Illegal Aliens for Thee but not for Me!

| April 13, 2019 | 29 Comments

Jim Acosta proves President Trump’s point while attempting to debunk him. Becomes a meme. (Michael P. Ramirez)

Those on the left like to lecture us about welcoming “all immigrants”. They spin our argument, “We welcome legal immigration, but not illegal immigration,” as “opposition” to all immigration.

Enter President Trump, and his push to build the wall.

Both Republicans and Democrats talked about the importance of legal immigration versus illegal immigration. Video and audio is available attesting to this. But, now that President Trump is doing something about reducing the flow of illegal immigration, the left continues to put a negative spin on his intentions.

Added to this spin is the doubling down on resisting federal efforts to prevent additional illegals from coming in… And they’ve continued to argue about “protecting those that are already here”.

You guys have seen the resulting memes on social media about welcoming them in. They’ve even been labeled, “asylum seekers”. The waves coming to our country? Not a “threat” not an “emergency”.

Of course, those saying that are doing so from the safety of their platforms and the safety of their distance to the border. One made it a point to go to a border barrier to try to emphasize the “no danger” claim.

President Trump, while playing “3-D chess”, suggests the idea of moving illegal aliens to sanctuary cities. Given the left’s arguments, one would think that the President’s “backing” away from one of his stances… In exchange for “letting them stay”… Would be a good thing.

It is a good thing, right?

Not only does this idea entertain not sending them back, but it entertains transporting them to locations where they could stay. Win-win? Nope. The left is protesting this, and are throwing the words “punishment” and “pawns” around.

From Fox News:

“The extent of this Administration’s cynicism and cruelty cannot be overstated,” Pelosi spokeswoman Ashley Etienne said in a statement Friday. “Using human beings–including little children–as pawns in their warped game to perpetuate fear and demonize immigrants is despicable, and in some cases, criminal.”

She added: “The American people have resoundingly rejected this Administration’s toxic anti-immigrant policies, and Democrats will continue to advance immigration policies that keep us safe and honor our values.”

Officials stressed that the plan never went anywhere.

Cruelty to whom? If the illegals don’t get shipped back, or they don’t get denied entry, as this idea suggested, these illegals wouldn’t think it to be “cruel”. The reality is that “not being hasty about sending them back” has more to do with virtue signaling, and possibly vote diluting, than it has to do with “being kind” and “not being racist”.

It’s easier to “do good” when others are bearing the brunt of the sacrifices needed to do good, than it is to actually be the one that makes the sacrifices needed to do good. Taking these illegals in “should be done”, but not in the neighborhoods, or property, of those advocating that we should just take them in.

Sanctuary cities are predominantly liberal. If they manage to get some of these illegals to vote, they could potentially add to the vote tally for the Democrat candidate. Not a real value to areas that already vote Democrat, other than the added headaches.

Why not shift these illegals to conservative locations, where they could endure the problems that come with these illegals at the same time their votes are diluted? Make an area, or state, go blue without having to deal with the problems, but still be able to mislead the public about the Democrats having the moral high ground.

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  1. Sparks says:

    If the current and past 25 years experience of illegal aliens were happening 100 or even 60 years ago, it would be called an invasion by a foreign country or countries. The borders would be secured by the military and a General Pershing type would be on scene to control it, even if it meant rounds down range.

    Pelosi and her ilk don’t like the sanctuary city idea because most of them live in declared sanctuary cities. Where the police cannot ask about citizenship or detain illegals and hand them over to ICE. They don’t want them near them, just near those of us who live conservative lives in conservative areas.

    Now then, if Trump had said we will put the sanctuary cities in heavy red states, the left would be behind it 110 percent. Because it would help them, through illegal alien voter fraud to seize more power with the new voting block.

    The hypocrisy of the liberal left never fails to surprise me. Trump could have said we will build a brand new city, not a town but an entire city in some state and of course make it AOC eco-friendly and they still would have thrown the race card, the “poor children” card, and anything else they could find.

    In my mind, Trump is being too gracious. Personally, I would toss every one of them back over the newly built border wall with clear instructions for those that claim “no hablo ingles”, on how to legally pursue immigration.

    But then, I am considered by the left to be a heartless, racist, white privileged, middle-class nationalist. Means nothing to them that I worked my whole life, saved for retirement, and plan to leave a bit for the kids. All done while enduring hardships, layoffs, budgets tighter than the bark on a tree, etc. All because I believe in the rule of law and the fruits of my own toils and labors and God’s grace.

    Illegal aliens need to look somewhere else for sympathy other than me.

  2. AW1Ed says:

    My my, the Dems have been snookered and they know it. Even though this was never a serious proposal it was a brilliant ploy to make the Dems put up or shut up. They of course are somehow trying to conflate shipping illegals to Sanctuary Cities and the like as some sort of inhumane act- Cory Booker explains:

    Booker said, “Well, first of all, it reflects this contorted view that Donald Trump has about humanity, and somehow that people seeking a better life coming to this country are somehow going to be a punishment to communities that are saying we’re going to create safer, stronger communities by making sure that immigrants here get basic services. But more than that, this is what we’re going to see, what we’ve seen, and what we’re going to see over the next years, him trying to dominate headlines and conversations, distracting us from the kind of things that he’s doing, trying to rip health care away from Americans, having policies like banning Muslims or throwing kids in cages.”

    So allowing illegals into Dem Sanctuary Cities where one would presume they would be welcomed is just like ripping health care away from banned Muslims and their caged kids.

    Or something.


  3. George V says:

    The President is a real-estate trader, what he needs is someone with a strong background in marketing:
    “We are concerned with the welfare of these people who have crossed the border and requested asylum. We do have a certain number of beds, but not enough, and Congress will not approve more. We cannot repatriate these people, the courts will not allow it without an amnesty hearing. But we are concerned with their welfare. We need to find locations which will provide health care, housing, and food. The sanctuary cities have policies in place to meet these needs. It seems like a logical solution to bring the amnesty-seeking undocumented immigrants to the sanctuary cities. This will provide the best care for them.”

    Nothing like being sanctimonious and waving the compassion flag to get the left really riled up.

    • 11B-Mailclerk says:

      He is an adept marketer.

      He maintains the “I am fighting them tooth and claw” image.

      He goads the opposition into saying stuff that contradicts their own positions, -big time-.

      He often makes it look easy, and often makes the opposition look stupid. They like to put on airs of being smart and undefeatable. He quite often sets them up for own-goals.

      The Popcorn Presidency! Entertaining!

  4. NavyEODguy says:

    “The left is protesting this, and are throwing the words “punishment” and “pawns” around.”

    And don’t forget their most favorite word being used – DUMP or DUMPING

  5. UpNorth says:

    For any candidates interested and smart enough to do so, the 2020 campaign ads are writing themselves.
    From “Sanctuary” cities that aren’t, to dem candidates promising to take everyone’s money for reparations to Bernout Sanders promising that the Feds will use the federal government to change or abolish state laws on right to work and mandatory union membership, the ads are there. Just use them.

  6. Synloy un says:

    I agree it was never a serious idea,but he sure had some people going nuts thinking it was.Why do they report stuff like this then at the end of the story say but it wasn’t done.We could have a meeting an discuss casterating Bill Clinton but talking doesn’t mean doing anything.It certainly isn’t news.

  7. 26Limabeans says:

    Flooding cities with illegal aliens could cause them to sink further below the predicted sea level rise. They may not capsize like Hank Johnson envisions but they will cetainly be under water.

  8. Roh-Dog says:

    Good. I generally can give a rats ass about the opinions or diktats of assholes that live behind a fence and have armed security. Princess Nancy and her ilk help perpetuate these abhorrent policies, let her people pay for electing the stupid c*nts. I want to hear the gnashing of teeth from here.
    I’ll be ok, because a country boy can survive.

  9. The Other Whitey says:

    Having actual refugees from an actual genocide for my In-Laws colors my perception of all the sob stories. Being born, raised, and currently residing in rural East County San Diego, and having spent much of my career working along the border colors it further.

    There’s a right way and a wrong way to immigrate. My In-Laws escaped the Cambodian Genocide, wound up in a refugee camp in Thailand, and still managed to do it the right way with newborn twin girls (one of whom is now my wife), the tattered clothes on their backs, and jack shit else.

    The flood assaulting our southern border today has nobody whose experience even approximates that. Not to say that their lives are perfect, but their situation at home is a huge step above that which my In-Laws escaped. If my wife’s family could pursue the process properly, nobody from any Hispanophone country to the south has any excuse for failing to do so.

    If they don’t like Trump’s solution, here’s mine. Reform of the legal immigration process for better efficiency and access. At the same time, All illegal aliens who can be found will be deported forthwith. The wall shall be built immediately and Border Patrol given orders to shoot on sight within 100 yards of the wall. Any who get past that free-fire zone will be apprehended and identified. First-time crossers will be deported and blackballed from legal entry. Any who have been caught before will be summarily executed. Children under the age of 12 will be remanded to the custody of the Catholic Church in their country of origin. How’s that for a solution?

  10. HMCS(FMF) ret says:

    Here’s a news report on Portland – America’s Whitest City.

    PDX is another one of those “sanctuary cities” that has a NIMBY attitude.

  11. Roh-Dog says:

    (Tears up)
    It’s…it’s glor-i-ous.

  12. Roh-Dog says:

    Their ‘monoculture’ is represented by a hammer and sickle (nb: the mayor and council), so; f*ck Portlandistan, the horses they rode in on, and their floppy ti**ed mothers.
    That’s me holding back, btws.

  13. Berliner says:

    Hopefully the USAF can spare some C-17’s to aid in the relocation from the border.

    The Seattle (sanctuary city/state) Washington Mayor (“D” party) says “proposal sending Illegal Immigrants Inhumane”:

    “It is against our values to use people – including children and families in crisis – as political pawns,” Mayor Durkan said in a Friday news release. “Seattle will continue to fight for the dignity of every person and will not allow any administration to use the power of America to destroy the promise of America.”

    Meanwhile in her city, personal possession amounts of up to 30 doses of heroin or methamphetamine is still uncharged by the city attorney. Public defecation downtown is rampant. Camping on sidewalks downtown is allowed.

    A recent survey of arrests revealed 35 homeless vagrants have over 100 arrests each, with no consequences. One recently tried to push a woman off an overpass over Interstate 5 downtown… he was back on the street the next day.

    • The Other Whitey says:

      So attempted murder is okay in Seattle as long as you stink like ass? Good to know.

    • 11B-Mailclerk says:

      So… Left-loon cities are actual shitholes.

      That right there should be all the warning needed to end their political influence forever. Seriously.

      Cities overrun with human shit. Everywhere. It dries and blows around as dust. Everywhere. Cities -here-, inundated with human waste.

      I never thought I would see such decay in my lifetime, and yet, there it is. And this will become more widespread as the progressives control more absolutely. California will, more and more, resemble San Francisco.

      Sooner or later, “pandemic” will rear its ugly head. One drug-resistant turd-carried bacteria or virus, and things will become quite unpleasant.

      Campaign ads should run pictures of the crap-covered places, and the decade ruins, with finger clearly pointed at the “progressives” rapidly reverting our cities to something from a prior century. (Or millennia)

      “Ruins and turds, courtesy of the Democrats”.

  14. HMC Ret says:

    I wonder how the citizens of the sanctuary cities (AKA liberal bastions) will feel when their taxes are increased so the illegals can have a better lifestyle? I say go for it. Roll those buses into the sanctuary cities and unload them all at the steps of the mayor’s home. I think we’ll hear a lot of NIMBY. I have absolutely no fucks to give for the cities or their citizens in this matter. Maybe then the citizens will finally see what decades of socialist leadership has done for them. Let’s see them cough up the bucks to pay for their feel good crap.

    • 11B-Mailclerk says:

      Isn’t that like dumping pests in the neighbor’s yard, assuming they won’t come over the line to yours?

      It may be fun to watch them going batshit over a bag of big bugs or a sack of rats, but the things scatter.

      Besides, it would be almost inhuman to inflict those proggy shitholes on the illegals. (Grin). We are, after all, civilized folks.

  15. NHSparky says:

    On a more local note, I hear Cambridge, MA is a sanctuary city. Move a few thousand there and watch Lizzie “Fauxcahontas” Warren lose her fucking mind.

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