Brenton Tarrant faces court charged over Christchurch terror attack 

| March 16, 2019 | 38 Comments

Smiling mosque massacre shooter makes a white supremacist sign with his hand as he is charged with murder after 49 people lost their lives in New Zealand’s worst terror attack – and man arrives at court ‘armed with knife to stab the accused’

  • Australian-born Brenton Harrison Tarrant, 28, has faced a Christchurch court charged with a count of murder
  • Daniel John Burrough, 18, is also charged with ‘exciting hostility or ill-will’ in relation to the mosque attacks 
  • Tarrant, Burrough, as well as a man and a woman were arrested on Friday after the violence
  • The third man has been released and is not thought linked, while the woman remains in custody 
  • Tarrant allegedly live streamed himself on Facebook as he opened fire on the Al Noor Mosque at 1.30pm AEDT
  • During a brief appearance in Christchurch District Court he smiled faintly and offered a white power gesture 
  • New Zealand authorities have confirmed that at least 49 people have been killed, with dozens more missing 
  • Alleged terrorist posted an online manifesto filled with Neo-Nazi ideology and hatred for Muslim people 
  • Tarrant ‘worked as a personal trainer before travelling the world to North Korea and Pakistan as well as Europe’

For those of you who have not seen his video, here it is:  WARNING GRAPHIC VIOLENCE 


The only effective defense against that kind of attack is an equal or overwhelming amount of firepower.  Pass all the laws you want, nothing is going to change that fact.  Now, there can be no criticism of Islam without it appearing as if it’s coming from a white supremacist.   

Will anyone speak out about the difference between criticism of Islam and this kind of senseless violence?  This kind of thing happens nearly every week in some predominately Islamic country.  Millions have been killed around Central Africa in the last decade. It never makes the news.


Accused Christchurch massacre gunman Brenton Harrison Tarrant smiled as he made a white power gesture in the dock as he was charged with murder.

Tarrant, 28, originally from Grafton, New South Wales but more recently a resident of Dunedin on New Zealand’s South Island, had his hands chained to his waist as he wore white prison overalls.

Police allege that after opening fire inside the Al Noor Mosque Tarrant drove to the Linwood Masjid Mosque across town and continued his rampage.

Daniel John Burrough, 18, has also been charged with ‘exciting hostility or ill-will’ in relation to the mosque attacks but he did not appear in court.

The unnamed woman remains in custody, while the third man who was arrested is not linked with the attacks and has been released.

A member of the public tried to storm the court to ‘knife’ the attacker before proceedings began, as citizens were barred from attending.

So far 49 people have been confirmed dead – including at least one child – while dozens more remain missing.

Brenton Tarrant has had the opposite effect of what he wanted to have.  These kinds of cowardly acts of terrorism always have the opposite effect that the perpetrator intended.

I have no love for Islam, I believe it is a disease of the mind and like a virus is spread by those infected with it.   It’s barbaric iron age beliefs will be defeated by rational and critical thought.  I can not condemn this kind of violence enough.

Source: Brenton Tarrant faces court charged over Christchurch terror attack | Daily Mail Online

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  1. AW1Ed says:

    A fair trial and a good hangin’ and easy on the publicity he craves. Unmarked grave will suffice.

    edit- Never mind.
    New Zealand Death Penalty

  2. 5th/77th FA says:

    Agree with you Dave…..”a sickness of the mind.” Saw a blurb on evening last where Islamic fighters killed 141 (?) “Christians” in Africa that didn’t make the news, within the last few days. The exportation of the “Religion of Peace” has killed more people than a lot of the wars we’ve seen.

    Semi agree with ‘Ed too. Rope yes!….Trial, not needed! Hell he did it, no doubt. Maybe some type of trial for his cohorts, but this dirt bag…nope. String his azz up. I’ll be the FIRST to provide a short rope. I wonder if Amnesty Intl would change their minds on capital punishment if it were their loved one who was brutally murdered for no reason.

    I will state again….The punishment of a known perp should be swift, severe, and public. Then bury them in an unmarked grave, or better yet…buzzards gotta eat…same as worms! (spit)

  3. Roh-Dog says:

    What this monster did is horrible to the nth plus all the nths.
    The MSM and the social media played right into this illiberal sh*tstains hands, attempting to scrub the Internet of this guy’s words.
    This needs the ultimate disinfectant treatment, lest Our societies become what he wants, fascistic regimes based on color or religion.
    I hope this motherf**ker spends the rest of his days in solitary, wailing for the God he foresook.

  4. 26Limabeans says:

    Thank you for posting the video.
    Evil exists and people need to see it up front and personal to realize it. Look away and you dismiss reality. Shield the public and you do them no favor.

  5. Ex-PH2 says:

    I’m satisfied that he did it. No reason for it is necessary. Nor does it require any thoughtful response that ‘he doesn’t deserve – – -‘ after what he did.

    I agree that islam is a mental disorder, but it does not excuse what he did.

  6. Tallywhagger says:

    Islam is the church of Satan, on earth. The shooter was merely carrying out Satan’s will.

  7. Bill M says:

    There is no excuse for what he did. Contrast this with what happens when Islamic jerks kill Christians every day. Somehow you never hear of Islamic leaders condemning that. The world is in a sorry state. Too bad New Zealand doesn’t have a death penalty.

  8. 5jc says:

    IDK why Christianity is getting conflated into this. The shooter by his own admission did not identify as Christian.

    He is an Eco-Fascist trying to save the planet from a rapidly expanding mankind by trying to diminish the population of groups he hates the most.


    NZ is the last place I am would have expected. Other than drunken fistfights, NZ is a very peaceful place.

  10. The Other Whitey says:

    Just hand him over to the Maoris and tell them to make an example of his murdering ass.

    I have a pretty negative opinion of the islamic cult, with a few exceptions, but this shit ain’t right, no matter who does it to whom. Drown him in his own blood.

  11. I see the demorats are blaming our POTUS for the shooting. When that Bernie supporter shot Judge Scalise, the republicans didn’t try and blame bernie for the shooting. Amazing and of course the double standard still holds true.

  12. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    1. Rope.
    2. Tree or Gallows.
    3.Brenton Harrison Tarrant.

    Some assembly required.

  13. Ken.Taylor says:

    this creation will rot in gaol for the rest of his miserable life. He will not be freed at any time, the media will insure that. Life here means life. The criminals world revolves around 18 square feet of concrete wall and floor as well as roof. The exercise yard is 18×18 feet with 1inch iron bars to keep the animals in. That will be his world unstill death takes away this miserable piece of crap.

  14. Slow Joe says:

    So, was this a false flag or not?
    Kind of suspicious that he went to Nork.

    Is there anything to the comments that this dude is really a commie trying to start some type of race/ethnic/religious war?

  15. A Proud Infidel®™️ says:

    So the media is fixated on that scumbag while 120 Christians were slaughtered by Muslims in Nigeria.

  16. Mike W. says:

    The Irish learned the hard way that you can never “win” with revenge killings.
    So sad this piece of sh*t is alive. Now we have to hear his bullsh_t.
    YES, Christians/others are being killed all over the world and YES the media only cares about retards like this guy.

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