Please Sir, You Must RESIGN, RIGHT NOW!

| March 16, 2009

When retired General Erik K. Shinseki was announced as the new head of the Department of Veterans Affairs, I applauded the President’s choice. That in itself is very unusual for me.

I didn’t do that because Gen. Shinseki and I have always agreed, we have not; but I know Gen. Shinseki personally and have always thought of him as a thoughtful, brilliant officer that put the affairs of soldiers at the top of his priorities. Especially me.

When then MG Shinseki first took command of 1st Cavalry Division I was a brand new Captain (and light fighter struggling in a heavy Armor Division). Shinseki was a very welcomed arrival in the division because nothing could be worse than the previous commander, MG Wes Clark.

The difference was day and night. Within weeks morale had swung 180 degrees!

Then something amazing happened to me. I was offered command of an Infantry company. The problem was I had not yet attended the required Infantry Officer Advance Course at Fort Benning and Infantry Branch said NO WAY.

Shinseki got involved and after a long discussing with me and my commander, he called whoever division commanders call and I took command within two weeks. He pulled the same rabbit out of his hat 16 months later and ultimately I did go to the advance course but I had 30 months of company command under my belt when I arrived.

Years later I found myself in the Pentagon when General Shinseki showed up as the new Army Chief of Staff. I was very happy for him and told everyone who would listen that he was a soldier’s General.

Then came his directive that all soldiers would be issued a black beret!

As a former member of the 75th Ranger Regiment along with Jonn, I vehemently disagreed with his decision and told him so.

But my faith in him as a soldier and officer of impeccable integrity made me accept the order. I am an old soldier and when a General gives an order that is not illegal, unethical or immoral, I salute and move out whether I personally like it or not.

This new approach to screwing veterans however is beyond my parameters. Based on implied contract rules of law where there is not a veteran alive today that ever thought he would be liable for his own care after a combat related injury; I am not at all certain that this change is remotely LAWFUL.

Even if some pony-tailed Chicago lawyer finds a loophole to make this legal, no one with an IQ above that of a pencil sharpener can argue that it is ETHICAL.

But most important is the MORAL part. Anyone who thinks this idea is remotely moral is either retarded or just plain un-American. Where is the morality in a country sending a person to war and then refusing to pay for his care after being maimed in the war?

This is beyond immoral, it is un-American! And I will debate this issue with any dumbass veteran who voted for this amateur. If you’re not a veteran don’t contact me. If you want to defend this as a veteran (and you know we will check), I will do so in any forum you like as often as you like and I will ask nor offer quarter.

To all you trolls out there, consider this before taking my challenge:

President Obama wants to charge combat wounded veterans for care to save $500 million while simultaneously GRANTING $900 million to terrorist in Palestine to recover from the beat down that they sorely deserved.

I know whose side I am on, do you?

To General Shinseki I say RESIGN NOW. This is the only possible way to preserve your integrity as a soldier’s soldier. To do anything less is to slap the face of every wounded warrior and leave yourself as nothing more than a liar and pathetic political hack.

I don’t call for you resignation because of any malfeasance that you did but as a principled position against this atrocity and solidarity with the soldiers that you once commanded.

Please Sir, You Must RESIGN, RIGHT NOW!

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  1. Navy Seawolf Vietnam says:

    I heard about this OBAMASAN action only yesterday and Harry you have gone an excellent job in putting this all together for all of us. I commend you!!! I personally would have thought that the General would have resigned immediately once he discovered that OBAMASAN actually issued this statement. If he doesn’t resign immediately, then he is not what his military records have shown us all.

  2. “COB6 Wrote: Interestingly Mr. Gentry, General Shinseki lost half of a foot in Vietnam. Hopefully he will do the honorable thing.”
    H’mmmm, I have a family familiarity with that malady. My cousin lost half a foot in a jeep wreck on the Korea DMZ. (He had his “works” cut off.) The poor guy came home dysfuckional, and his wife immediately began an affair that cost them their marriage. Half a foot, H’mmmmmmmm
    nuf sed

  3. Ronnie Hunter (MSG RET.) says:

    General Shinseki you have disgraced the uniform by your unholy alliance with the fraud ocuppying the oval office. The honorable thing would be to never have taken the job in the first place and now you should make a public statement condemming the obama administration and then resign.

  4. Robert Bouchard, Jr. says:

    The thought that any American soldier should, in any way, be responsible for his health care as a result of an injury received while in service is so insane as to be unAmerican, unethical, immoral, and just like something bo would do. What’s it going to take to GET THAT ILLEGAL ALIEN OUT OF THE WHITE HOUSE!!!!!!!!!

  5. Robert Bouchard, Jr. says:

    I’m not joking about what I said above!! And every day he stays there makes the sitution in this country more horrible. God Bless you.

  6. Randy McClain says:

    I really have to agree! This is disgraceful! How can the government bail out companies that have mismanaged there business and then ask the vets to pay for it!!! And then to have this proposed by someone that never servered in the military! never put his life on the line is discusting!!!!!!! Maybe we need to make a change!!! Shouldn’t the people that are elected have to serve in the military??? And make it both men and women!!! And also they should have to display some common sense!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Bishop William J Cox, LTC RETIRED says:

    It is hard for me to believe that anyone holding elective office in this great Country would be so hard hearted and indiferent to the sacrifices of our wounded men and women.

  8. KC says:

    Charge the very people for fighting a war the Government asked them to fight? Then have to pay for any body harm that they may get while fighting for ” THEIR ” freedom ?
    I wonder how many people would be willing to fight for such a stupid, rediculous, assinine idea?
    Calling for your resignation, General Shensicki.You are not thinking clearly for the benefit of THIS nations security….

  9. KC says:

    Talking wounded here of course!!!! Not refering to having to pay a fee to fight. Wanted to make it clear how stupid you sound ,as it did when I typed my fisrt letter !!!!! Resign General, you have already damaged your integrity !!!

  10. Paka says:

    H. Obama has appeared under pressure to change his mind, (If he has one)on this issue. However, Shenseki sold out immediately and the demand for his resignation should not only be demanded, but intensified. Lets not wait for a next time to start all over with this POS.

  11. Don Miller says:

    As a retired officer, I agree completely with COL Riley. Never having served with Shinseki, I cannot comment on him as an officer. What makes this action particularly egregious is that this Administration (and the previous) seem to feel that the Armed Forces are “the President’s own”, to do with as the President sees fit, kind of like the later Roman army. The US Army is NOT a “foreign legion” or the old “throw-away” British Redcoat regiments, which could be sent off on the king’s foreign adventures and never seen again in many cases.
    For a soldier to be killed/wounded in defense of our fatherland is one thing, altho still terrible, but to be killed or wounded while “bringing democracy” to a bunch of tribal primitives who have never in a thousand years of history known the concept is disgraceful. To not care for those men sent on those stupid adventures is sinful!
    But we, the American people, voted for this guy and his administration. We knew, or should have known, what the far left feels about the American military and America itself. We will have at least eight more years of this, and it wil only get worse! Wake up, America, before it is too late!

  12. GI JANE says:

    Just a few things:

    COB6: Excellent letter. I was in the 1st Cav between 1992-1995. Wesley Clark was a piss poor excuse for a General…and Soldier. As for Shinseki: much better, but his influence on making us all wear that crappy beret was just plain stupid.

    Snowman: Just one minor correction: Military personnel also pay taxes. The only time we don’t is when we are deployed to a combat zone. The minute we step back into CONUS or another overseas asssignment outside the combat theater of operations, the taxes pick up where they left off.

    As soon as Obamesssiah pulled this proposal out of his ass, Shinseki should have told him: “Not only NO, but HELL NO.”

  13. Ivan Berman says:

    As a proud veteran, I tell Shinseki to have some aeronautical intercourse with some motorized pastry!!

  14. Theodore (Ted) Ackman says:

    26 Yr. USAF Ret. When I enlisted in Chicago the first time, I swore on oath to “… defend and protect the Constitution… against ALL enemies foreign AND domestic….” Each time I re-enlisted I pledged the same oath. It has occurred to me that not once was I ever required to counteract that pledge and oath. I AM STILL UNDER THAT OATH – as are all my brothers and sisters who have put on the uniform of and for this nation.

    Now then – how do WE affect the upholding of that sacred pledge? Perhaps, as the comic strip character Pogo© once observed, “We have met the enemy, and he is us.” because we’ve not done enough to ensure the domestic tranquility….

  15. David Davis says:

    Any leader that turns his back on the men and women that have given so much for their country is not fit to command.
    Remember what our president does once a year lays a wreath gives a speech and walks away from the symbol of the fallen the unknown soldier.

    To all of Americas vets Let us not forget what real sacrifice is. Let us unite under one common cause Justice. Our Congress has sent our men abroad to fight and die if they must. Our Congress turns their backs on us. It’s seen in their committee meetings and political appointees. The General should have stayed where he was he has now joined the ranks of traitors to veterans. Injustice is best served by the ranks of politicians you sir have denied your fellow soldiers and their families medical care and benefits and say you will turn it around in 5 years. Get real step down.

  16. breakin bad says:

    GET OUT NOW (SHIT – SAKI) America stinx the way they treat and care for veterans awful!!! Your a liar shit saki!! Your not open for business your closed for the business. The VA squanders money on lavish parties for their CEO’S while vets die in poverty and disgrace!! Shame on USA!!!!!!!!! 2015?? Lot of denial letters going out over the next 6 years folks.Look at all the World War II vets Korean War and Vietnam vets still trying to receive their benefits. Get out Shit Saki get out of
    the Veterans Administration.

  17. Hey look man this VA directir Gen what ever shendzaki needs to resign. Look i’m tired of the VA giving millions of federal funds away to pay these fast slob execs at the VA. Look your going to have complete anarchy if this man does not resign.
    Look hes going to get a million dollar a year pension right.
    Get out and put all veterans needs up front and get these back logged claims approved paid and taken care of!!!My claim has been pending for over 14 years now!!

  18. BROWCOUNT says:

    When in sin is some one going to do something about the VA??
    I heard their are still World War II veterans who have not received their veterans benefits! Mr. Shinseki you to need resign and that goes like wise for POTUS to!!!!! Mr. Shinseki your a very wealthy no doubt by now and i’m sure your retirement check and your next job will be lovely. Please resign your not capable of running the Veterans Administration!!! Your hurting all us vets that served!!

  19. J32L says: