OK boys, here’s your chance!!!

| April 16, 2009

Let’s be honest, a lot of you guys NEED a date. And man-o-man-o-shevitz do I have one for you.

My internet wife is doing an auction to raise money for the charity Defenders of Freedom.

“Defenders of Freedom” is a 501 c 3 non profit organization with the purpose of raising money to support our troops who are currently deployed around the world. Because our troops are actively working to keep America safe, “Defenders of Freedom” believe passionately in showing them as much support as possible.

100% of the profits are used to:
Send “support boxes” to our men and women in uniform
Support wounded soldiers with encouragement and needed items, especially those with no support
Support the families of our wounded soldiers both physically and emotionally
Support the USO

So, to raise money, Caro is auctioning off a date with Jamie, either to take place in Dallas, TX, or up here in DC for next weekend during the Milblog Conference. Trust me, Jamie is even hotter in person, and I guarantee you laugh as you watch her nimbly jump around trying to get in every single tourist picture with goofy faces etc.

So, apparently the bidding is at $140. Which is way out of my price range, but I am willing to toss $50 towards whoever covers the rest. Or, we could all pool our money and find a wounded warrior up at WRAMC and give him the date with Jamie. Either way, it is for a good cause.

Go to USO Girls Blog linked above to see more pictures, you can bid on the DC date here in the comments.

(P.S. If an attractive female wants the date, I will pay $100, and I am guessing the lowlifes at The Sniper might pitch in too.)

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  1. Raoul says:

    Don’t you need to walk the virtual dog about now?

  2. streetsweeper says:

    HEH! Git ’em, Raoul

  3. tankerbabe says:

    TSO I’ve got a $50.00 bid in over at the USO Girl’s blog towards the DC date. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I don’t want the date. Thought I’d give it to Jimbo. But….like the WRAMC idea, too. So………let’s do it. Let’s pool our money and get this DONE. Caro wanted a minimum bid of $140.00 for the Texas date. You toss in the $50.00 and I’ll toss in the $90.00 for the DC date. Deal?

    And if someone out bids us then………HURRAY!

  4. tankerbabe says:

    OK, gotta ask….define “attractive” female.

  5. 1SG B says:


    Umm…dude…HELLLLLOOOO??? I didn’t play wingman to be forgot about. Hook a brother up.

    1SG B

  6. TSO says:

    Actually B, not a bad idea. Chicks do seem to dig you.

    I’m up to $140 on donations for a WRAMC guy to get the date thanks to contributions I will discuss later.

  7. Caroline says:

    You know we are going to be in DC multiple days, and I will pimp my best friend out to anyone that wants to pay!

  8. Southern Democrat says:

    Well look at this. You all say you support the soldiers…and you can’t even donate to a good cause.

    Ill take this girl out, with my college education and a job that’s more then just killing innocents.

    I bid $150.00

  9. Ray says:

    SD… You’ll have to get rid of your “inflate-a date” first.

  10. Driefromseattle says:

    Ray: go easy on SD. He apparently has nothing better to do with his days than brag about some education he supposedly has and a job that doesn’t involve “killing innocents”. Let me take a shot in the dark here: he’s really a high school graduate with an exterminator’s license and has been killing “innocent” cockroaches for a decade now. Regarding his bid: tainted money? Just a thought. Not that an enlightened guy such as SD would actually care much less donate any money to any cause remotely involving the military, military families, or military retireds. I’m just saying…

  11. tankerbabe says:

    OK guys (which excludes Southern Dem). Help me out here. Knowing our luck SD is a trust fund baby and has cash to burn. I say we team up and do everything we can to outbid him/her/it. I’m raising the bid to $175.00. If he comes back over that and one of you can “take him” by yourself go for it. Otherwise let’s pool out cash.

    I cannot stand the thought of my friend Jamie having to spend one second with someone who is, obviously, mentally challenged. Let’s get a date for one of those Warriors at WRAMC. They may limp a iittle physically but they sure as hell aren’t lacking in mental capacity and honor.

    Y’all in?

  12. TSO says:

    Tankerbabe- Can you identify a soldier for us?

    I think this is a done deal, I have some other people willing to contribute, and again, this is a good cause.

    And thank you WOTN.

  13. WOTN says:

    The Bidding Band of Brothers has been started! Remember the bidding is on HER page! Just add to the total!

    WOTN Bid $25.00
    BBoB Bid $25.00 (new total)

    If y’all here add to that it would be:

    TB Bid: $50.00, make that $90, or is it $175?
    TSO: $50.00

    That’s a new total of $165.00 or $250.00

    Perhaps SD will think of someone other than himself and add to that instead of competing to it. That would be:
    $315.00 or 400.00

    But again, the bidding is on HER page!

  14. kate says:

    i will chip in $50 bucks through paypal if i’m not too late? let me know!!! LOVE the wounded vet idea.

  15. tankerbabe says:

    TSO – Yep….got a couple of guys in mind. NICE guys! But LOTS ‘O FUN!

  16. USO "mom" says:

    Keep bidding…every $140 = a wounded Hero at the Event!!! And thanks tankerbabe for watching out for our Jamers!

  17. WOTN says:

    Ok, we’re going to need an accountant and a web whiz to keep up with the BBoB totals.

    At any rate, the BBoB is working in concert with the Whipped Sniper effort. Just want to avoid any confusion!

    I will also reiterate my challenge to the StD to pledge his $150.00 to the BBoB/TSO/TB effort. I know that will be tough on him, since this is probably not only his only chance at seeing a beautiful woman but also a voluntary donation to a worthy cause as opposed to the involuntary taxation of all Americans but perhaps, just perhaps, he can see the value of thinking of others ahead of himself.

  18. Caroline says:


    It’s not too late! You can make a donation on this page by clicking the sponsor a military member link.


    It’s best if everyone makes their donations directly to Defenders of Freedom, just make sure you leave the amount on the USO Girls page so we can keep a tally!

  19. tankerbabe says:

    OK – some one unconfuse me here. I guess I thought this site was for the DC date and the USO Girls site was for the other “date” or, at least, sponsorship of a military person to attend the event. Either way……let me know.

    WOTN – thanks for coming on board. And to kinda “clear things up”. My original bid was $90.00 which, along with TSO’s bid of $50.00 made $140.00 which covers one sponsorship. Then SD came in at $!50.00. So I upped my part of the TSO/TB bid to 125.00 to make the total bid from TSO and me $175.00.

    Which I think means….along with your $25.00 and the BBoB #25.00 we are, collectively, up to #225.00. If we need to move all of this over to the USO Girls page someone let me know.

    Silence from SD. He must be gay.

  20. streetsweeper says:

    How’s about a buck two ninety eight?

  21. WOTN says:

    BBoB is the “Bidding Band of Brothers” which was designated as the name on USO Girls to keep the joint effort straight.

    The WOTN addition to the total made it $25.00 (as it was the initial bid there to the BBoB)

    Are we having two auctions for dates or one? I thought one and that it was at the USO Girl site. (In such case, I’ve committed $25 to each, otherwise I’m at $25)

    So the BBoB Total is:
    TB: $125.00
    TSO: $50.00
    Total: $250.00
    StD: $150.00

    Will he try to outbid? Or will throw his money in for a worthy cause? Hard to say.

  22. Southern Democrat says:

    I don’t pair up with people to win. I thought you all were about an “Army of one”. Well, I’m one.
    Why would I join with anyone else???

    The way I see it,I’m winning, as the highest individual bid is 150, which is me.

    Jamie, please pack a nice blue dress for a dem’ night in DC!!

  23. WOTN says:

    That’s pretty typical of a Whipped Blue Dog, probably closer to a Yellow Dog or Damned Yankee.

    StD’s have no business around our beautiful, brainy Patriot. You’re bidding on the wrong page to begin with, but the current winning bid is: $250.00 by BBoB.

    You can up your bid StD, but you can bet that Jamie will be dating a Wounded Warrior, not your slimy self.

    There is no such thing as a true Southern Democrat, only Southerners that don’t realize the DNC of their parents is not the DNC of today. Those that claim such a thing are either not Democrats or not Southerners.

  24. kate says:

    yep my $50 is for the group BBoB bid for the DC date. but if we don’t win(which of course we will, especially if SD joins us) i will still donate over at the uso girls.

  25. I tried to add my bid on the USO page and it hasn’t posted yet, so I wanted to put it in here also. Count me in for $100. C’mon dogfaces, don’t let the jarhead be the high bidder!!! Man up!

  26. Miss Ladybug says:

    Something else that might be fun (for in the future??) is to auction a date with one of our Warriors. Might be enough ladies out there that would like to go out on a date with a real American hero…

  27. Maggie says:

    1st – Great idea

    2nd – I will vouch for the fact that Jamie is as nice in person as her pic is lovely.

    3rd – I have actually been part of adding to her varied pool of knowledge…..in Vegas….remember TSO?

  28. Caroline says:

    Maggie that was me, but don’t worry I passed on everything you told me!!!