Youth? Moonies? Why shouldn’t they weaponize school kids? Isn’t that tactic discussed in chapter 1 of the Socialist playbook?

    • Mason says:

      Just like the Congressmen that took a $60k trip to South Africa to party with celebrities to bring attention to poverty.

      You know what’d bring some attention to poverty? If we had a Congressman live in a cardboard box on capital hill.

      • Ex-PH2 says:

        I would vote for that!

        In fact, that’s a brilliant idea: make them all spend a week living the ghetto or the ‘hood without “special” protection services.

  6. jonp says:

    WaPo and Bezo’s are about to pay a ton of bucks to those kids from Covington and they are only the first targets of this political hit job.
    The self centered pay attention to me generation wants everything right now or the will scream and thrash on the ground like 2yr olds until they get it or everyone stops paying attention

    • OWB says:

      They will only stop acting like 2-yr olds when they are made to stop acting like 2 olds. Since we can’t slap sense into them, maybe the lawsuits will shut them up for a while.