Gutfield crosses the line (Updated)

| March 22, 2009

I’ll admit that I never watch Redline with this Greg Gutfield fellow, but one of our Canadian readers sent me this video yesterday from his show the other day;

Now, I remember how upset we got when some Canadian MPs started calling our president names, how is this more acceptable? I’ve worked with Canadian troops, and they certainly don’t deserve this sort of public abuse. Dieppe, anyone?

We have few enough real allies in the world, why do we need to belittle the troops of one of them? At least Jonathon Hoenig, the Capitalist Pig, didn’t get down with the other in the mud.

As our Canadian friend points out, 116 Canadian troops have died in Afghanistan – how about showing them some respect.

TSO sent me this link to update this; Gutfield apologizes.

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  1. Mia says:

    Greg Gutfeld’s show, Redeye, comes on at, like, 2 or 3 in the morning, so I’m not sure how much of an impact his show has on regular people. I’ve been up that late on occasion and tried to watch the show a couple of times…it’s just silliness and often profane. However, it’s no more offensive than Mahr or Colbert’s shows – not excusing what they said. To be fair, they insulted Mexico at the end and a couple of the guests said good things about Canada. Still, no excuse.

  2. tankerbabe says:

    This steams me to no end. WAY out of line. TOTAL disrespect!

    I’m in touch with a group of Canadians currently serving in Afghanistan. Allow me to share a few messages I’ve received this month that the uncaring idiots of Red Eye might want to consider before mouthing off the way they did.

    From yesterday, “4 more CANADIAN HEROES ADIOS AMIGOS”

    From March 9th, “WE LOST ONE MORE GOOD MAN”

    From March 4th, “I lost 3 more friends”

    I suppose it’s easy to sit in a nice comfy chair in a safe TV studio, raking in huge salaries and making disgusting comments as they did. Wonder when they intend to spend some air time honoring the lives of the Canadians who have given their all so that a$$clowns like them can say what they feel with no retribution.

    Man I’m steamed!

  3. ciccio says:

    I am writing from Canada and there are indeed quite a few fundamental differences between the Canadian and the US administration. Firstly, Canada was the first country to categorically refuse to have anything to do with the Durban conference. When some Canadian Muslim sympathizer was kidnapped by the Taliban, the government went on records to say they no intention of negotiating with the Taliban. When the rabblerouser Galloway said he was going to address a peace meeting in Toronto, the government, in the choicest of language told him to piss off. Lastly, despite having only a tenth of the population of the states, Canadian losses in Afghanistan are now 116 compared to American losses of 580.

    Canada is the only country to ever successfully invade the US
    and showed their opinion of the US by burning down the White House.

    Jonn wrote: Well, that’s the last time I try to be nice to anyone. By the way, Canada wasn’t a country when they were ordered by their British masters to invade the US and burn our Capitol.

  4. Nixon says:

    I find myself compelled to stand up for Greg Gutfeld, because we did exchange a couple of emails when I was in Iraq and he came off as incredibly supportive of the military. Red Eye takes the South Park paradigm and is “all offensive all the time”, so condemnation might be a bit harsh. But the piece does seem a bit naive, as Kandahar is certainly no vacation.

  5. Shmegeggy says:

    Thanks for posting this. As a Canadian who is extremely supportive of the Global War on Terror, it means a lot when our allies recognize our contributions.

  6. SmokeyBehr says:

    Gutfeld wasn’t going after the Canadian military, he was going after the Canadian government for the one year stand-down idea. Remember, Red Eye is as much of a news show as The Colbert Report or The Daily Show, just it’s not in primetime.

  7. rcd33b says:

    You know, it bothers me when a Canadian uses a post like this to demonstrate their pro-Canadian stance by insulting America. I have found that is often how Canadians define being “proudly Canadian;” by being anti-American.

    Be that as it may, the fighting ability and contribution of Canadian soldiers at Vimy Ridge, Dieppe, Italy, Normandy, Holland, Korea and now Afghanistan cannot be disputed or put down. They are super-fine combat troops and a quality Army that has not only survived 40 years of intentional neglect by their own country but survived it well and in fighting form. Johnny Canuck, continue in your present mindset, kick ass and take names, and when you get back home to Canada at least let some Canadians know that they don’t need to insult America to be proud of their own country. Although, there are some talking heads in America that need to be insulted.

  8. Nixon says:

    It’s tough to be anti-Canadian, because they have better and more alcoholic beer (mmm…Molson XXX) and their strip clubs are a vast improvement (especially in Montreal). So, I don’t understand why the feeling isn’t reciprocal as seen in comment #3. I mean the War of 1812?? Jesus, How long before a grudge goes away.

  9. Shmegeggy says:

    Jonn, Red and Nixon, I think a lot more Canadians are like me and feel strong friendship for our allies. Actions speak louder than words.

  10. Just A Grunt says:

    Don’t get the wrong idea about Greg, he is very supportive of the military. Here is a video clip from January when he interviewed former Marine Nick Popaditch. Somebody you should know and be inspired by.

  11. Ray says:

    I like Greg. He is frequently very amusing and sometimes his show should come with a “spew alert”. That said… do I disagree about the topic and direction taken in this segment? Sure I do…Not Funny… but “RedEye” is like SNL (you know… when it was funny?)not in format… but in the rapid fire run of topics. One topic may bomb, and the next is hysterical. This one was a MOAB.

    As far as Canada goes… Love it. Beautiful Country with lovely people, and a Military that can kick ass with the best.

  12. brat says:

    Red Eye *may* be ‘funny’, but this Canadian is not laughing at the ignorance displayed in that piece. To be truly funny, humour like this should be based on FACTS, not ignorant, factually wrong stereotypes.. And as any comic can tell you, timing is all, and since we did just lose 4 more, Red Eye’s timing sucked. Then again, since we do – per capita – have the same number of troops there as America, I would suggest NO time is good to be mocking our military.

    And yes, I DO love America…No badmouthing from here. 🙂 In fact, I have often stood up and yelled loudly when anyone has dissed the American troops. Just sayin’.

  13. Crazy Canuck says:

    I think it is insulting that a group of educated american commentators are so ignorant on a subject that they are speaking about joking or not. The Canadian military is much smaller than the US as the population is smaller by a factor 10 (30 Million vs 300,000) and our government has downsized the army since the end of the cold war so our army is just under half the size of the US army per capita(20,000 Cdn army vs 500,000 thousand US). However small our Army since 9/11 We have fought next to US with 25% of our entire army deployed in combat. As a country we also offered santuary to all US bound commercial aircraft hours after 9/11. As an example Vancouver hosted all US bound flights to the Western US coast. They shutdown 2 runways and all the taxiways to have enough room to park them. This shut down one of the largest canadian airports and city because it was such a huge influx of travellers that more than half were put up in locals’ houses and community centers. Most of Vancouver left work that day to help someway. This we did for our friends and allies without being asked. Only the US, Canada and Britain sent ground forces into Afghanistan 2002 to help the Northern alliance. Since that the Canadain Army has suffered a casualty rate 2.6 times higher than the US Army including both Afganistan and Iraq. Our Army has had 1/3 of combat forces deployed since 2002. They have fought for 7 years without a pause so ask yourself how much worse the problems with staffing and vehicle maintance in the US army would be right now with 2.6 times the lose of vehicles and men. Most US military experts have questioned the ability of the US Army to continue at present commitment levels for much longer including President George W Bush who sent the surge to enable the US forces in Iraq to return home because it was becoming unsupportable. The Canadian Army are so highly committed overseas that if the US army deployed and equal percentage of it’s ground force they would have about 250,000 soldiers in Iraq and Afganistan which the US barely reached during the Invasion of Iraq. Yet when a US commentor makes negative comments because Canada needs to withdraw it’s forces to retrain and reequip after taking 2.6 times as many loses as the US is insulting. Just as many Canadian have stood up against negative comments by Canadian commentaors who go over the edge. Yet most american posts seem to show no knowledge of the size of our commitment or the sacrifices of our troops. The Canadian Army was already recalled retired soldiers back to service on a voluntary basis to try and keep up with the attrition of war and retirement. It has gotten to the stage that new equipment is arriving in theatre and used for the first time in combat before trained on it.
    As a country we have become sensitive to Canada bashing by US press and politicians for the last 7 years of the Bush administrator dispite our sacrifices. That unfortunately is why being proudly Canadian has become anti-american to a certain extent.
    Fox News is a news network and even if the show is as bad as the red-eye it is still a commentary show on one of the largest TV networks in the US. Nice thanks for being you closet ally and doing this not in words but with real blood and sweat.

  14. Richard Romano says:

    We owe the Canadian troops our allegiance and respect — they fight hard, and are quite skilled.

    We honor the fallen Canadian troops, and we value their service.

    God bless them.